FFXIV: Best Raptor Skin Farming Guide

For the Leatherworker in FFXIV, raptor skin is an essential component. The crafting job may transform it into Raptor Leather, which can be used to make furniture, armor, and weapons across multiple disciplines.

As a result, there is a healthy market for the skin.

Here, we’ll go through how to utilize Raptor Skin, where you can get it, and what to do if you can’t.

To drop Raptor Skin, there are no particular criteria. If you can kill the monsters that drop it, you’ll be able to get it.

A Leatherworker with access to level 41 recipes is required to turn this into the more valuable Raptor Leather.

Which Enemies Drop Raptor Skin?

Eastern, Outer, and Upper La Noscea all have Grass, Veloci, and Territorial Raptors that drop raptor skins.

Most of these regions are very easy to get to, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time fighting your way through all of the adversaries.

Lindwurms in the Central Shroud and Ruins Runners in the Snowcloak dungeon also drop Raptor Skins.

There are no respawning opponents in Snowcloak and you’ll need to be quite a high level to solo it, making it ineffective for farming.

If you’re still taking more than five seconds to kill your victim, farming isn’t nearly as efficient, and the process can be further expedited by unlocking flying in these locations.

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Assuming you’ve completed the Main Scenario and reached level 50, you’ll already be able to take down the majority of the adversaries in these places with a single swing of your wand.

To make your life a little easier, focus on completing those goals first – even if you’re only interested in creating.

Where’s The Best Place To Farm Raptor Skin?

You can find them in a few places, and the results may change based on the server you’re on.

Keep in mind that other players may be using the same spots to farm skins, so you may find yourself in a competition with another player or two.

Because of the long respawn times of enemies, you may find yourself making little or no progress.

Farming Spot #1: Eastern La Noscea

Raptor Skin can be found in abundance in Eastern La Noscea, thanks to the close proximity of the packs and the well-planned layout.

Grass Raptors can be hunted in a circle, and you’ll eventually end up back where the initial batch respawned.

Farming Spot #2: Outer La Noscea

An alternate option is to farm the packs in Outer La Noscea at Camp Overlook.

The respawn time may be significantly longer at either location you choose.

Even so, it’s still preferable to pay full price for these essentials on the Market Board, given how volatile their pricing can become.

What If I Can’t Be Bothered To Farm?

In order to avoid getting your hands dirty, there is only one viable alternative to farming.

As with fleece, there are no vendors in the game where you may buy Raptor Skin.

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That means you’ll have to head to the nearest Market Board and hope that your local economy isn’t overheating.

It’s obvious that the advantage of this method is that you can acquire exactly what you need. So, all is not lost.

With enough money, this can be a more efficient approach to getting what you need.

At the very least, give the locales above a shot; you may be in for a surprise.