FFXIV: Where To Get Gridanian Walnuts?

Botanists can pick Gridanian walnuts at logging points in the South Shroud (X: 23.9, Y:20.9).

This area is called “the Upper Paths,” and it is just outside of the settlement where the Quarrymill aetheryte is located to the west.

You’re looking for logging points called “Mature Trees,” which are level 25.

This means that when you use the “Triangulate” ability, these nodes won’t show up until your botanist is at least level 21.

You should also know that most of the monsters you meet here won’t attack you, but if you wander off a bit, you might run into some that won’t be so nice.

Specifically, there is a camp of level 26 enemies near a Redbelly bandit camp, and to the south, there is a group of aggressive level 25 River Yarzons.

So, don’t forget to use your ability to “sneak” to make it less likely that someone will see you.

If you started in Gridania, the botanist class will be available as soon as you finish your level 10 class quest.

If you started in either of the other two cities, you must first finish “The Ul’dahn/Lominsan Envoy,” a level 15 main scenario quest, before you can go to Gridania.

The Botanists’ Guild is in Old Gridania, where you can find their receptionist (X:6.4, Y:8.3).

More Ways To Get These Walnuts

 Gridanian Walnuts

Your retainers are another way to get Gridanian walnuts.

You can give them the botanist class and send them on botany missions. Level 21 is the level of the quest for Gridanian walnuts.

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To do this, you need to be a botanist at level 21 and have the walnuts written down in your gathering log.

This means that you have to have picked up at least one Gridanian walnut while you were in the South Shroud.

And of course, the Market Board is there to help us get walnuts quickly when we don’t have time to gather them ourselves. You can find them in the list of ingredients on the board.

Gridanian Walnut Uses

Some cooking recipes, like the one for Rarefied Baklava, call for these walnuts.

Rarefied baklava is a collectible item that can be given to appraisers in exchange for White Scrips and experience points.

Other recipes, like the one for walnut bread, make things that can be used to temporarily boost your stats.

For the same amount of time that the stat boost lasts, this kind of recipe also gives you extra experience points.

Last but not least, your Grand Company’s Personnel Officer may ask for Gridanian walnuts for the daily provisioning mission.

Every day, these missions start over, and they give a lot of EXP and some company seals.

The item you’ll be asked to get will depend on the level of the class you’re in at the time. At level 21, you can ask for Gridanian walnuts.