Sea of Thieves Fishing Guide: How to Fish?

Sea of Thieves now has the ability to fish and today we are creating a fishing guide.

Pirates can take a break from stealing and looting to catch, cook, and sell fish because they know how to do it.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about fishing, including where to find different kinds of fish and “trophy fish,” as well as where to buy fish and how much they cost.

If you’re looking to learn the essentials of Sea of Thieves, first take part in the Maiden Voyage, and read more about ship battles, and how to survive fights with skeletons and the kraken.

Fishing in Sea of Thieves explained

In Sea of Thieves, fishing is the best way to gain favor with Hunter’s Call, a group of fishermen who live all over the island.

Even though they also buy chicken, pork, shark, and even Kraken, fishing is usually the safest and fastest way to improve your reputation.

Fishing Guide

Even though fishing isn’t hard, there are a lot of fish types and rare fish to think about before you head up to find bait and fish.

Before you go on your first fishing trip in Sea of Thieves, you should know that when you fish alone, you and your ship are very vulnerable.

Fishing and cooking take a few minutes each, so you won’t be able to steer, fix, or fight if you need to during that time.

People, Megaldons, and even the Kraken are always a threat, but to catch some rarer fish, you must go into dangerous areas. You should definitely try fishing with a friend or two.

How to fish in Sea of Thieves

You’ll need your fishing rod and some open water to fish in Sea of Thieves. You don’t always need bait to catch fish, but sometimes you do.

At 6 o’clock on the second inventory wheel, you can find and equip your fishing pole. Hold Q (or the left bumper on the controller) to open the inventory wheel. Press F (or X on the controller) to switch to the second wheel.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to buy the fishing rod because it will already be in your inventory. You can buy different rods at any outpost, but they don’t change the fish you catch and are just for looks.

Once you have the rod, you’ll probably want bait to put on the hook. In Sea of Thieves, there are three kinds of bait: earthworms, grubs, and leeches. Each one brings in a different kind of fish.

Bait can be found in barrels or dug up with a shovel all over the Sea of Thieves. When you dig in the dirt (or earth), you can find earthworms, grubs, and leeches. Leeches can be found in shallow water, like along the coast.

To equip the bait, open the inventory wheel and you should see a new prompt to hold R (or B on controller) to attach bait, then simply select the bait you’d like to use.

Be careful not to eat the bait, it doesn’t taste very nice, and is much more suited to the fish than the pirates.

Once your line is ready, its time to get into position. You can cast out into any body of water, and it doesn’t matter if you’re on solid ground, or a moving ship (although your crew might not be pleased if you’re fishing in the middle of battle).

But your line will break if it touches anything solid, so before you cast off, make sure there are no rocks or rigging nearby.

When you’re satisfied, cast the line out by clicking the left mouse button or pulling the right trigger on a controller. Then you just have to wait until a fish bites.

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Look away from the line while you’re waiting for a bite. When a fish shows interest, the game will snap the camera back to the rod so you know to pay attention.

How to catch fish in Sea of Thieves

Many dangerous things happen in the Sea of Thieves. Pirates can expect to face Forts, Skeleton Fleets, Dead Captains, Megalodons, and a lot more from one day to the next.

But did you know that you can have a more peaceful time on the seas, away from all the swashbuckling?

Yes, since last April’s Anniversary Update, pirates have been able to relax on the Sea of Thieves’ shores and go fishing.

There are many reasons to fish here. First, there are the more traditional benefits of fishing. If you’re hungry and out of bananas, you can throw your line into the ocean and catch something to eat.

Once you’ve caught the unlucky fish, go to your on-board skillet and sauté it to make sure it’s ready to eat.

Then there’s the chance to get along with Merrick and his extended family, who run The Hunter’s Call Trading Company.

You can get gold and reputation with The Hunter’s Call by selling your cooked and uncooked catches to Merrick or other Hunter’s Call representatives at your nearest Seapost.

Even though you can’t catch a Megalodon or Kraken with a fishing rod, you can still sell the cooked meat of sharks, snakes, and less dangerous animals like chickens and pigs to the Trading Company in exchange for Hunter’s Call gold and reputation.

Lastly, if you want to do everything in Sea of Thieves, you can unlock more Commendations and achievements based on how much and what kinds of marine wildlife you can catch, cook, and sell.

For those of you yet to give fishing a whirl, what are you waiting for?

Here’s a quick how-to guide to get you acquainted with the joys of angling.

