FFXIV: How To Level Fisher 1-90 Guide?

Supposedly, fishing is included in every RPG today.

Perhaps they are correct.

However, Final Fantasy 14 is not merely another RPG; it is an MMO.

And fishing is included in every MMORPG.

Consequently, this is a double whammy.

Forgive us for saying so, but they had us completely fooled with this argument.

Thankfully, fishing in Final Fantasy 14 has been favorably received.

Some players consider it their favorite Disciple of the Land profession, as it is a bit more active than Botany and Mining, especially after the most recent patch.

We’ll discuss what it implies and how to get the most out of your Fishing experience as we break down the best approach to level this class from landlubber to seaworthy 90.

Unlocking Fisher

Regarding Guide Format

Before we begin in earnest, you may note that our Fisher class guide is organized fundamentally differently from some of our others.

The Botany Handbook is an illustration. In this tutorial, we split things down into leveling stages: level 1 to 20, level 20 to 40, level 40 to 60, level 60 to 80, and level 80 to 90.

While the initial portion is addressed in this section, we’ll be moving in a different route because Ocean Fishing is quickly becoming the most effective approach to reaching the top.

Technically, it’s available as soon as you unlock the Fisher class, however, we recommend waiting until level 20 or so to give it a try.

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More on this to come.

Becoming a Fisher

Your trip to the azure ocean begins in Limsa Lominsa.

Here you will find the Fishermen’s Guild and its diverse cast of members.

In order to join the guild, you must have at least one Disciple of War or Magic class at level ten or above.

That’s all there is to it, with the exception that, unless you selected Marauder, Rogue, or Arcanist, you’ll also need to progress far enough in the main scenario to reach Limsa Lominsa in the first place.

Prioritize Main Quests

Final Fantasy 14 gives prizes for exploring every nook and cranny of Eorzea, but it also compensates players for staying on the straight and narrow.

As soon as you reach the level required for a new Fisher quest, you should prioritize it above all.

Not only are main quests an excellent source of experience — the purpose of this guide! — but you will also obtain level-appropriate equipment that will help you save Gil.

To that purpose, below is a complete listing of Fisher’s work quests from one to seventy.

Beyond the age of 70, things begin to change, therefore we will discuss this separately.

Way of the Fisher1N/AN/A
My First Fishing Rod15x Lominsan AnchovyLimsa LominsaJust outside the guild
Bigger Fish to Fry53x Harbor HerringLimsa LominsaJust outside the guild
The Princess and the Fish101x Princess TroutMiddle La NosceaNym River
Every Fish Has a Silver Lining155x Navigator’s DaggerWestern La NosceaThe Brewer’s Beacon
A Fish in Hot Water205x Warmwater TroutUpper La NosceaOakwood
A Game of Cat and Fish25Shadow CatfishStriped GobyNorth ShroudFallgourd FloatUse Mooch with Shadow Catfish on the line to catch Striped Goby
Like Fish Passing in the Night3010x Fullmoon SardineEastern La NosceaBloodshoreOnly after dusk
A Fish out of Water351x Desert CatfishSouthern ThanalanEast of Byregot’s StrikeNear the Amalj’aa encampment
Fishing in the Rain405x RaincallerGridaniaJadeite FloodOnly during rain
I Believe Fish Can Fly455x Cloud CutterSea of CloudsSkyfishing (cast your rod out into the open sky)
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish501x Mazlaya MarlinEastern La NosceaCatch a Quality Herring with a Goby BallRecast the rod to catch an Ogre BarracudaRecast again to catch the Mazlaya Marlin
Plenty More in the Sea50N/AN/A
The Icepick Challenge533x IcepickCoerthas Western HighlandsUnfrozen PondNorth of Gorgagne HoldingAlso north of Falcon’s Nest
Invasion of the Supper Snatchers551x ShadowhiskerDravanian ForelandsThe Hundred Throes
One Man’s Fish is Another Man’s Poison581x Letter PufferChurning MistsLandlord’s Domain
Carpe Diem601x CatkillerSea of CloudsCatch a Bullfrog in the EddiesMooch it to catch the Catkiller
Whither Wawalago Wanders60N/AN/A
A Rousing Reunion633x Deep Velodyna CarpThe FringesVelodyna River
Search for the Spawning Grounds653x Harutsuge SpragRuby SeaShoal Rock
Always a Bigger Fish683x DafangshiYanxiaSouthern JunkCatch Ichthyosaurs from Teeming Waters
Farewell, and Thanks for all the Fish705x Giant PlesiosaurThe Ruby SeaOnokoro

Crystarium and Studium Deliveries

The quests listed above are detailed in A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood.

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When Shadowbringers arrives, though, Fisher’s tasks are reorganized into a new dynamic known as Crystarium Deliveries.

Crystarium Deliveries provides each Disciple of the Hand and Land with many missions at fixed level intervals, with each quest requiring the delivery of six of a specific item or goods (Hence “deliveries.”).

Most non-combat classes share four NPCs at the Crystarium, but Fishers get the brutish youth Frithrik (shown above) to themselves.

Isn’t that pleasant?

We believe it is appealing.

Deliveries of Crystarium yield numerous experience points.

You are almost flying through your seventies, so don’t be surprised.

Enhance your leveling with Ocean Fishing or traditional grinding to quickly reach level 80.

At level 80, Studium Deliveries replace Crystarium Deliveries in Old Sharlayan.

The technique is essentially the same, with a new tale starring an NPC that is, once again, totally devoted to the exquisite skill of fishing as opposed to dividing their expertise between many vocations.

Like their Shadowbringers ancestors, Endwalker’s Studium Deliveries will likely net you roughly one level per mission reward.

If not exactly the complete level, then fairly near.

Remember to submit high-quality work to guarantee the greatest grade!)

Ocean Fishing is the Best Leveling Path

As we’ve shown, Ocean Fishing is the best way to swiftly level up Fisher in Final Fantasy 14.

What makes this so excellent?

And how did Fishers exist prior to its introduction in Shadowbringers 5.2l?

(Hint: they gained levels just like any other Disciple of the Land class, which seems so quaint in hindsight.)

Players have access to Ocean Fishing upon becoming Fishers.

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No red tape, just breathtaking travels.

Consult Fhilsnoe at the Fishermen’s Guild, and he will rectify the situation.

Every two hours (real-time, not Eorzea Time), the NPC Dryskthota at the Limsa Lower Decks pier invites all able-bodied Fishers (that’s us) to embark on the Endeavor for an epic fishing expedition.

The Endeavor will visit several significant destinations.

At each fishing spot, players have seven minutes to catch as much as possible.

A dealer on the boat offers lures, including varieties that are unavailable elsewhere.

Rarely are they required, and they rarely feel necessary; use your best judgment in this instance.

Ocean Fishing is a fantastic activity for leveling because the experience gained scales with level.

With this concept, there is never a dull moment, as the point increases are visibly shown on your screen.

In addition, while level one through level fifty Ocean Fishing excursions are “only” for leveling, higher levels provide Gatherer’s Scrips that can be exchanged for better equipment, materials, and more.