FFXIV: Bicolor Gemstone Farming

FATEs can be completed in specific zones to produce bicolor gemstones. A part of the Shared FATE system introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion continues in Endwalker.

Zones that take part in shared FATEs include the following:


  1. Lakeland
  2. Amh Araeng
  3. Il Mheg
  4. Kholusia
  5. The Rak’tika Greatwood
  6. The Tempest


  1. Labyrinthos
  2. Thavnair
  3. Garlemald
  4. Mare Lamentorum
  5. Elpis
  6. Ultima Thule

Completing any FATE in these areas will net you 12 bicolor gemstones, although not all of them are equally difficult.

In order to accomplish FATEs that level sync you to a certain point in the expansion’s level cap, you’ll have to kill mobs quicker – level 80 for Shadowbringers and level 90 for Endwalker.

Best FATEs To Farm

To speed up bicolor gemstone farming, there are a few things you may keep in mind.

When it comes to FATEs, we’ve already spoken about how they sync you to the level cap, so we’ll go over where to discover these FATEs.

Amh Araeng

The eastern half of the map; nearest aetheryte: Twine

  1. The Elderblade (X:22.4, Y:26.0), Level 76 Notorious Monster
  2. Baddie Longlegs (X:21.6, Y:13.1), Level 76 Defeat Enemies
  3. Sand and Deliver (X:17.4, Y:16.0), Level 76 Defense
  4. Bloody Simple (X:14.5, Y:13.8), Level 76 Defeat Enemies
  5. This Time, It’s Personal (X:14.3, Y:17.6), Level 76 Defense
  6. Let’s Dance (With Swords) (X:15.5, Y:20.5), Level 76 Defeat Enemies
  7. Armadillo Peccadillo (X:20.1, Y:20.8), Level 76 Defeat Enemies
  8. Anti-eruption Measures (X:9.6, Y:32.2), Level 77 Defeat Enemies
  9. The Odd Couple (X:17.0, Y:32.6), Level 77 Notorious Monster


Northern Half of map; nearest aetheryte: Tomra

  1. Ironbeard Builders – Revolt (X:16.2, Y:21.4), Level 78 Defense
  2. Not Today (X:11.5, Y:15.1), Level 78 Notorious Monster
  3. Ironbeard Builders – Rebuilt (X:25.6, Y:17.0), Level 78 Gather
  4. The Amity Village Horror (X:18.6, Y:19.1), Level 78 Defense
  5. Foes Most Formidable (X:22.6, Y:13.5), Level 78 Defense
  6. Knockout (X:23.3, Y:9.0), Level 78 Defeat Enemies
  7. A Family Most Formidable (X:25.7, Y:20.8), Level 78 Defense
  8. Season of Our Discord (X:15.5, Y:10.0), Level 78 Defeat Enemies
  9. Ironbeard Builders – Resist (X:18.0, Y:14.8), Level 78 Defeat Enemies
  10. A Finale Most Formidable (X:33.9, Y:21.1), Level 80 Notorious Monster
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The Tempest

  1. A Lot to Swallow (X:36.7, Y:14.0), Level 79 Defeat Enemies
  2. The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea (X:17.7, Y:10.7), Level 79 Notorious Monster
  3. Coral Support (X:35.3, Y:9.5), Level 79 Escort
  4. Hydrozan of the Enders (X:12.1, Y:14.0), Level 79 Defeat Enemies
  5. The Nets Best Thing (X:18.9, Y:18.3), Level 79 Defeat Enemies
  6. Low Coral Fiber (X:36.0, Y:5.2), Level 79 Gather
  7. My Friend’s Enemy is Anemone of Mine (X:33.2, Y:10.9), Level 79 Defeat Enemies
  8. Where Has the Dagon (X:23.2, Y:22.8), Level 79 Defeat Enemies
  9. The Seashells He Sells (X:29.2, Y:29.9), Level 79 Escort
  10. Nothing Like a Trappin’ Life (X:26.9, Y:24.7), Level 79 Defeat Enemies
  11. Natural Prawn Killers (X:29.4, Y:11.9), Level 79 Defeat Enemies
  12. Ondo of Blood (X:29.2, Y:16.6), Level 79 Notorious Monster
  13. Pearls Apart (X:38.9, Y:17.5), Level 79 Gather
  14. Lookin’ Back on the Track (X:23.6, Y:19.1), Level 79 Defense
  15. The Head, The Tail, the Whole Damned Thing (X:27.2, Y:26.2), Level 80 Notorious Monster


  1. Wasted XIV (X:9.3, Y:35.8), Level 88 Defeat Enemies
  2. Moisture Farming (X:22.9, Y:35.7), Level 88 Gather
  3. Residual Complications (X:6.3, Y:31.8), Level 88 Defeat Enemies
  4. Empty the Nest (X:24.1, Y:23.1), Level 88 Defeat Enemies
  5. Sheaves on the Wind (X:8.3, Y:24.0), Level 88 Gather
  6. The Frailty of Life (X:11.8, Y:19.9), Level 88 Notorious Monster


