How to Change Your Chocobo’s Color in FFXIV?

Let’s have a conversation about style, shall we?

To ride around on a Desert Yellow Chocobo is not worth the life of Mugler.

Our avian pal may be new out of the nest, but he or she sure does look boring.

Your winged friend can assume over 70 different hues.

For me, instructing you in the art of Chocobo dyeing is a sort of fashion public service.

Changing the Color of Your Chocobo in FFXIV

The process of altering your Chocobo’s color in Final Fantasy XIV is even easier than dying your hair.

I wish it were this easy to dye my hair.

Just keep in mind the letters S.E.W. You can become an expert bird stylish with just a little bit of effort.

(To save some coin, you might want to make friends with or train as a botanist before taking the first step. It’ll all make sense to you in a minute.)

Put an end to your brother’s bird-brain antics.

It’s important to snack properly.

Let God take care of things.

Get SEW of your ‘Co!

That’s jargon for “Chocobo” in the business world.

Stable That Bird

It is at this point that S.E.W. proves to be the most challenging.

There must be access to a storble in order to keep your Chocobo stable.


Sorry, that should read STABLE.

A private estate (though an apartment will do) or a Free Company estate will serve this purpose (ask the people in charge to give you storble privileges.)

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Once you’ve found the perfect coop for your bird, it’ll only take a few mouse clicks to secure it inside.

As such, we must break for lunch.

You need access to a stable in Final Fantasy XIV if you want to change the colour of your Chocobo.

However, if you have zero million gil, joining a Free Company is entirely without cost.

Do it.

Just do it right now.

Eat a Rainbow!

It is common knowledge that a fruit salad will alter an animal’s appearance; this is also the case in Eorzea.

You can choose the final hue of your Chocobo by providing it with a specific diet of fruits.

Similarly, if you give a human baby too many carrots, it might end up looking like a pumpkin.

Some of the fruits on offer are the Xelphatol apple, Cieldalaes pineapple, Doman plum, Mamook pear, Valfruit, and O’Ghomoro berry.

The Han Lemon is yet another exceptional fruit.

To be continued…

Here’s where things get sticky from a biological perspective.

Your Chocobo’s RGB values will be influenced in a variety of ways by the various fruits you feed it.

Please don’t give up!

You can find the precise colour you need with the help of this handy calculator.

A shopping list is generated based on your current chococolor and your desired colour.

How did people change the colour of their pets before there was such a thing?

Incredibly puzzling.

If you make mistake while feeding the snacks, don’t worry: just take your Chocobo out of the stable and start your fruit salad over.

You’ll end up throwing away what you’ve already used.

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It’s going to be chilly this afternoon, so you might want to bring a sweater.

Wait For God

The last phase.

The most challenging stage, if you share my impatience.

This stage is a true test of your mettle, resolve, and resolve.

Be patient for the next six hours.

Relax with some Netflix and a Digiorno pizza while reading our how-to guide on preparing gil.

The moment you take your Chocobo out of the stall is the culmination of your long wait.

Voila! The colour of your bird friend is totally fresh!

The Han Lemon

That rare fruit.

It’s a weird fruit.

Rewinding time with the help of this fruit.

Lemon to remind us of the good old days, before brightly coloured Chocobos came along.

In order to get your Chocobo back to its original Desert Yellow colour, you must feed it a Han Lemon and wait six hours.

Please, only use this as a transitional step on the way to a new colour.

Don’t forget what I said the last time we talked about style.

Bonus: Chocobo Bardings

Change the Color of Your Chocobo

Instead of eating caviar out of a champagne flute, you’d be better off drinking out of a Big Gulp if your bococho had a matching barding.

When it comes to fashion for birds, the options are practically endless.

The Starlight Barding (shown above) is my personal favourite, but keep in mind that I’m completely bonkers.

The Ruby Barding is another excellent choice.

Most bardings can be made or bought from the market board for various prices.