18 Best Cannon Skins in Sea Of Thieves

One of the most challenging aspects of Sea of Thieves to master is your cannons.

It will take hundreds of hours to truly master a skill. And it’s something that sets real sea legends apart from your typical pirate.

There are cannons for any crew, whether you desire attractive ones or even some that provide you an advantage in battle.

However, this list contains the finest of the best, whatever you’re looking for.

18. Bone Crusher Cannons

One of the easier cannon skins to get, since you run into skeleton ships a lot on your journeys.

When you finish the commendation, you do not only get the cannon skin, but you also get a full Bone Crusher set for your pirate.

You’ll have to wait until the next Cursed Sails event to get the rest of the Bone Crusher ship set.

But Bone Crusher Cannons can be used on their own without any problems. Their look fits many different ship designs and still looks awesome.

17. Triumphant Sea Dog Cannons

It’s hard to get and takes a lot of time in the Arena. When your Sea Dog level is 40, you can buy Glorious Sea Dog Cannons for 69,550 Gold.

Sea Dogs is hard enough to get to level 40, and even first-place wins don’t give many emissary points after level 30.

But if you do get this cannon skin, you’ll have shown that you’re an experienced and skilled pvp player!

16. Merchant Alliance Cannons

You can buy this cannon skin from any Merchant Alliance vendor once you’ve met the requirements.

Most players hate the Merchant Alliance, though. Their trips are boring because you just have to pick up cargo and take it somewhere else.

Players don’t even bother to level up their Merchant Alliance grade because of this unless they see it as a quick way to become a Pirate Legend.

15. Wild Rose Cannons

Very few sets are more effective at adding a touch of refinement and class to the oceans than the Wild Rose.

These Wild Rose Cannons have a delicate red rose on top and are beautifully designed in black and gold.

Additionally, that rose is out of the way when you’re aiming, allowing you to shoot with lethal accuracy and style!

Doubloons, which can be a little more difficult to get by than Gold, cost 50 for these cannons.

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But it was worthwhile to look at.

14. Cannons of the Ashen Dragon

Using this cannon skin will allow you to ignite your adversaries with Ashen flames.

Well, you can if you fill it with firebombs!

The Cannons Of The Ashen Dragon stand out more than a lot of other cannons. So if you have these on board, don’t expect to be sneaking up on any ships.

These cannons, which cost 69,950 gold, have a large blazing fiery dragon wrapped around them.

And because they can only be opened with a Tome from an Ashen Chest, and those Tomes are chosen at random, these can actually be extremely difficult to obtain.

Destroying several Ashen Guardians is a wonderful place to start if you want a chance at earning these magnificent cannons.

13. Sea Dog Cannons

These might be the best in the game for you if you’re an experienced PvP player who just wants a reliable cannon to get the job done.

The Order of Souls Faction level 40 is required to access the Sea Dog Cannons, which are as straightforward and undetectable as they come.

No color or information is present. A simple thin tube that is enjoyable to aim and fire.

There is nothing standing between you and sending your target to Davy Jones’ Locker when you have these cannons at your disposal.

The purists’ cannons are those.

12. Soulflame Cannons

Maybe the Soulflame Cannons will do it for you if the Ghost Cannons weren’t quite cutting it.

These are the first cannons on this list to require Ancient money, the in-game currency for Sea of Thieves.

But if you turn every dial to 11, these would resemble the Ghost Cannons.

Even the most ominous ships don’t appear out of place with the Soulflame Cannons, which shoot an unsettling green mist from their bases.

Although they are difficult to aim with, these might be enough to scare off other teams without you having to fire a shot.

11. Dark Warsmith Cannons

The Dark Warsmith Cannons are similarly expensive, but they have such a menacing appearance that they had to be included.

With gold spikes encircling the barrel, these cannons appear menacing no matter what kind of ship you mount them on.

Along with these, there is a Dark Warsmith Cannon Flare that coats each shot in blazing ash.

These will make you appear to be warlords to be afraid of, even if you have just logged in to begin your adventures.

10. Glorious Sea Dog Cannons

Oh wow, it’s best to avoid conflict with a crew who is rocking these on their ship unless you genuinely want to die.

Only those who have attained level 40 in the Sea Dog faction are eligible to purchase the Glorious Sea Dog Cannons.

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And as a result, they qualify as authentic Arena veterans.

These cannons are beautifully decorated in red and gold. Additionally, they are thin, as you might anticipate from a PvP group, making them exceedingly simple to aim for.

