FFXIV: What is Unsynced & How to Use it?

Unsynced dungeons and trials in Final Fantasy XIV are those that don’t scale to the player’s level.

It is a configurable option in the party finder.

When playing with other people, it is common practise for everyone’s level to be “synced” to the level of the content being played.

This ensures that everyone engages with the material at a similar level of difficulty.

However, by playing the game in an unsynced state, you can access the vast bulk of the game’s multiplayer content.

What’s The Point Of Unsynced Content?

So, it enables one to do material a cappella that would be hard to perform in sync.

Your character will be at full strength as you enter the dungeon or trial.

You may take a level 90 character back to the beginning of the game and breeze right through the first levels.

I don’t see the point, so to speak.

It simplifies the process of obtaining loot from bosses, such as mounts and minions.

Pony farming is an example of this, where players kill the same group of Primals again and over again just to get the mount.

Unsynced makes it feasible for this to happen.

It could take weeks if you were doing it the right way.

The optimistic scenario is if you’re lucky!

One more perk of playing unsynced is the ability to “boost” younger players through difficult areas like dungeons and trials.

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They just need to get out of the path and hope nothing too powerful comes crashing down on them.

They will be able to collect the same amount of stuff in a shorter amount of time.

Are There Downsides To Playing Unsynced Content?

FFXIV: What is Unsynced & How to Use it?

This is correct; you will not be able to gain the same gil and experience prizes as you would if you played the game properly.

This means you can’t merely farm easy dungeons and monsters for experience.

The other drawback is that, while it can be empowering, you miss out on the full effect of the information.

This implies that newer players receiving boosts miss out on a significant portion of the experience gained by properly running dungeons.

Early dungeons are designed to ease players into working together, and later dungeons teach them the ropes when it comes to handling more complex game features.

You might miss out on some formative early experiences if you’re boosted through all these dungeons in one session (as I was).

However, if you value speed above effort, a boost is your best bet in a dungeon or trial.

However, I believe that high-level gamers are more likely to be open to playing the content normally.

This ensures that everyone still benefits from the system and advances.

Sometimes, even at a high level, you just want a certain minion, piece of furniture, or glamour item that only appears in lower level dungeons.

Run it unsynced and it will be done in half the time it would take if you had to wait in line the traditional way.

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Level Requirements To Play Unsynced Content

To what extent this should be at a bare minimum is not specified.

However, a level 80 character should have little trouble completing the content found in A Realm Reborn or Heavensward.

Since I haven’t yet reached level 90, I won’t add any more commentary at this time.

However, if you want to solo an instance, you can either just go for it or do some research on Google to see what you may expect.

At level 50, you will have enough experience with the game’s mechanics to begin attempting the earlier dungeons and trials.

For instance, on easy mode, Ifrit’s trial is completely solvable.

However, navigating the more challenging Titan fight mechanics is a lot more tough.

How To Activate Unsynced In The Duty Finder?

To access the Duty Finder, press the letter “U” on your keyboard.

A gear icon can be seen in the top left corner of the window.

If you click it, a menu of Duty Finder choices will appear below.

Unrestricted Party” is the term you seek.

When this option is activated, players will not be level synced when entering content (unless you turn level sync on).

And if you’re bringing a bunch along, you’ll need to be the de facto leader to enforce this on everyone.

When this option is activated, however, you need only toggle on the desired media before proceeding as usual.

Once your party is over, return to those same options and deselect Unrestricted Party.

That’s how easy it is!

Don’t worry if you’ve already Googled this and gotten different results; Google recently updated their search interface.

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This option used to be called “Unrestricted Party,” but it was changed to “Undersized Party” because the latter name is more accurate.