FFXIV: How to Summon Your Chocobo?

Weirdly enough, how to summon your Chocobo in FFXIV is relatively straightforward to perform, yet simultaneously easy to miss or forget.

There’s no shame in admitting that you need a handbook; I’ve used one long after I should have.

The Chocobo is a recurring and iconic bird companion in the Final Fantasy series.

It first made an appearance in the second game and has since made numerous (if not all) subsequent appearances.

Why do we adore these two-legged marvels so much?

Chocobo is not only a mount but also a combat companion that may be called upon in a pinch. Chocy (I call him Chocy) may be a better fighter than some adventurers.

Chocobo summoning in Final Fantasy XIV is a breeze. Read on if you’re lost and in need of direction or if you simply find my opinions to be fascinating.

You should check out my mount guide if you haven’t already gotten your Chocobo. Or check it out for a laugh.

Summoning Your Chocobo to the Battlefield in FFXIV

Summon Your Chocobo

It’s possible that romance couldn’t blossom in the heat of combat, but at least you can carry your big bird with you! (I want to thank the freak that is Hal Emmerich.)

To call your Chocobo to your side as a combat buddy, you need Gysahl Greens. For 36 Gil, you can buy these tasty treats for your feathered friends from any number of NPC merchants all across Eorzea. Get a whole bunch of these so you never have to worry about running out.

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Since I can’t read minds (yet), I have no idea how far along you are in the game. The three most convenient places to buy Gysahl Greens in each of the three largest cities are listed below.

Steps of Nald, near Roarich in Ul’dah (10.6X 9.5Y)

Bango Zango at Limsa Lominsa, Lower Decks (9.9X 11.4Y) (9.9X 11.4Y)

A New Gridanian Maisenta (11.5X 11.2Y)

At the end of the post, you’ll find a link to a comprehensive directory of places selling Gysahl Greens.

The Chocobo Skill Tree (and Onion!) (and Pepper!)

Chocobo will gain XP and levels as you quest with it. You should invest some of your points in the choco-combat skill trees.

Your pet can be a flappy healer, a pecky DPS, or a newly hatched tank, depending on your preferences.

VersiBird is what Final Fantasy XIV gamers have dubbed your Chocobo for its adaptability to your playstyle. (They never, ever do that.)

When I play, I prioritize the healing and damage-dealing trees. This has been quite useful for me out in the real world doing FATEs and MSQ.

If you’re doing it alone in the seedy back alleys of the First, the Source, or wherever Ultima Thule is, having Choco Regen, Choco Cure, Choco Slash, and Choco Break will make your life a lot simpler.

Don’t worry so much if your Chocobo doesn’t turn out perfectly. Feed your bird a Reagan Pepper if it has to be reset.

The Grand Company is the best place to go to get these, and they will cost you 48,000 seals. According to the scientific literature, the extreme heat of this pepper induces temporary amnesia, which facilitates respect.

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Fun fact: a youngster in the Victorian era would have died within minutes of eating a Flaming Hot Cheeto, which is not even as spicy as a Reagan Pepper.

As an alternative, a feeble lala fell. That’s true; I see no real distinction between the two.

The Thavnairian Onion has arrived! Once your Chocobo reaches level 10, it will no longer level up.

Just give them some onions and watch their status skyrocket. You can either grow your own or buy them from the market for this dish. They tend to run a bit high in cost.

Do Bardings Impact My Chocobo’s Stats in FFXIV?

No. But it will make you feel like your companion is killing it just a little bit harder. In other words, go for it! Think about the Ruby or Starlight bardings.

Oh! A link is due to you folks. What you wanted to know is now answered. Actually, if you stock up on Gysahl Greens all at once, you won’t ever have to come back to this page again.

As Bob, the Drag Queen says: “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to be ready.” I like to imagine he was talking about this.