How to Fix Endwalker’s 2002 Error in FFXIV?

After waiting in a long queue, gamers that seek to log in to FFXIV are being faced with Error Code 2002 before and during Endwalker’s complete launch.

After waiting in a long queue, gamers that seek to log in to Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker are being faced with Error Code 2002.

Since the new expansion’s early access period began on December 3, 2021, the game’s daily player count has been steadily increasing.

Queue wait time varies drastically depending on the number of players planning to spend some time in Eorzea.

Since the Error 2002 issue is server-side, fans will still need to wait.

Adventurers can lessen the time by switching to a different server or joining in at a different time of day.

With each FFXIV expansion, there is an inflow of gamers seeking to explore the new content.

Unfortunately, all adventurers cannot join at the same time to a restricted quantity of room.

A queue is designed to decrease demand on the servers and keep a stable connection for people playing.

Even if it’s frustrating that fans have to wait, it’s for the best of the game.

FFXIV recently had character creation disabled to combat congestion on its servers.

For those who get Error Code 2002 when queueing up for Endwalker, they have a few options on how they wish to proceed with the issues they may be facing.

Error Code 2002 states, “The lobby server connection has encountered a difficulty.”

In this case, players will be disconnected from Final Fantasy XIV and asked to wait a short while before attempting to re-enter the game.

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A post on The Lodestone states that the code appears anytime a server gets too much traffic or 17,000 characters are waiting to log in to a single Data Center.

Only players who are actively participating in the game will be able to keep their characters after a thirty minute in-game AFK timer deletes them.

Although it’s not perfect, these measures should assist bring more players into Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker faster as server capacity may not be rising for years.

FFXIV: Endwalker – Can Error 2002 Be Fixed?

Fix Endwalker's 2002 Error

Instead of waiting to get into an inhabited World, players can also enter the subcommand on the character choosing screen and click “Visit Another World.”

This feature allows characters to briefly travel to a server on their Data Center as a workaround for the 2002 Error.

Adventurers may not be able to perform everything they can do on their own server, but they can access the Main Story Quests.

Avoiding peak hours is also a fantastic method to discover a lower line time.

Due to the long wait times, users were given free in-game time for Final Fantasy XIV.

Before Endwalker, adjustments were made internally to aid with congestion, too.

The team claimed that servers were optimized for the deluge of adventurers heading to FFXIV: Endwalker.

The worldwide shortage of semiconductors made it impossible to build any new worlds.

The player base has substantially risen as a whole over the summer, adding to the volume of explorers.

The Lodestone team “replaced the matched servers with higher-performance computers, optimized procedures, increased processing speed, and raised the number of simultaneous logins,” according to the release announcement.

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There are currently no user-reported remedies for Error 2002, therefore your best bet is to keep trying.

While waiting in the line for FFXIV: Endwalker, there are preparations players may undertake, such as reading the 6.0 patch notes to get a head start on the new content.

The new expansion has undoubtedly drawn a lot of interest from new and veteran fans alike.

Endwalker finishes the war between Hydaelyn and Zodiark, a conflict that has extended across the course of Final Fantasy XIV.

The good news is that everyone can participate in the story at their own pace because the story will wait for them.

Adventurers may have to wait in line for a while, but the wait will be worth it when they get to experience an incredible tale.