  1. Nature’s Staunch Protector (X:30.7, Y:25.4), Level 86 Defense
  2. Grand Designs: Io (X:8.3, Y:28.6), Level 86 Notorious Monster
  3. Ophion-mania (X:28.4, Y:29.2), Level 86 Defeat Enemies
  4. Butterfly Kisses of Death (X:5.3, Y:33.0), Level 86 Defeat Enemies
  5. You Hurt My Researcher, Prepare to Die (X:10.4, Y:35.9), Level 86 Defeat Enemies
  6. Drawing the Thunderstroke (X:21.5, Y:21.7), Level 86 Defeat Enemies
  7. The Rustling of Murderous Leaves (X:19.8, Y:29.9), Level 86 Notorious Monster
  8. Grand Designs: Aigokeros (X:8.3, Y:28.6), Level 86 Defeat Enemies
  9. Bad Breath in Paradise (X: 30.9, Y:13.3), Level 87 Defeat Enemies
  10. Why Did It Have to Be Medusae? (X: 13.9, Y:17.0), Level 87 Defeat Enemies
  11. Grand Designs: The Newest of New (X:9.6, Y:23.8), Level 87 Notorious Monster
  12. So Sorry, Sokles (X:27.0, Y:14.7), Level 87 Gather
  13. Grand Designs: Unknown Execution (X:9.6, Y:23.8), Level 87 Defeat Enemies
  14. Eurydike: All Bark, No Bite (X:27.9, Y:5.5), Level 87 Notorious Monster
  15. King of the Hill, (X:8.6, Y:19.7), Level 87 Defeat Enemies
  16. There’s a Snake in My Water Supply! (X:35.5, Y:17.6), Level 87 Defeat Enemies
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Ultima Thule

  1. Only Just Begun (X:8.7, Y:18.9), Level 89 Defense
  2. Omicron Recall: Secure Connection (X:33.3, Y:26.8), Level 89 Defense
  3. Dead Inside (X:17.3, Y:11.1), Level 89 Defeat Enemies
  4. Sound and Fury (X:10.1, Y:23.3), Level 89 Defeat Enemies
  5. Fallen from Grace (X:20.4, Y:7.9), Level 89 Defeat Enemies
  6. Staring into the Void (X:27.8, Y:15.0), Level 89 Defeat Enemies
  7. Far from the Madding Horde (X:20.6, Y:35.5), Level 89 Notorious Monster
  8. Wings of Glory (X:12.0, Y:35.3), Level 89 Notorious Monster
  9. (No) Wind Beneath Our Wings (X:16.9, Y:28.4), Level 89 Defeat Enemies
  10. Nevermore (X:32.3, Y:11.5), Level 89 Notorious Monster
  11. Omicron Recall: Comms Expansion (X:29.4, Y:25.8), Level 89 Gather
  12. Beacons of Lost Hope (X:30.6, Y:7.6), Level 89 Defeat Enemies

Keep in mind that lower-level FATEs produce lower-level creatures as well.

FATEs up to levels 76 and 86 will be the fastest to accomplish all of these.

Do not forget to bring your Chocobo along with you when you join any FATE farming parties.

Spending Bicolor Gemstones

Bicolor Gemstone Farming

From crafting supplies to minions to Chocobo bardings, Gemstones won from participating in Shared FATEs can be spent on a variety of products.

In exchange for bicolor gemstones, you can buy goods from a variety of NPC vendors, and the products you can buy depending on your Shared FATE rank in the area.

Vendor NPCs and their locations are shown below:

  1. Siulmet – Lakeland (X:35.5, Y:20.6)
  2. Halden – Amh Araeng (X:10.6, 17.1)
  3. Zumutt – Kholusia (X:11.8, Y:8.9)
  4. Sul Lad – Il Mheg (X:16.0, Y:31.0)
  5. Nacille – The Rak’tika Greatwood (X:28.0, Y:18.0)
  6. Goushs Ooan – The Tempest (X:33.0, Y:18.0)
  7. Gramsol – The Crystarium (X:11.0, Y:14.0)
  8. Pedronille – Eulmore (X:11.0, Y:12.0)
  9. Faezbroes – Labyrinthos (X:29.9, Y:12.9)
  10. Mahveydah – Thavnair (X:25.8, Y:34.6)
  11. Zawawa – Garlemald (X:12.9, Y:30.0)
  12. Tradingway – Mare Lamentorum (X:21.8, Y:12.2)
  1. Aisara – Elpis (X:24.4, Y:23.4)
  2. N-1499 – Ultima Thule (X:30.8, Y:28.0)
  3. Gadfrid – Old Sharlayan (X:12.7, Y:10.4)
  4. Sajareen – Radz-at-Han (X:11.1, Y:10.2)
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Your rank advancement can be shown in the “Travel” section of your menu. Sub-menus for Shared FATE are found here.

It’s also here where you can see how many bicolor gemstones you currently have on hand.