15 Best Flintlock Skins in Sea Of Thieves

The Flintlock is the only weapon you need if you want one that can accomplish anything.

Despite having less damage than the Eye of Reach and Blunderbuss, this weapon outperforms them both in terms of adaptability.

This is the list for you if you want to look fantastic and perhaps gain a competitive edge.

In order to honor this fantastic game (and get your pirate on), I’m ranking my top 15 weapon skins.

Let’s start now.

15. Bone Crusher Blunderbuss

Are renewable resources your thing? Then this blunderbuss is right for you.

Simply grab this skeletal boomstick, shoot several skeletons, and use their bones to create more weapons.

This ominous design is one of the most distinctive on the list and the most frightening in the entire game.

Unfortunately, Duke only had it for sale for the Gunpowder Skeletons event. However, it’s possible that some of them are still out there.

14. Parrot Flintlock

A pet parrot truly epitomizes the word “pirate.” And this flintlock is essentially based on that.

You can buy this weapon at the Weaponsmith’s Shop if you want to boost your reputation as a pirate but don’t have the time to train a parrot in sailor slang.

13. Reputable Sea Dog Cutlass

Given how dazzling it is, this Cutlass will definitely let everyone within a 500 mile radius know you’re in the neighborhood.

Additionally, among the cutlasses, it has one of the most intricate designs.

It has a lot of character thanks to its royal hues, golden accents, and a tiny feather adornment.

When you reach reputation 45 and receive the Arena Wolf promotion by participating in a number of Arena PvP matches, you can purchase this weapon from the Sea Dogs for a significant amount of cash if you have a need for fame.

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12. Forsaken Ashes Eye of Reach

With the Eye of Reach, you can pick down adversaries from a great distance while remaining largely undetected.

With the Forsaken Ashes Eye of Reach, on the other hand, you risk standing out from a great distance due to its bright orange highlights on the scope and barrel.

There is always a cost associated with showing off your jewelry.

Only after achieving the Devil’s Cartographer title and spending 15 doubloons to Duke during the Forsaken Shores event was it possible to acquire this magnificent Eye of Reach, our favorite of all.

11. Golden Legendary Blunderbuss

This flamboyant and opulent blunderbuss has to be my favorite skin.

You name it: gold, silver, emeralds. It is complete!

The chains that wrap the barrel of this blunderbuss, which give the weapon a very robust appearance, are one of its coolest embellishments.

This, however, has a cost. As you can slightly lose eyesight when pointing down sights because of the chains.

This weapon was easily only accessible till March 2019.

After reaching a level 50 reputation with three of the several businesses you might deal with in the game, you might be able to obtain it. You’ll now have to look pretty hard for it from another friendly man.

10. Kraken Blunderbuss

The mere mention of the Kraken can make a pirate’s blood run cold, which is a rare occurrence.

They live in continual terror that at any moment their happy adventures could take a terrible turn once those menacing tentacles come into view.

This weapon relies on you using that terror to your advantage.

Fill those scurvy rodents with lead as they helplessly gaze into your Blunderbuss’s Kraken-adorned barrel!

This blunderbuss is available at Morrow’s Peak Outpost for a sizable sum of gold.

9. Ebon Flintlock Pistol

Some of us favor simplicity and elegance above showiness and pomposity.

There is the Ebon Flintlock Pistol for us. Deadly Daley’s favored weapon is supposed to be a black gun with silver accents.

This weapon is particularly unique in that, even if it isn’t stated directly, it offers a slight advantage over other pistols because it has iron sights, which can improve your aim.

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Unfortunately, this weapon was only accessible to gamers that tuned onto a specific development stream soon after the game’s launch. There is therefore minimal chance that you will obtain it now if you haven’t already done so.

8. Original Pirate Cutlass

The creators made this incredible cutlass skin accessible for a very brief period of time on the game’s first anniversary as a thank you to players who put their belief in them and explored the Seven Seas during the difficult path that was the game’s first year.

They did consistently claim that Captain Bones had a quick tongue.

Once more, it’s not something you can readily get right now, but keep an eye out.

7. Hunter Eye of Reach

The Hunter Eye of Reach provides a choice for the more traditional among us amid the numerous extravagant and ridiculous skins on our list.

It appears to be a sniper weapon that a Russian soldier would have employed in World War 2. Steel and wood are all there is.

If you like, you can purchase this practical item from the Weaponsmith’s Shop.

6. The magnificent Sea Dog Flintlock Pistol

This gorgeous feathered handgun has a sky pirate-like appearance.

It’s incredibly delicate, elegant, and distinctive from the other flintlock pistol skins.

Fortunately, this one is currently available for purchase, unlike some of our other top recommendations.

You must kill 200 pirates in PvP Arena matches to earn the Sharpshooting Sea Dog Sea Dog faction commendation in order to get your hands on this awesome handgun.

Once you’ve accomplished this wonderful feat, you can buy it from the Weaponsmith’s Shop along with the majority of the other weapons in this area.

5. Legendary Cutlass

Naturally, the cutlass family of weapons is my favorite in the entire game.

If you want to get it, you’ll have to become a truly renowned pirate, as evidenced by the blade’s dark color and golden highlights.

Only Legendary Pirates who have mastered the Shanty of Legends have access to Athena’s Fortune Hideout, where you can purchase it.

However, you must first earn the title of Legendary Sea Dog by winning at least 240 Arena battles before you can accomplish that.

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Not an easy task, but well worth it if you want to wear this as a badge of honor.

4. Legendary Flintlock

Many people want to own this exquisite flintlock pistol. However, only the most infamous pirates may obtain it.

You must win 100 victories in the Arena to receive the Legendary Sea Dog commendation from the Sea Dogs in order to obtain this majestic-looking weapon.

You must also become a Pirate Legend in order to access Athena’s Fortune Hideout, which is only open to them.

This firearm is one of them with somewhat iron sights. In this situation, the barrel’s angular design can help you center your shots.

3. Ferryman Cutlass

This cutlass appears to have come from a fantasy video game, such as Skyrim, or something similar, but in reality, the Ferryman himself sharpened it to deter trespassers from entering his ship.

This black and gold blade is exclusive to those who purchase the Sea of Thieves promotional Xbox controller.

Finding one might be difficult, but I have no doubt that intrepid pirates like yourselves will succeed.

2. Launch Crew Eye of Reach

Perhaps this Eye of Reach isn’t the most attractive. But it has significance.

As stated in its description, the launch of the video game Sea of Thieves was commemorated by smashing the bottle that serves as its scope against the hull of the ship.

Only one gold piece was required to purchase this one-of-a-kind weapon at the Weaponsmith’s Shop between May 1 and May 15, 2018, shortly after it was released.

1. Sovereign Blunderbuss

Even though the design of this golden shotgun isn’t particularly intricate, it makes me think back to the good old days when we used to pwn noobs in Call of Duty and flaunt the bling that showed, well, that we had pwned a lot of noobs.

The Sovereign Blunderbuss is necessary if you want to relive your heyday and give your adversaries PTSD.

The Ancient Spire Outpost and the Plunder Outpost both accept gold in exchange for this weapon.