  1. Find some sea. You can’t fish on land (well, unless it’s got a pond).
  2. Equip your rod, which can be found on the second page of your equipment radial.
  3. If you’ve got bait to equip, this is your opportunity to use it. While your rod’s equipped, head to your equipment radial and hit the appropriate button (Y on an Xbox One controller) to bring up your bait. Select which type of bait you’d like to equip, and it’ll appear on the end of your line. You don’t need bait to catch fish, but if you’re looking to catch ‘em all, you’ll need to use specific baits in certain areas of the map to ensure you’re fishing up the full set of species.
  4. Cast your line into the sea! The longer you hold the button (RT on an Xbox One controller), the further you’ll cast when you release it.
  5. Wait patiently for a bite.
  6. As you wait, you’ll see your unsuspecting fish circling the line before you hook it. Once hooked, the fish will try to make a break for it – this is where you prepare to wrestle the rod and wrangle the fish into your possession.
  7. You must tire the little tinker out to catch a fish by resisting its efforts to swim away. If the fish swims right, pull left on your rod to fight back against it. If the fish is tugging forwards, pull backward. Keep doing this until your fish tires – and when the line stops pulling, you can reel it in using the appropriate button (RT on an Xbox One controller).
  8. Continue this method of tiring out the fish and reeling it in closer until you manage to reel it all the way into your hands. Pay close attention to the ways in which the different fish move to combat their escape tactics! Be warned: if you reel in for too long while the fish is resisting, or pull your rod the wrong way, you’ll break your line and have to start from scratch. If you’ve used bait for that catch, you’ll lose that too.
  9. Once you’ve caught a fish, work out what you’re going to do with it! Need to eat it for health? Make sure you cook it, as raw fish will often just make your pirate puke. Cooked fish gives you more health and sells for more gold. However, you’ll still need to be careful when cooking your catch: burnt fish sell for a lot less, so take your fish off the frying pan before it starts to char – or worse, burns and starts a fire on your ship.
  10. There are 10 types of fish swimming the waters of Sea of Thieves, each with five varieties – some harder to catch than others, including fish in super-rare colors and glowing variants found at night. They can be caught in different areas of the map and at different times of day, using various kinds of bait. All fish can also be found as bumper-size Trophy fish, which will resist your attempts to lure them in even more fiercely.
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Where to sell fish and fish prices in Sea of Thieves

Unlike most of the other factions in Sea of Thieves, cooked fish cannot be turned in at any of the outposts.

Instead you have to turn in the fish at the seaposts, tiny piers on rocks, that are dotted around the map.

There are eight seaposts in total:

  • Brian’s Bazaar – Y12
  • The Finest Trading Post – F17
  • The North Star Seapost – H10
  • Roaring Traders – U20
  • The Spoils of Plenty Store – B7
  • Stephen’s Spoils – L15/16
  • Three Paces East Seapost – S9
  • The Wild Treasures Store – O4

You can sell your fish to the Hunter’s Call, which has a representative at each of these seaposts. Usually, they stand at the end of the pier, not in the shop.

Each fish’s price depends on how rare it is and how it looks when you sell it. You can’t sell half-eaten fish, so be careful if you have a lot of them.

The most valuable fish is cooked fish, so it’s best to cook all of your fish in the pan on your ship before selling them to the Hunter’s Call.

But be careful, because burned fish is the least valuable kind of fish, even less valuable than selling the fish raw.

Keep an eye on the fish’s eyes as you cook it. When they turn white, the fish is done and can be taken out of the pan.

If you cook the fish for too long, it will burn. If you cook it for too little time, it won’t be done.

Sea of Thieves fish types, fish chart and where to find rare fish in Sea of Thieves

There are ten types of fish in Sea of Thieves, and each type has five varieties. Here are all of them at a glance:

One variety can only be caught at night, while others are sometimes based on chance, or need specific conditions to catch.

Below we have listed the different types of fish, where to find them, their selling prices, and if you need to do anything special to catch the rarer varieties:

1. Ancientscale locations and Ancientscale fish prices

Ancientscales are a common, regional type of fish in Sea of Thieves and come in Almond, Starshine (Night), Sapphire, Smoke, and Bone varieties.

  • Requires leeches as bait to catch
  • Can be found in the open waters (away from the islands) of The Ancient Isles
  • Nothing special is needed to catch the rarer varieties of Anicentscales
Ancientscale pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked

2. Battlegill locations and Battlegill fish prices

Battlegills are uncommon fish in Sea of Thieves, and come in Jade, Bittersweet (Night), Sky, Rum, Sand, varieties.

  • Requires Grubs to catch
  • Can only be found in around active skeleton forts or skeleton ships
  • Cannot be found around the waters of the Fort of the Damned
  • Nothing special is needed to catch the rarer varieties of Battlegills
Battlegill pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked

3. Devilfish locations and Devilfish fish prices

Devilfish are a common, regional type of fish in Sea of Thieves and come in Ashen, Firelight (Night), Seashell, Lava, and Forsaken varieties.