Not that any crew employing them is in need of assistance.

9. Killer Whale Cannons

Never undervalue a crew armed with glorious sea dog cannons. But to underestimate a group like this would be completely foolhardy.

Only those who have reached level 45 with The Hunter’s Call are able to purchase the Killer Whale Cannons, which cost 3500 Gold.

The fishing faction, that is.

No other faction is so frugal with reputation, and I mean this in the strictest sense.

Therefore, pirates who have reached this level have experienced everything and have probably invested hundreds of gaming hours.

The nicest part about these cannons is how fantastically they appear, boasting a distinctive deep blue color scheme. Additionally, they are a pleasure to shoot with.

A crew wearing this skin will have many interesting pirate stories to share. And for that reason, these are at the top of our list.

8. Sailor Cannons

Every Pirate Legend started off as a novice.

And here was where they all began on their ships.

Every new ship begins with the Sailor Cannons. But despite their plain and simple appearance, they work incredibly well.

Sailor Cannons don’t attract attention to your ship (but you can use that to your advantage by appearing to be a new player!)

Additionally, they don’t have any pieces that could get in the way of your aim when using them.

These cannons perform precisely as you would expect and are excellent for training.

7. Dawn Hunter Cannons

A ruthless group, pirates may be.

And none of the artillery on the seas can better express that than these.

Dawn Hunter Cannons might not seem like much due to their subtle, straightforward design.

However, only individuals who have sold 600 goods while flying the Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag, which awards the Plundered Prizes Level 5 Commendation, are eligible to purchase these.

These cannons are low on the list because you may have found your loot on the ground or wrested it from a variety of crews.

6. Nightshine Parrot Cannons

Pirates all around the world utilize the Nightshine Parrot set because of its widespread popularity and distinctive light blue color.

The silver, black, and blue colors that are characteristic of the remainder of the set are also worn by Nightshine Parrot Cannons in this instance.

They are also rather simple to utilize. Additionally, all of the feathery detail is on the sides, where it won’t interfere with your aim (sorry, no justifications allowed!).

But at 110,250 Gold, these cannons are not inexpensive. You’re looking at closer to a million if you incorporate the other pieces of the ship set.

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But it’s worth the cost for one of the most attractive sets in the game.

5. Poison-filled Kraken cannons

It is terrible to face the Kraken.

And according to these cannons, you not only defeated it but also survived numerous times to tell the tale.

Only crews brave enough to defeat the Kraken 10 times can use the venomous Kraken cannons, which are distinguished by their brilliant green and yellow base and ink-stained tube.

These are unlikely to deter the typical pirate.

But creatures with tentacles might hesitate!

4. Golden Barnacle Cannons

We receive great new cosmetics like these, which is the nicest part of Sea of Thieves’ seasonal stuff.

The Golden Barnacle Cannons, which feature a lovely golden fish carved around the tube, were given out as rewards for earning Renown Level 84 in Season 2.

Unfortunately, the fin towards the base is useless for aiming. But these are a fantastic season’s reward, and I hope this is a sign of things to come.

If you didn’t get your own, perhaps they’ll eventually show up at the Shipwrights.

3. Order of Souls cannons

I anticipated a name from the Order of Souls that was a little bit more enigmatic.

However, the Order of Souls Cannons look fantastic and are quite simple to operate, so I’ll overlook the generic name.

These cannons also have a ridge across the top, which can greatly improve shot accuracy.

It’s obviously not perfect. However, you have a reference point with which to align your targets, which is something that most cannons cannot provide.

If you’re interested in these, you’ll need to grind because you need to reach level 60 in the Order of Souls.

Still, a deserving honor for your commitment.

2. Dark Adventurers Cannons

These cannons won’t help you aim too much.

However, if you can afford them, your odds of success are good.

The entire cost of the Dark Adventurers Cannons is almost 4 MILLION Gold, so they are not exactly inexpensive.

Even if you have that type of cash on hand, you can’t add these to your ship until you are a Pirate Legend.

The Dark Adventurers Cannons are sleek black with lovely silver trim, like the rest of the set, and are likely to frighten any crew that knows them.

1. Ghost cannons

These next cannons are specific to Pirate Legend and are considerably less expensive if the Dark Adventurer set is a little out of your price range.

Ghost Cannons only cost 500,000 Gold (still expensive, but less painful than 4,000,000!)

They also have a distinctive design with some components that give off a soft blue glow.

There aren’t exactly any phantom ship decorations, but these cannons come quite close to being taken directly from the Ferry of the Damned.