What Are Treasure Hunts in FFXIV?

Treasure Hunt is an activity in Final Fantasy XIV, released with patch 2.1. While gathering resources as a Disciple of the Land, players have a chance to get a map from harvesting nodes.

These maps can be read, leading the player to hidden riches.

Everything has a catch though. And if you’re a wannabe treasure seeker (slow down, Nic Cage) you’d best be prepared for some pushback.

Treasure Coffers are set with traps that call waves of enemies to the treasure’s location, and if you fall to these opponents, your prize will be forfeited.

Certain maps are developed with lone players in mind, others with groups in mind.

There are also numerous varieties of treasure maps, and their names correspond to the level of challenge (and prize!) they have to give.

If you’re looking for something a bit different from the regular dungeon grinds, treasure hunting is a terrific activity to do with your Free Company – especially if you have numerous gatherers collecting up plenty of maps.

Gatherers can only discover one map every eighteen Earth hours.

And you can only hold one map at a time.

There are, however, no limits to the amount that can be acquired from the Market Board if you don’t mind spending out.

How Do I Start Treasure Hunting?

You’ll need to be level 36 first.

Once you’re there, proceed to Eastern La Noscea and speak to H’loonh in Wineport. She’ll give you the quest “Treasures and Tribulations”.

This walks you through the basics and grants you the two talents needed for any treasure hunter:

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Break it down and look into it.

With the tools of the trade all ready to go, you just need to get your curious hands on a map to start searching.

A brief note: even though you can unlock Decipher and Dig at level 36, the earliest maps you can find are suggested for players at level 40 or over. If you’ve recently reached level 36, it’s probably best to exercise some restraint.

How To Get Treasure Maps

Treasure Hunts

You have two possibilities for sourcing treasure maps: gathering or buying.

They’re generally created around the globe by Disciples of the Land, gathering jobs like Botany, Mining, and Fishing.

Once every eighteen hours, a gathering node will have a chance to present you with a map.

Botany and Mining nodes will offer you a map of randomized quality, whereas fishing holes have set grades tied to their position.

If you don’t want to take the gathering way, you’ll have to buy your map of choice from the Market Board in any large city.

This actually offers a couple of perks over obtaining them yourself.

You can buy the particular map you desire, so you’re not vulnerable to cruel RNG.

And you can buy more than one a day – grab a map, solve it, head back to the Market Board, and repeat the process all over again.

The obvious negative to buying your maps is the cost.

The pricing will vary based on the quality of the map and the economy of your globe, and they can fluctuate on a daily basis.

Generally, newer maps that need a higher gathering level will be more expensive.

From there you’ll just have to apply your Decipher talent on the map, and it’ll send you on the right path.

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Using the deciphered map will bring up a window pointing to the item’s location. You’ll have to cross-reference that with your in-game map to track it down.

What Different Types Of Treasure Maps Can I Get?

Treasure maps start at level 40 with the Timeworn Leather maps.

These are the most popular maps, and yield minimum treasure at the end of the hunt.

They’re followed by Timeworn Goatskin, which are intended for level 45 players and give substantially better prizes.

Each expansion includes its own set of treasure maps, too, with the difficulty of ratcheting up in five-level increments.

Rather than break them down individually in a list, I’ll just shout out the ones that offer unique opportunities:

Heavensward has Archeoskin, Wyvernskin, and Dragonskin maps.

Dragonskin maps are built for entire parties of level 60 players and have a possibility to award players with entry to The Aquapolis – a rare instance that requires a hell of a lot of luck to finish.

After battling enemies and obtaining loot, the team will have to open one of two doors. One will bring them deeper into the dungeon, the other will boot them from the instance.

Seven chambers can be accessible in all, but given you’re basically looking at a 50/50 chance every time you open a door, you’ll seldom see the conclusion of The Aquapolis.

But you’ll keep the treasure you’ve gained even if you don’t reach the end – so it’s not a waste of your time or anything.

Stormblood offers Gaganaskin, Gazelleskin, and The Thief’s Map.

The Thief’s Map is the unusual one here, perhaps allowing entrance to The Hidden Canals of Uznair.

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This is similar to Aquapolis, however, a complete group of level 70 players is recommended. This time gamers will have an option of three doors every time they choose to progress deeper, further lowering their odds of seeing the conclusion.

A “Seemingly Special Timeworn Map” may be obtained during the Moogle Treasure Trove event. This map delivers a guaranteed portal to Uznair.

Shadowbringers presently offers just two maps: Gliderskin and Zonureskin.

Gliderskin recommends a level 80 solo player, and Zonureskin is the special one here, requires a full party of level 80s.

It has the opportunity to provide entrance to The Dungeons of Lyhe Ghia, which again, acts like the ones before it.

Lyhe Ghia is smaller than Aquapolis and Uznair, with only five chambers. But if you’re playing this one now you’ll receive some pretty spectacular benefits out of it.

What Treasures Will I Find?

Treasure Coffers will reward you with crafting supplies, house furnishings, Tomestones, minions, and of course, some tasty gold.

The harder the map, the better the prizes.

If you’re buying your maps from the Market Board, Gil alone could not pay all your costs. But it’s a terrific bonus for a pleasant group activity.

Treasure Hunts are also a terrific way to spend your time in a Free Company, and everyone has the chance to get their hands on some uncommon goods.

As one final point, Treasure Coffers from Timeworn Maps might sometimes reward you with Unhidden Maps.

These will bring you to a second coffer, with much rarer gifts and opponents to overcome.

Granted these are designed for level 50 players, thus they might not be as thrilling as they once were for endgame treasure hunters.