FFXIV: Where To Mine Mythril Ore? (Location + Uses)

In the Sagolii Desert in southern Thanalan (X:25.5, Y:40.7), players with the miner class can mine for mythril ore.

You’ll need to be at least level 31 to access these Mythril mining locations, and they’re level 35.

The Sagolii Desert can be found in the bottom right corner of the image.

Forgotten Springs aetheryte in southern Thanalan is the easiest route there.

As a camp run by an NPC named Hab, this section of the map is fairly secure.

Therefore, no creatures can be found in the area.

However, you should be aware that there are hostile creatures in the area, including level 32 sundrakes, who could assault you on your trip to the aetheryte mining spots.

Besides being mined by your retainers, mythril ore can also be obtained as a reward from levequests.

However, the quickest and most reliable way to obtain more would be to mine them on your own (outside of purchasing the ores directly).

Mythril Ore as Levequest Rewards

Mine Mythril Ore

Mythril ore is a possible prize for a variety of levequests.

More than 30 separate levequests offer this as a reward, making it one of the most sought-after items.

Here is a rundown of your available quests involving these ores and the NPCs who offer them:

  1. Eustace, Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:12.1, Y:9.1)
    1. A Little Bird Told Me (Lv. 30 Goldsmith)
    2. Actually, It’s Loyalty (Lv. 35 Goldsmith)
    3. Burning the Midnight Oil (Lv. 35 Goldsmith)
    4. He Has His Quartz (Lv. 30 Goldsmith)
    5. Lode It Up (Lv. 35 Goldsmith)
    6. One Man’s Trash (Lv. 30 Goldsmith)
  2. T’mokkri, Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.0, Y:11.0)
    • A Mixed Message (Lv. 40 Blacksmith)
    • A Weighty Question (Lv. 40 Blacksmith)
    • Awl About Who You Know (Lv. 35 Blacksmith)
    • Distill and Know That I’m Right (Lv. 40 Armorer)
    • Everybody Cut Footloose (Lv. 40 Armorer)
    • File That Under Whatever (Lv. 40 Blacksmith)
    • Get Me the Usual (Lv. 35 Armorer)
    • Hollow Hallmarks (Lv. 35 Armorer)
    • Liquid Persuasion (Lv. 40 Armorer)
    • Spice Cadet (Lv. 35 Blacksmith)
    • Very Slow Array (Lv. 35 Armorer)
    • You Spin Me Round (Lv. 35 Blacksmith)
  3. Cimeaurant, Coerthas Central Highlands (X:26.1, Y:28.3)
    • Colder Than Steel (Lv. 35 Blacksmith)
    • Dead Can’t Defang (Lv. 35 Goldsmith)
    • Faith and Fashion (Lv. 35 Goldsmith)
    • I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Lv. 35 Armorer)
    • Lending a Hand (Lv. 35 Blacksmith)
    • Seemed Like the Thing to Get (Lv. 35 Blacksmith)
    • Skillet to the Stars (Lv. 35 Armorer)
    • War Is Tough on the Hands (Lv. 35 Armorer)
    • Wear Your Patriotic Pin (Lv. 35 Goldsmith)
  4. Voilinaut, Coerthas Central Highlands (X:12.7, Y:16.8)
    • Employee Retention (Lv. 40 Armorer)
    • Family Secrets (Lv. 40 Armorer)
    • Get Me to the War on Time (Lv. 40 Blacksmith)
    • Kitchen Casualties (Lv. 40 Blacksmith)
    • Metal Fatigue (Lv. 40 Armorer)
    • Streamlining Operations (Lv. 40 Blacksmith)
  5. Nahctahr, Eastern La Noscea (X:30.5, Y:30.9)
    • Get the Green Stuff (Lv. 30 Goldsmith)
    • It’s Only Love (Lv. 30 Goldsmith)
    • Renascence Man (Lv. 30 Goldsmith)
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Don’t expect to constantly come away from these adventures with mythril ore.

When you complete a levequest for an NPC, you will receive a random item.

Exploration Ventures For Ores

You can think of a venture as a task you assign to your retainers so that they can achieve experience or collect resources for you.

A retainer’s mining role enables them to participate in Mining Exploration Ventures.

It’s the kind of business where you give your retainer a specific item to cultivate, like Mythril Ores, and then check back on its progress at regular intervals.

Your retainer level determines how much time you can shave off of exploration missions, from the default 1 hour down to a minimum of -20 minutes.

The Mythril Ore Expedition requires level 34 or higher to begin.

Depending on how well they perceive their surroundings, your NPC helpers can bring back anywhere from 15 to 50 ores on each run.

Every time your retainer is returned, you will receive 50 pieces of mythril ore if your perception is 224.

Mythril Ore Uses

Blacksmiths, armourers, and goldsmiths employ mythril ores to forge mythril ingots and mythril nuggets.

These two materials are required for the production of many different things, including furniture, decorations, and weaponry (such as the Inferno Rod, pictured above).

You’ll need these materials to make mythril ingots:

  1. x3 mythril ores
  2. Plus x4 shards of either ice, fire or wind, depending on which class you’re on

Mythril can be obtained in the form of nuggets, however you’ll need,

  1. x1 mythril ore
  2. x5 pinches of mythrite sand
  3. x3 shards of ice, fire or wind
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You can also supply your mine with daily necessities by trading in Mythril ore.

At level 34, your Grand Company Personnel Officer will ask for 10 pieces.