FFXIV: Where To Farm Wolf Fangs? (Location + Uses)

In FFXIV, you can get wolf fangs by killing wolf enemies.

There are many kinds of wolves in the game, but it’s likely that the level 20 Wild Wolf in Upper La Noscea will be the first one you meet.

The fastest way to find these wolves would be to go through Western La Noscea.

You can zone into Upper La Noscea by going to the Aleport aetheryte and going a short distance north.

You can also get wolf fangs by going on a treasure hunt, a retainer venture, or by desynthesis.

But even with these choices, the best way to get fangs would still be to hunt wolves yourself.

Where To Hunt Wolves?

Farm Wolf Fangs

Wolves whose fangs they drop when they die are level 20 to 50.

Here is a list of the different kinds of wolves in Eorzea and where you can find them:

  1. Wild Wolf, Level 20 – Upper La Noscea (X:13.0, Y:24.0)
  2. Serpent Reaver Deckhound – spawned from the level 20 levequest “Victory is Mine, Not Yours” in Lower La Noscea
  3. Raggedy Jackal – spawned from the level 25 levequest “Food for Thought” in Eastern Thanalan
  4. Snow Wolf Pup, Level 35-37 – Coerthas Central Highlands (X:31.0, Y:14.0)
  5. White Wolf – spawned from the level 35 levequest “Little Lost Lamb” in Coerthas Central Highlands
  6. Hungry Dreadwolf – spawned from the level 40 levequest “Necrologos: Pale Oblation” in Northern Thanalan
  7. Watchwolf, Level 46 – North Shroud (X:21.0, Y:20.0)
  8. Hunting Hound – spawned from the level 52 FATE “Ladies First” in The Dravanian Forelands (X:35.0, Y:25.0)
  9. Imperial War Hound, Level 50 – spawns inside the Main Scenario Duty “Castrum Meridianum” for the Main Scenario Quest “Rock the Castrum.”
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Fangs from Treasure Coffers

With FFXIV‘s treasure hunt system, players can decipher old maps to find hidden chests in certain zones.

There are many different kinds of timeworn maps, and you can get them by gathering as a miner or botanist, completing your weekly Wondrous Tales goals, or buying them from the market board.

You can use Timeworn Boarskin maps to find treasure chests that have wolf fangs in them.

You can find these maps in level 50 gathering nodes.

Once you figure out what they mean, you can use them to get to places that were added in A Realm Reborn.

Retainer Ventures for Fangs

Ventures are a way for retainers to go out into the world and either get experience points to level up or collect items for the player.

If you are a level 25 Disciple of War or Magic, you can tell your NPC assistant to look for wolf fangs during Hunting Exploration.

These quests take 40 to 60 minutes to finish, depending on the level of the retainer, and depending on the average item level of their gear, they can bring back 5 to 15 pieces of wolf fangs.

At least 15 wolf fangs will be brought back from each adventure if the average item level is at least 45.

You can improve how well you farm by giving your retainer tasks to do while you look for items yourself.

Crafting with Wolf Fangs

Certain classes of crafters can use wolf fangs to make a wide range of weapons, potions, and other items.

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Here are some things that can be made with wolf teeth:

  • Horn Staff (Level 41 Goldsmith)
  • Ivory Staff (Level 50 Goldsmith)
  • Mythril Broadsword (Level 38 Blacksmith)
  • Spine Drops (Level 30 Alchemist)
  • Steel Bardiche (Level 32 Blacksmith)
  • Steel Broadsword (Level 28 Blacksmith)
  • Superior Spiritbond Potion (Level 72 Alchemist)
  • Wolf Earrings (Level 35 Goldsmith)
  • Wolf Fang Needle (Level 42 Goldsmith)
  • Wolf Necklace (Level 36 Goldsmith)

The Mythril Broadsword, the Wolf Earrings, the Wolf Fang Needle, and the Wolf Necklace can all be broken down to make more wolf fangs.