15 Best Chests in Sea of Thieves

Your primary source of income in Sea of Thieves is from chests. You’ll end up having crates on your ship regardless of the trading firm you choose, the quest you’re on, or the event you take on.

You might find a lot of chests and have a sizable stockpile after an hour or two of looting.

Then, if you’re being attacked, you’ll have to decide whether to hide them or turn them in.

In Sea of Thieves, knowing which chests are the best and most precious is essential knowledge, and you should be fully aware of how much each one sells for.

15. Skeleton Captain’s Chest

You can’t deny the harshness of their treasure, whether it’s annoying or a pleasant surprise to see a skeleton ship appear right next to you while you’re travelling.

Sinking one will probably result in the above chest, with 8 being ensured if a skeleton captain ship is sunk.

Also rumoured to like eating these chests are megalodons.

14. Chest of Rage

Placing a Chest of Rage on your ship is asking for problems; insane value has a cost.

You see, this chest warms up over time. like, really heats up!

You’ll need to keep throwing water over it frequently to keep it from igniting your entire ship.

During a Fort event, you can always locate a Chest of Rage in the Molten Sands Fortress vault if you want to take a chance.

Additionally, there’s a slight possibility that you’ll find it in shipwrecks or even via treasure maps!

13. Chest of Sorrows

The Chest of Sorrow will cry instead of releasing flame, similar to the preceding entry.

It will consequently fill your ship with water.

Very unpleasant, but bucketing out water is far simpler than continuously retrieving water from the sea to put out a Chest of Rage.

Skeletons of ships, krakens, megalodons, and island shorelines are sporadic finds on treasure maps.

12. Ashen Captain Chest

Ashen Captain’s Chests command a premium price among the Gold Hoarders and are most frequently discovered through Devil’s Roar voyages or hidden away on Devil’s Roar islands.

After the Fort event is over, there is a good probability that one may spawn in Molten Sands Fortress.

This is the best Ashen chest you can find in terms of locked, impenetrable chests.

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11. Seafarer’s Chest

In Sea of Thieves, the Seafarer’s Chest is a type of Treasure Chest.

Treasure Chests have locks that only Skeleton Keys can open.

Gold Hoarders at every Outpost have Skeleton Keys.

They are ready to pay a very small amount for these Chests.

10. Ashen Castaway’s Chest

In Sea of Thieves, the Ashen Castaway’s Chest is a type of Ashen Treasure Chest. Treasure Chests have locks that only Skeleton Keys can open.

Gold Hoarders at every Outpost have Skeleton Keys. They are ready to pay a very small amount for these Chests.

Ashen Chests are Devil’s Roar versions of normal Treasure Chests. They give more Gold and Reputation than their regular counterparts.

9. Chest of Fortune

The first place goes to the Chest of Fortune, which is the most valuable and sought-after prize in Sea of Thieves that I have never gotten.

This beautiful box can only be found in Fort of Fortune vaults, as it is the vault’s signature item.

Very few players have ever gotten this chest, and the ones who do are some of the best in the group.

For this chest to be yours, you must:

  1. Find a Fort of Fortune, if your server is lucky enough to have one.
  2. Head for Fort Fortune
  3. Fight off every other player on the computer who also wants to take the Fort.
  4. Always win a fight
  5. Beat all of Fort’s waves before any players sail back.
  6. Use cannons to kill all of the skeleton chiefs.
  7. Fight off every other person on the server again, because finishing the Fort gave them enough time to gather resources and sail back to the fort. At this point, you have very few resources left, so any fight you start will be in the enemy’s favor.
  8. Figure out how to get everything from the vault while keeping the whole server at bay.
  9. If you’re still living, you need to sail to one of the nearest outposts (but not THE nearest outpost, because more enemies will be waiting there to steal the Chest of Fortune at the last second).
  10. Find a way to get off your ship and to the station without dying.
  11. If, by some miracle, there are no enemies ready to attack you before you sell the chest, you can walk to the Gold Hoarders tent and get your 20,000 gold (most likely 50,000 gold, since at this point you are probably at the highest emissary level).

If you’re a player with enough skill to get through those 11 steps and stay alive, congratulations! You’ve just sold the Chest of Fortune, the most valuable item in the game.

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Almost never
The most important and useful
The game’s best chest. You are now in the top 0.1% of people who have both the luck and the skills to get this hard-to-find item. Well done.

