FFXIV: What is a Linkshell?

Linkshells are permanent chat channels that players can make on their own in Final Fantasy XIV.

They also work across worlds, so you can talk to friends who are playing on different servers.

They can also help players get together in groups to do things like dungeons and hunts, or they can just be social networks.

A linkshell is a way for characters in the Final Fantasy series to talk to each other.

It only shows up in massively multiplayer online games, and its main purpose is to explain how players can talk to each other from far away.

If you send a message through a linkshell, everyone with a matching item will get it.

Linkshells are also used by non-player characters in their own stories.

Linkshells make link pearls, which are the building blocks of communication.

They can also make bags of linkpearls that allow trusted people to give access to other people on their own.

Why Use Linkshells vs. Fellowships or Free Companies?

Free Businesses can only work in your world.

Linkshells let you talk to the other people in your group in real-time, even if they are in different worlds.

Fellowships don’t have the same kind of live chat.

So it’s more like a basic “guild” feature that you can use to make small communities that work differently than Free Companies or Fellowships.

Linkshells in the same world can have up to 128 members, which is a lot less than Free Companies, which can have up to 512 members.

Cross-world Linkshells can have a maximum of 64 members, which is half of what same-world Linkshells can have.

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This is likely due to the technical requirements of talking between different servers.

But you can still fit quite a few players with similar interests into one chat channel, and being able to invite people from other worlds to parties is a useful feature.

Linkshells are like Free Companies in that their members have different ranks.

You’ll have a leader, officers, and regular members, and each group will have its own rights.

Only one Linkshell can be typed in at a time.

But simple text commands make it easy to switch between them.

There are a total of eight Linkshells you can be in at once, but only one of them can be cross-world.

This limit is in addition to the one Free Company and ten Fellowships limits, so when it comes to FFXIV’s social features, you have a lot of choices.

Linkshells and cross-world play, in general, have one catch: you can only invite people from worlds that use the same Data Center as you.

If this sounds hard to understand, just think of Data Centers as big regional servers with smaller sections inside.

Or, like an orange, the data center is the peel and the world is the fruit.


How Do You Create Your Linkshell?

Most features in Final Fantasy XIV are locked behind simple actions, and this one is no different.

And the game doesn’t do a great job of making it clear.

The Linkshell item can be picked up from Ninisha, Theanne, or L’zuhja in Ul’dah, Gridania, or Limsa Lominsa.

Once you’ve done what they say, they’ll give you a Linkshell and you can start making your own.

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The process is easy and doesn’t need much explanation.

In fact, we’ve already talked about almost everything there is to know about Linkshells.

But you’ll get to choose the colours and patterns for your own Linkshell crest.

Then all you have to do is start asking people to come.

You can do this by looking at your list of friends or right-clicking on their character in the world!

Also, you don’t have to talk to one of these NPCs to join a Linkshell that’s already there.

Any time you want, you can be invited to one.