Chest of Sorrow

Sea of Thieves Chest of Sorrow: How To Get It & What It’s For?

The players of Sea of Thieves currently have their hands full with Chest of Sorrow. A Pirate’s Life, the eagerly awaited crossover between Sea of Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean, was officially released a few days ago.

The update offers numerous new tasks, locales, and, most notably, a cameo appearance by the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow.

Even before Pirates of the Caribbean came in Sea of Thieves, the spectacular pirate adventure game was renowned for its unique assortment of quests, monsters, and treasure chests. Players refer to one of them as the Chest of Sorrows.

The Chest is uncommon and one-of-a-kind, spawning at random on islands and underwater. It can also appear sporadically during any journey.

As its name implies, the chest emits random deep, soft weeping sounds and begins “crying” – that is, it begins spouting water from its eyes and from under its lid.

As players of Sea of Thieves have likely worked out by now, if this occurs while the Chest of Sorrows is on a ship, the situation can quickly deteriorate.

Playing music will not calm it, and using a docked rowboat will not circumvent its affects. In other words, there is no simple way to prevent the Chest from flooding a ship, and in the worst case situation, the Chest will merely take the ship into the depths of the ocean.

What To Do With The Chest of Sorrows in Sea of Thieves?

If Sea of Thieves players wish to utilise the Chest of Sorrows, they must be prepared to protect their ships from sinking.

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In addition to having buckets on available, maintaining the Chest handy above deck allows crewmembers to listen for its distinctive cry and purge water as necessary.

Carrying the Chest on the side ladders is an effective approach to entirely neutralise its effects.

The Chest of Sorrows may be quite irritating to an opposing ship during combat. The Chest would sink any ship it’s on, therefore a savvy crewmember might simply smuggle it aboard an opposing vessel.

Using any form of cannonball in Sea of Thieves will make the operation far easier, but the Chest can sink ships without firing a shot if deployed efficiently. This is especially effective in the case of Skeleton Ships, which cannot be eliminated.

In contrast, the Chest of Sorrows can be sold for a respectable amount of money. At its highest Emissary Value, the Chest may easily be sold for 20,000 gold, making the effort worthwhile.

Even without an Emissary, you can sell the Chest for at least 3,000 gold. They do not grant Ancient Coins to Sea of Thieves players, but selling enough of these results in some very cool commendations later on.

Finding the Chest of Sorrows in Sea of Thieves

The chest might be discovered in multiple ways. They can unearth them from maps, islands, shipwrecks, skeleton ships, fighting a Kraken or Megalodon, and so on.

It’s a pretty rare occurrence, but there are so many ways to find chests that gamers are likely to encounter one sometime.

At The Reaper’s Hideout, players can earn a substantial amount of cash by selling a Chest of Sorrow to either a Gold Hoarder or The Servant of the Flame.

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It typically sells for between 3,000 and 3,500 gold, but at emissary rank V for Gold Hoarders or Reaper’s Bones, it can get between 7,500 and 8,750 gold.

However, this is a chest that gamers will want to keep an eye on, as it will periodically start crying.

If it is on a ship, it will cause the ship to fill with water and may cause it to sink. The duration of its cries and the intervals between them are unpredictable, so it is better to keep it close.

There are techniques to prevent the ship from taking on water. When the chest begins to sob, take it up and ascend the ship’s side ladder.

For sloops, it is slightly more difficult, as the player must come as near to the sea as possible without falling off.

This strategy is most effective in groups of two or more. Single players may be need to bail water, but they can steer when necessary.

If the player has no urgent plans to sell the box at an outpost, they can leave it on an island while they go about their business as a pirate, and the Chest of Sorrow will release its contents without damaging their ship.