17 Best Monkeys in Sea Of Thieves

In true pirate fashion, both cats and dogs make wonderful pets.

On the other hand, you want a pet that can handle itself and blend in with the crew on a busy pirate ship.

It might be a stretch to say that you’re helping like one of the crew, though.

But no one talks about famous pirates who kept cats as pets!

They discuss a storied pirate and their monkeys.

So if you’re having trouble choosing one from the Pirate Emporium, check out our list of the greatest ones available.

17. Red Sun Barbary

The Red Sun Barbary is a Monkey cosmetic variant from the Standalone Cosmetics Set.

The Red Sun Barbary can be obtained by Purchasing from the Pirate Emporium.

The Red Sun Barbary’s appearance may have been inspired by the real-life Golden Snub-nosed monkey.

16. Peaktop Marmoset

The Standalone Cosmetics Set’s Monkey version is called the Peaktop Marmoset.

Marmosets are extremely agile and may balance dangerously while getting on a pirate’s nerves for hours.

It can be baught from the Pirate Emporium. The Marmoset Sovereign Bundle includes this item.

15. Dark Marmoset

A Monkey cosmetic variation from the Standalone Cosmetics Set is the Mocha Marmoset.

It can be bought from the Pirate Emporium.

Marmosets are extremely agile and may balance dangerously while getting on a pirate’s nerves for hours.

14. Barbary Silver Mane

The Standalone Cosmetics Set’s Monkey cosmetic variety is the Silver Mane Barbary.

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“A proud and intelligent monkey, almost human in appearance at times, but less odorous.”

It can be bought from the Pirate Emporium.

13. Sunset Capuchin

The Standalone Cosmetics Set has a Monkey cosmetic variant called the Sunset Capuchin.

Keep your currency pouch tightly closed because this agile monkey has a naughty nature.

It can be bought from the Pirate Emporium.

12. Pink Paw Capuchin

The Standalone Cosmetics Set’s Monkey version is the Pink Paw Capuchin.

Keep your currency pouch tightly closed because this agile monkey has a naughty nature.

It can be bought from the Pirate Emporium.

11. Gallery Cloudy Capuchin

The Standalone Cosmetics Set’s Monkey cosmetic variation is the Cloudy Capuchin.

Keep your currency pouch tightly closed because this agile monkey has a naughty nature.

It can be bought from the Pirate Emporium was purchased.

10. Amethyst Soul Capuchin

Another cute monkey, the Amethyst Soul Capuchin, with a little more body fur than the Possessed Monkey.

The body of the Amethyst Soul Capuchin is purple, and his beard is white.

In Sea of Thieves, there are several monkeys with distinctive coloring, but this purple one sticks out as being among the best.

Purple and white together truly do look lovely.

9. Whitebeard Capuchin

Want a pet that won’t ruin your cover when you’re out at night sneaking around?

The Whitebeard Capuchin is a great travel companion for a covert expedition, though I’d advise leaving them aboard the ship if you insist.

With the exception of a little patch of white fur around the cheek, this monkey is almost entirely jet-black. However, it will disappear into the shades of darkness.

However, when cannons start firing, monkeys can be a little boisterous. Therefore, don’t chastise your pet if they get you caught; they had no choice!

8. Midnight Indigo Barbary


A rare blue monkey with lighter fur around the face is called a Midnight Indigo Barbary. Though perhaps a touch plain in appearance, this pet nonetheless makes the list since it looks great in practically any dress you can give it.

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And if you’re a seasoned veteran, how about the level 20 Athena’s Fortune luminous Ghost outfit for pirates?

7. Hunters Call Forager Monkey

You will not be aware of the dangers you must endure in order to have a chance at the ideal capture unless you have really attempted to grind for Hunter’s Call rep.

However, Hunter’s Call Forager Monkey provides a good summary if you only need a general notion.

By far, this scraggly, scarred monkey isn’t the most attractive. But as you face the waves head-on, it will be a dependable companion.

6. Condemned Captain Monkey

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but this cosmetic pet is unquestionably the most hideous one in the whole game.

The Condemned Captain Monkey is this one. What else can I say? In monkey form, here is Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Davy Jones was a fantastic bad guy with a visage that could shatter mirrors.

No matter how adorable your pet is, the water can be a terrible place. This grizzled little man is the ideal pirate buddy because of this.

5. Reapers Heart Monkey

The Reapers have an extensive selection of fashionable cosmetics for practically everything, which makes the other factions in the Sea of Thieves envious.

They also offer some of the best pets, which is the cherry on top.

Here’s one illustration to support that claim.

The Reaper’s Heart Monkey is a beautiful pet with blazing crimson eyes and a glowing heart. It looks mechanical and nearly has a steampunk vibe.

Obviously, this monkey completes the Reaper costume, but regardless of what your motley band of inebriated pirates believes, it also stands out on its own.

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4. Dark Ember Marmoset

If you’re looking for a “cute” pet in the Sea of Thieves, you have many options. It’s more difficult to locate one with a little bit of bite, though.

The Dark Ember Marmoset has stunning, fiery-colored fur. The fact that this object has a lion’s mane, however, is the best feature of its design.

Sadly, the mane merely gives them the appearance of being a king of animals. Even though you two will be performing the majority of the labor, this monkey is just as indolent as the rest of them.

3. Ashen Curse Marmoset

All Ashen cosmetics glow, as is well knowledge. But did you realise that also applies to animals?

The magnificent black marmoset known as the “Ashen Curse Marmoset” has flaming red fur on its head and arms. It’s described as being cursed with cuteness in the game.

Maybe the wide-open rib cage can be overlooked because of that.

2. Order Of Souls Possessed Monkey

The Order Of Souls Possessed Monkey features a tight purple mask that is about to split open, terrible piercing green eyes, and shoddily put-together clothing (at least, I think they are clothes).

What’s under that item, exactly? So, if you’re so curious, just adopt it and find out for yourself.

1. Gold Curse Capuchin

This tiny monkey stole evil gold, and now he must pay the consequences. Other than the green gems used as eyes, the Gold Curse Capuchin is totally composed of gold.

You may also make out the Gold Hoarders key sign carved onto its collar if you look attentively.

Despite the curse, they appear to be happy, so don’t feel guilty!