How Do You Get The Fenrir Pup Minion in FFXIV?

After taking part in the Crystalline Conflict, you might get a stray Fenrir Pup Minion.

You can get it even if you win or lose, so don’t worry about how the game goes.

The Crystalline Conflict is a player-versus-player mode that all players can access once they reach level 30.

It was added in Patch 6.1.

The quest “The Crystal (Line’s) Call” from Gungi Zelungi (Wolves’ Den Pier, X:5 Y:6) lets you use it.

The quest won’t show up until you finish “A Pup No Longer.”

Depending on your Grand Company, different NPCs will give you this quest:

  1. Immortal Flames: Swift (Ul’dah – Steps of Nald, X:8 Y:8)
  2. The Maelstrom: R’ashaht Rhiki (Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks – The Aftcastle, X:13 Y:12)
  3. The Twin Adders: Vorsaile Heuloix (New Gridania – Adders Nest, X:9 Y:11)

There is no good way to figure out how many matches it will take to win this dog.

The chance that it will drop is totally random.

As long as there’s room in your inventory, it will go straight there after your match.

Alternate Method

The good news is that you don’t have to PVP if you didn’t want to.

There is another way to get your favorite puppy, but the odds aren’t much better.

Material Coffers can now be bought from Grand Companies for 20,000 Seals each.

This was added in Patch 6.0.

Almost any Minion or Mount from Heavensward can be dropped by the Material Coffer 3.0 in particular.

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This means that whenever you have the Seals, you have a chance to get your Fenrir Pup.

Even though it’s not a guarantee, it does mean that you can completely avoid PVP if you don’t like it.

High Wolf Marks For Effort

Howdy, Wolf Mark!

If you have decided to fight in the Crystalline Conflict, you will get a lot of Wolf Marks.

These are Wolves’ Den Pier’s currency, which can be used to buy different rewards.

You’ll still get a couple of hundred dollars whether you win or lose.

You should know what you can buy with them while looking for your Fenrir Pup.

Here’s a list:


  1. Magitek Sky Armor (20,000 Wolf Marks)


  1. Modern Aesthetics – Fashionably Feathered (18,000 Wolf Marks)
  2. Modern Aesthetics – Styled for Hire (18,000 Wolf Marks)


  1. Wind-up Cheerleader (15,000 Wolf Marks)
  2. Clockwork Lantern (15,000 Wolf Marks)
  3. Minitek Conveyor (15,000 Wolf Marks)


  1. Birds of Prey (10,000 Wolf Marks)
  2. Rival Wings (10,000 Wolf Marks)
  3. A Fierce Air Forceth (10,000 Wolf Marks)
  4. A Fine Air Forbideth (10,000 Wolf Marks)
  5. Blood for Blood (5,000 Wolf Marks)
  6. Starved (5,000 Wolf Marks)


  1. A Realm Reborn i55 – i110 (250 – 1,000 Wolf Marks)
  2. Heavensward i180 – i205 (1,000 – 2,000 Wolf Marks)
  3. Stormblood I & II (1,500 – 3,000 Wolf Marks)
  4. Shadowbringers (2,000 – 4,000 Wolf Marks)

A few small pieces of furniture are also for sale at different prices.

The items above are the ones that are worth farming for.

On a more Series-related note, each Crystalline Conflict match will also give you Series Experience.

Series Malmstones is kind of like a Battle Pass.

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You get rewards automatically just for playing this mode.

If you lose, you’ll get 700 Experience, and if you win, you’ll get 900.

Each rank has different requirements and different rewards.

These are the special perks:

  1. Rank 5 – Ballroom Etiquette – Persuasive Perseverance
  2. Rank 10 – Astra Framer’s Kit
  3. Rank 15 – False Shaded Spectacles
  4. Rank 20 – Umbra Framer’s Kit
  5. Rank 25 – Archfiend Attire Coffer (pictured above)

All the other Ranks give you a different number of Trophy Crystals, which you can spend at the same place as Wolf Marks.

You can use them to pay for things like:

  1. Adventure Plate Frames
  2. Glamour
  3. Minions
  4. Orchestrion Rolls
  5. Chocobo Bardings
  6. Wolf Collars

But you can only get these during a PVP Season, so there aren’t many of them.