How to Unlock The Dark Knight Job in FFXIV?

The Dark Knight job is a sleek battle tank with serious street cred.

For anyone interested in learning more about how to obtain the Dark Knight in Final Fantasy XIV, this tutorial should help.

The Dark Knight job in Final Fantasy 14, a prominent massively multiplayer online game, is not immediately accessible to new players.

The Dark Knight is a tank that employs magic-infused assaults to deplete its opponents’ HP, much like the Paladin and Warrior jobs in Final Fantasy 14.

If you want to be a powerful greatsword-wielding Disciple of War in Final Fantasy 14, the Dark Knight job is a fantastic option.

This special occupation first appeared in the Heavensward add-on for Final Fantasy 14.

Therefore, the Heavensward expansion is required for those who want to play as a Dark Knight.

Learn in this guide how to obtain the Dark Knight job in Final Fantasy 14.

It is necessary to complete all of the Main Scenario Quests (MSQ) in Final Fantasy 14’s A Realm Reborn plot in order to gain access to the Dark Knight job.

The “Seventh Astral Era Quests” in the game’s base content take about 30 hours to complete, give or take, depending on how methodical and thorough you are as a player.

Before beginning the quest “Before the Dawn,” players should have gained level 50 in their chosen profession and completed the introductory dungeons outside of Ishgard.

How To Unlock The Dark Knight In Final Fantasy 14?

Unlock The Dark Knight Job

After finishing all the obligatory MSQ in A Realm Reborn, including Before the Dawn, proceed to Ishgard.

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Ishgard is a city located in Coerthas, a district in Aldenard.

The Pillars is a district here in this city.

Enter into this zone and look for an Elezen male known as “Ishgardian Citizen.”

His map coordinates are x-13.2, y-8.8.

If you talk to him, he’ll tell you about the “Our End” quest, which is necessary to gain access to the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight job has players begin from level 30.

The level requirements of the sequential tasks inside the Dark Knight’s tale grow at an interval of 3 to 5 levels.

At this time, Final Fantasy 14 players should focus on leveling their job by accepting side-quests, signing up for Duties (dungeon runs), or farming foes to rack up the requisite experience.

How To Play As A Dark Knight In FFXIV?

Players of Final Fantasy XIV who choose to play as a Dark Knight will discover an extra layer of MP management that is not present for other tank classes.

Players of the Dark Knight class can pull multiple targets with the ranged assault Unbend.

Using Unmend makees a player more hated by enemies in combat.

Once a group of foes has been pulled, the player can use Unleash, an area-of-effect assault that has a favorable effect on the player’s hostility.

In the same way, Batman has two modes of operation—the heroic “Grit” and the sinister “Darkside”—you can switch between them at will.

To counteract the increased enmity generated by employing Girt, the user’s own damage taken from opponents is lowered.

Although it has a significant MP cost, the Darkside improves the player’s offensive stats.

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Players with the Dark Knight class in Final Fantasy XIV can preserve MP by combining the attacks Hard Slash and Syphon Strike.

Scourge should be used frequently because it does continuous damage to foes and boosts the party’s damage every second.

If the idea of the game’s fundamental story or grinding to level 50 doesn’t appeal to you, you can always buy a Main Scenario Progression boost from the Final Fantasy 14 online store.

There is an $11.00 add-on called “Tales of Adventure: A Realm Reborn” that allows players to bypass the main campaign and go straight to Heavensward, where they can begin their careers as Dark Knights.

Players who have already completed the story or who are merely interested in quickly gaining access to the career they prefer should use this strategy.