How to Find & Catch Chickens in Sea of Thieves ?

In Sea of Thieves, the Merchant Alliance is a big trading company that hires players to go on difficult voyages and pays them in solid gold.

Live chickens are one of the many things the Alliance trades for. To get the Grave V Merchant of the Dawn Caller title, players need to catch and deliver a total of 200 chickens, so they need to know where to look.

Chickens are one of the many creatures in the game that don’t do anything, but can be hired for a good amount of gold.

Depending on the type of chicken and whether or not the job is part of a Merchant Alliance voyage, the reward can be anywhere from 10 gold to 7500 gold.

You can also kill chickens for their meat, which you can sell to The Hunter’s Call for a much smaller reward.

How To Find And Catch Chickens In Sea Of Thieves

Thankfully, chickens run rather slow and are easy to catch – just make sure they don’t drown when swimming back to your ship or a leaky hold.

Chickens have been found in the following locations:

  • Barnacle Cay
  • Cannon Cove
  • Chicken Isle (duh)
  • Crook’s Hollow
  • Marauder’s Arch
  • Old Faithful Isle
  • Shipwreck Bay
  • Thieves Haven
  • Twin Groves
  • Wanderer’s Refuge
  • Salty Sands

Where To Find Chickens


Like other passive creatures in Sea of Thieves, chickens will appear at random in certain places.

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They are not rare creatures by any means, and players shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them if they look in the right places.

They will appear in groups in all of the following places, and players will have the best chance of finding them in open areas:

The Shores of PlentyThe Ancient IslesThe Wilds
Cannon CoveBarnacle CayBlack Water Enclave
Mermaid’s HideawayChicken IsleMarauder’s Arch
Rapier CayCrook’s HollowOld Faithful Isle
Sailor’s BountyDiscovery RidgeScurvy Isley
Salty SandsMutineer RockShipwreck Bay
Sea Dog’s RestOld Salts AtollThe Crooked Masts
Smuggler’s BayPlunder ValleyTri-Rock Isle
Twin GrovesShark Bait Cove
Wanderers RefugeThieves’ Haven

There are four kinds of chickens that players might find, and some are worth more than others. The White Feathered Chicken is the most common and has the least value.

The Red Speckled Chicken and the Black Plumed Chicken are next in order. When ordered through the Merchant Alliance, these three breeds are worth at least 100 gold, 300 gold, and 700 gold, respectively.

The Golden Chicken, which is very rare and worth at least 1500 gold, is by far the most valuable. As players move up in the trading company, these values go up.

How To Catch Chickens

Players don’t need to know where the chickens are if they don’t know how to catch them. This process is easy to understand, which is good.

Players will need to use a chicken coop to do this. This thing can be picked up when a Merchant Contract says that chickens need to be gathered.

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You can get one of these coops from any Merchant Alliance Representative at an outpost. The number of coops a player gets is equal to the number of chickens the contract asks for.

Once a player has a chicken coop, they need to equip it and go up to a chicken. Then, when a player is near a chicken, they can catch it by holding down the primary use button and being in the right place.

That will put the chicken in the cage, and you’re done! Once a chicken is in a cage, players still need to be careful because it can still get hurt in the same ways as any other chicken, such as by drowning or exploding. Players need to move quickly and carefully so they don’t lose any chickens.

Chicken Rewards

Once the chickens are in their coops, players can bring them back to the Merchant Alliance to get their gold and emissary.

Here are all of the rewards players can get for each type of chicken when they are not on a mission, based on their Emissary Grade.

When a job is given, the value of every reward goes up by ten. As players continue to complete chicken commissions, their Emissary Grade will go up:

White Feathered Chicken:

Emissary GradeGold
No Emissary10-30
Grade I10-30
Grade II13-39
Grade III16-50
Grade IV20-60
Grade V25-75

Red Speckled Chicken:

Emissary GradeGold
No Emissary30-70
Grade I30-70
Grade II39-93
Grade III50-116
Grade IV60-140
Grade V75-175

Black Plumed Chicken:

Emissary GradeGold
No Emissary70-150
Grade I70-150
Grade II93-199
Grade III116-250
Grade IV140-300
Grade V175-375

Golden Chicken:

Emissary GradeGold
No Emissary150-300
Grade I150-300
Grade II199-399
Grade III250-501
Grade IV300-600
Grade V375-750