FFXIV: How To Get The Twintania Mount?

The Twintania Mount can be obtained by trading 15 Gold Chocobo Feathers to the Calamity Salvager at any of the following locations.

– Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:12 Y:13
– Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks, X:11 Y:14
– Old Gridania, X:10 Y:8

You can get Golden Chocobo Feathers by participating in Square Enix’s Refer-a-Friend Program.

When a buddy joins using your referral link, you both receive 5 feathers.

The longer they remain a subscriber, the more Feathers you’ll earn (150, 210, and 270 days.)

There is currently no other way to get the Feathers (or the Mount).

The bright side is that you can never go wrong by inviting your friends to join you in Final Fantasy XIV.

If Twintania herself wasn’t enough motivation to pursue those elusive Golden Chocobo Feathers, other prizes await.

Separate from your dragon, other mounts are also available, as well as special dyes from the Salvager (Deal in Spoils > Gold Chocobo Feather Exchange).

Here’s a list of what you can get:

Pure White Dye (5)1 Feather
Jet Black Dye (5)1 Feather
Pastel Pink Dye (5)1 Feather
Pastel Green Dye (5)1 Feather
Pastel Blue Dye (5)1 Feather
Pastel Purple Dye (5)1 Feather
Metallic Silver Dye (5)1 Feather
Metallic Gold Dye (5)1 Feather
Aetheryte Ticket (10)1 Feather
Twintania Neurolink Key (Mt)15 Feathers
Amber Draught Chocobo (Mt)8 Feathers
Managarm (Mt)8 Feathers

It’s worth noting that your Retainers can use Quick Ventures to transport the Dyes they find here back to you.

It’s likely that you’ll be hoarding your Feathers in order to purchase one of the rare Mounts.

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Friends With Benefits

The Twintania Mount

While you soar about on your new dragon, you may be wondering what your companions get from this.

Below are some of the advantages they’ll enjoy:

This is the Friendship Circlet, a headpiece that, when worn by a character level 25 or lower, boosts Experience gained by 20%. (including synced).

In the Air: An Aetheryte Ticket (x99). Great for an early game when you’re on a tight budget, you won’t lose any Gil when using teleportation.

Improper Greetings (/fistbump, /brofist) are a no-no in the ballroom. An original expression of joy at your new friendship with the Eorzeans.

Ten Chocobo Feathers, Silver. These are other types of items that can be traded for fancy equipment over at the Calamity Salvager. For 5, you’ll get the comparable bank for levels 20, 50, 60, and 70.

When they stay a subscriber for a particular length of time, you’ll also get the following perks:

The Circle of Friendship (30 Days)

Teleport to the nearest Aetheryte, free of charge, for as long as your friend has the “New Adventurer” friend status on your list and you have the Aetheryte Pendulum (30 Days).

Very useful for resurrecting spot field players who meet their end at the hands of enraged Hunt Marks.

The Chocobo Draught (Ageing Potential: 90 Days) This two-seater Chocobo is just as handy as the Amber Draught Chocobo you get in exchange for Golden Feathers.

Plus, you’ll have a fantastic crew by your side as you work to rescue Hydaelyn.