FFXIV: How To Unlock Doman Reconstruction?

Furniture and luxury items like the Ame-zaiku set and the Yanxian Merchant’s Haori can only be found in the Doman Enclave Reconstruction, making it worthwhile to explore.

The Domans’ return to their homes after being freed from Garlean control is depicted in a quest line.

It doesn’t take much time or effort to complete the quest line, as it primarily consists of running around the Enclave to talk to NPCs and watch some cutscenes.

Some objectives, however, have weekly time limits that prevent you from going any further in the story than you already have.

You will be unable to proceed with the quest until the weekly reset on Tuesday at 3 AM EST.

How To Unlock Doman Reconstruction?

Get the level 70 side quest “Precious Reclamation” from Kozakura in the Doman Enclave to kick off the enclave’s rebuilding (X:7.2, Y:7.3).

After completing “Elation and Trepidation,” the level 70 Main Scenario Quest, you will be allowed to accept this quest.

When you’ve finished “Precious Reclamation,” the next task you’ll need to do is “Short Arms of the Law” (a level 54 side quest) in order to move the story along.

The “Doman Adventurers’ Guild” quest chain includes this objective, which takes place in Mor Dhona.

Doman Reconstruction Progress

Donating things to the Shazenkai, a group of Domains striving to rebuild the Doman Enclave is one way to advance the Doman Reconstruction once you’ve unlocked it.

Kozakura, a female, is the Shazenkai’s leader.

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Visit Kozakura in the Doman Enclave (X:7.2, Y:7.3) to make a donation to the Shazenkai by using the Donation Basket next to her.

The Shazenkai will give you a bonus equivalent to 120 percent of what you would get if you sold the same products to an ordinary NPC merchant.

The Shazenkai allocates a set amount each week to serve as player gratuity.

After a specific amount of items have been donated, the counter will refresh every week.

Shazenkai’s weekly allowance for gratuities will gradually expand as more products are donated and as rehabilitation activities advance.

Also, you can see sequences depicting the ongoing reconstruction process in the course of some side tasks that appear around the Enclave.

There is a Reclamation Box located next to Kozakura where you can retrieve any unwanted donations.

If you log out or switch zones, any objects in the Reclamation Box will be lost.

Doman Enclave will undergo noticeable changes as you move through the plot of the quest line, including fewer trash, renovated buildings, and more NPCs.

Rewards from the Doman Reconstruction

In addition to the Gil, you’ll get tips for donating goods to the Shazenkai, you’ll also obtain access to a Junkmonger who offers unique, hard-to-find objects.

Donating things worth 110,000 Gil to the Enclave Reconstruction causes this Junkmonger NPC to appear at the Doman Enclave (X:6.9, Y:7.9).

As you make your way through the Doman Reconstruction storyline, more and more things will become accessible from the Junkmonger.

A quick rundown of what you can buy from the Junkmonger in the Doman Enclave:

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Dotharli ClothDonate 110,000 Gil worth of items to ShazenkaiCrafting Material15,000 Gil
Sake SetDonate 110,000 Gil worth of items to ShazenkaiHousing Item5,000 Gil
Ame-zaiku SetDonate 110,000 Gil worth of items to ShazenkaiHousing Item9,000 Gil
Fool’s ThresholdDonate 110,000 Gil worth of items to ShazenkaiHousing Item4,000 Gil
Victory or Death Orchestrion RollDonate 110,000 Gil worth of items to ShazenkaiOrchestrion Roll5,000 Gil
Doman DogwoodDonate 185,000 Gil worth of items to ShazenkaiHousing Item7,000 Gil
Cradle Orchestrion RollDonate 240,000 Gil worth of items to ShazenkaiOrchestrion Roll5,000 Gil
Yanxian Merchant’s HaoriDonate 270,000 Gil worth of items to Shazenkai and complete the quest “Lighting the Way”Body Equipment5,000 Gil
Enclave MapDonate 270,000 Gil worth of items to Shazenkai and complete the quest “Lighting the Way”Housing Item7,000 Gil

Given its low item level, the Yanxian Merchant’s Haori is typically only worn for aesthetic purposes (such as when going out).

In the later stages of the quest line, Kozakura will also wear this identical item of apparel.

After finishing “Lighting the Way,” the final objective in the Doman Reconstruction storyline, you will receive the haori as a reward.

If you get rid of it for any reason, Enclave’s Junkmonger will have it for sale.