FFXIV: How to Hide UI?

Visually, Final Fantasy XIV is a feast for the eyes. (When swarms of players dressed in outlandish glamours aren’t tearing into your FC home.)

In Final Fantasy XIV, taking screenshots is so popular that it has its own subculture. In a word, it’s crazy.

The absence of an ugly user interface is one of the not-so-secrets to capturing a stunning screenshot.

It’s not too difficult to figure out the key binds, but Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t make it obvious how to hide the user interface for screenshots.

The purpose of this brief essay is to explain how to disable the user interface in Final Fantasy XIV on various systems.

Disable Your UI on PC

If your laptop doesn’t have a dedicated Scroll Lock key, you can easily reassign another key to that function.

To access the keybindings menu, use ESC. Select whatever key you like from that menu. For me, it’s the combination of Shift and ].

Turn Off UI on PS4

If you play Final Fantasy XIV on the PlayStation 4, you can hide the UI with greater ease. Overall, consoles offer a less complicated experience.

To use the touchpad, press L1. Simple.

Making the UI Invisible on Xbox One

Oh. FFXIV is not available on the Xbox One. If you’re using an Xbox controller to play FFXIV, you’ll have to rebind it to your favorite combination of buttons.

You’ll only have to learn how to hide your UI once in FFXIV, and it’s a simple process. We hope this short guide made it even quicker.

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You may now take better screenshots by disabling the user interface.