  • Requires grubs as bait to catch
  • Can be found in the open waters (away from the islands) of The Devil’s Roar
  • Nothing special is needed to catch the rarer varieties of Devilfish
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Devilfish pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked

4. Islehopper locations and Islehopper fish prices

Islehoppers can only be found around specific islands in Sea of Thieves, and come in Stone, Moss, Honey, Raven, and Amethyst (Night) varieties.

  • Stone Islehoppers can be found around the shores of Cannon Cove, Crook’s Hollow, Fetcher’s Rest, Sailors Bounty, Sharkbait Cove, and Shipwreck Bay
  • Moss Islehoppers can be found around the shores of Ashen Reaches, Thieves’ Haven, Lone Cove, Marauder’s Arch, Ruby’s Fall, and Wanderer’s Refuge
  • Honey Islehoppers can be found around the shores of Crescent Isle, Discovery Ridge, Kraken’s Fall, Plunder Valley, and Sunken Grove
  • Raven Islehoppers can be found in the day around the shores of Crooked Masts, Devil’s Ridge, Flintlock Peninsula, Mermaid’s Hideaway, Old Faithful Isle, Smuggler’s Bay, and Snake Island
  • Amethyst Islehoppers can be found at night around the sames the shores as the Raven Islehopper
Islehopper pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked

5. Plentifin locations and Plentifin fish prices

Plentifins are a common, regional type of fish in Sea of Thieves and come in Olive, Watery (Night), Amber, Cloudy, and Bonedust varieties.

  • Requires earthworms as bait to catch
  • Can be found in the open waters (away from the islands) of The Shores of Plenty
  • Nothing special is needed to catch the rarer varieties of Plentifins
Plentifin pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked

6. Pondie locations and Pondie fish prices

Pondies are a common fish in Sea of Thieves and come in Charcoal, Moonsky (Night), Orchid, Bronze, and Bright varieties.

  • Does not require any specific bait to catch
  • Can be found in any pond
  • Cannot be found anywhere at sea
  • Nothing special is needed to catch the rarer varieties of Pondie
Pondie pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked

7. Splashtail locations and Splashtail fish prices

Splashtails are the most common type of fish in Sea of Thieves and come in Ruby, Seafoam (Night), Sunny, Indigo, and Umber varieties.

  • Does not require any specific bait to catch
  • Can be found in anywhere at sea
  • Cannot be found in ponds
  • Nothing special is needed to catch the rarer varieties of Splashtails, its pure chance
Splashtail pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked

8. Stormfish locations and Stormfish fish prices

Stormfish are a rare type of fish in Sea of Thieves and come in Ancient, Shores, Wild, Twilight (Night), and Shadow varieties.

  • Requires Leeches to catch
  • Can only be found in the storm
  • The Ancient Stormfish can only be found in a storm in the Ancient Isles region
  • The Shores Stormfish can only be found in a storm in The Shores of Plenty region
  • The Wild Stormfish can only be found in a storm in The Wilds Region
Stormfish pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked

9. Wild splash locations and Wildsplash fish prices

Wild splashes are a common, regional type of fish in Sea of Thieves and come in Russet, Coral (Night), Sandy, Ocean, and Muddy varieties.

  • Requires earthworms as bait to catch
  • Can be found in the open waters (away from the islands) of The Wilds
  • Nothing special is needed to catch the rarer varieties of Wildsplashes
Wildsplash pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked

10. Wrecker locations and Wrecker fish prices

Wreckers are an uncommon fish in Sea of Thieves and come in Rose, Moon (Night), Sun, Blackcloud, and Snow varieties.

  • Requires earthworms as bait to catch
  • Can only be found around shipwrecks
  • The Blackcloud Wrecker variant can only be found near shipwrecks during a storm
Wrecker pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked

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How to get large trophy fish in Sea of Thieves

On top of all the different types and variety of fish, they also come in different sizes.

Regular fish are the most common, but occasionally you might spot a larger fish nibbling at your bait. Reel in one of these beasts and you can expect an even bigger pay out from the Hunter’s Call when you turn them in.

Unfortunately there isn’t a secret trick to attract more trophy fish then usual. But once you’ve become familiar with the size and shape of the fish you’re chasing, you can normally tell a regular fish from a trophy fish before they take the bait.

If you’re holding out for one of the big fish, you can retract your hook and save your bait by right clicking (or B on controller).

This will cause the interest fish to swim away embarrassed and rejected, but gives you another chance to source that trophy fish you’re after.

Ancientscale Trophy pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked
Battlegill Trophy pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked
Devilfish Trophy pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked
Islehopper Trophy pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked
Plentifin Trophy pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked
Pondie Trophy pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked
Splashtail Trophy pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked
Stormfish Trophy pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked
Wildsplash Trophy pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked
Wrecker Trophy pricesBurntRawUndercookedCooked