8. Stronghold Chest

Stronghold Chests are prized items of loot because they give the greatest emissary bonus of any chest in the entire game.

In the Fort of the Damned, you have a 100% chance of finding one or two skeleton forts.

Forts are very difficult to acquire and a difficult challenge to overcome. waves of undead soldiers carrying rifles, cutlasses, and gunpowder kegs. A formidable boss came after them all.

7. The Chest of Ancient Tributes

The Chest of Ancient Tributes is the only chest that can reliably replenish your gold pouches. There are a tough array of obstacles you must overcome before you can ever consider obtaining one.

You have to complete a number of stages before you can see it, which is hidden in a Gold Hoarder Treasure Vault. In essence, purchase a Wayfinder Voyage.

Focus on the prior possibilities if you plan to farm since you won’t be able to find such a chest anywhere else but these vaults.

Otherwise, you’ve found it if you simply want the satisfaction of owning the best chest in the game.

6. Reaper’s Bounty

The Reaper’s Bounty is in second place. It is a chest that requires you to sail through dangerous seas and fight PvP battles with other people who want the same treasure.

Any pirate can find the Reaper’s Bounty because it has a bright yellow light that goes away when a player interacts with it.

It can also be seen on the map, making it easy to find any pirate group that has this chest.

This chest can be sold for a very high base price of 10,000 coins (no envoy needed).


  • Not even worth 10,000 coins to compare.
  • An enjoyable perk of PvP
  • The Reaper’s Bones faction gained a lot of notoriety… The Reaper’s Bounty is a chest that only the most skilled thieves can get their hands on.

5. Chest Of Legends

In third place is the Athena’s box or the Chest of Legends, which most people agree is the best box in the game.

This chest can only be found on Athena’s Fortune faction trips and in the Fort of the Damned vault.

I remember getting my first Chest of Legends like it was yesterday. My best friend finally became a Pirate Legend after many years of sailing with my pirate gang.

This means we can now go on Athena’s Fortune voyages. As soon as he got this status, he bought a trip on the Athena’s Fortune and put it on the Captain’s table.

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The rest of the group and I voted for the trip right away because we were all excited to see our first Chest of Legends.

I didn’t find the chest. Someone else on our team did, and when he saw it, he started yelling. I sword-lunged to where he was, and we all celebrated opening our first Chest of Legends.

Everyone on the team, including me, was excited about what we had found. We sang songs like “Summon the Megalodon” and “Athena’s Fortune Shanty (We Shall Sail Together)” on the way back to the outpost.

As a result, the Chest of Legends…

Is very expensive. At base value, it’s worth between 8,600 and 11,000 coins.

Only Pirate Legends can use it.

Almost impossible to get

…it is one of the MOST valuable chests in the game, and any pirate skilled enough to get it should be proud.

4. Captain Chest

The majority of voyages, islands, and treasure maps contain Captain’s Chests, by far the most prevalent chest on this list.

Barrels are frequently accompanied by treasure chests, so you’ve probably seen them floating about the ocean.

Among those barrels, Captain’s Chests and every other generic loot pool are prevalent (like Megalodons or Krakens).

3. Chest of the Damned

Many of these phantom chests can be found on ghost ships, either on expeditions led by the Order of Souls or at global occasions like Flameheart.

One of the most entertaining activities in Sea of Thieves is ghost fleets. especially when alone

Therefore, after a grueling naval battle, finding these chests is incredibly fulfilling.

2. Chest of a Thousand Grogs

This is one of the most unusual chests in the entire game, and the ale inside must be really strong. A sailor will become inebriated from carrying it alone.

It may be found everywhere around the Sea of Thieves area and is occasionally dug up or given as rewards for various quests and expeditions.

When turning it in, be careful. You’ll have a free shot at being killed and stealing it for yourself if another player spots you!

1. Ashen Chest

The Ashen Chest, which needs an Ashen Key to open, can give up to 5000 gold coins only from the treasure inside (most likely around 2500 though).

It may also hold priceless Ashen Tomes (used to unlock the Ashen Dragon cosmetic set).

A skeleton Fort event guarantees one, while a skeleton fleet captain’s ship guarantees two. Strong bosses known as Ashen Lords dropped an unlocked Ashen Chest.