10 Best Tuck Outfits in Sea Of Thieves

The skill of concealing on another crew’s ship in Sea of Thieves while avoiding detection is known as tucking.

It’s dangerous and can be a unique trip!

Let me be honest with you: most tucks will result in your death or, at best, your escape with a meager amount of loot.

We had better make sure you looked the part if you were still interested because the glory was worth more than gold!

Here are our selections for the best tucking outfits to watch out for.

10. Rugged Seadog Pants

Best Tuck Outfits in Sea Of Thieves

You’d better cover those legs if your pirate has pale, frail legs.

All are able to purchase these Ruffian Seadog Trousers, and they’re also reasonably priced at just 2700 Gold.

You only receive a pair of plain, jet-black pants for that price. And that is essentially all that can be said about them.

Are they monotone? Sure!

However, if you’re tucking, you want to stand out as little as possible. No pants do it better, either.

9. Majestic Sovereign Dress

Don’t assume that in order to tuck, you must be wearing a shirt or a jacket.

You may also use several fantastic dresses, the Majestic Sovereign Dress being among the greatest.

This dress is dark without any glaring frills, sparkling accents, or trim, and it is accessible to everyone for 5400 Gold.

The dress has a few lighter material belts, but in low light they blend remarkably well.

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This dress is described as “gloriously impractical” in the game.

But it’s obvious that whoever wrote that has never taken a ride on the ship of another crew.

8. Majestic Sovereign Shirt

When you’re tucking, you can get away with wearing practically any black outfit.

But this is the jersey that most players identify with Tuckers and “Sweaty Tryhards.”

The Majestic Sovereign Shirt is all black, tightly fitting to your character, leaving nothing protruding.

The frill on the front, which is also jet black, is the only distinguishing feature of the garment.

At just 2700 Gold, it is also quite affordable.

This notorious clothing is frequently linked to PvP.

People can believe whatever they want, in my opinion, as long as they can’t find you.

7. The Sleep Emote

This unifies your complete ensemble and gives you the ability to blend in.

The Sleep Emote accomplishes precisely what it claims to:

Your character is forced to the ground.

The garments on this list ensure that you won’t be spotted, much less caught, if it’s dark or rainy outside.

You can also shift the camera with this gesture so you can see everything around you. Additionally, there are a few places where you can almost completely blend into the background.

While the barrel emote is amusing, you should employ this when you need to get the job done and succeed in your tucking endeavors.

6. Midshipman’s Jacket

Jackets tend to be noticeable. And for that reason, they typically aren’t great for tucking.

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However, there is an exception to the rule with this entry on our list.

Your character model is hugged tightly by the midshipman’s jacket, which has nothing protruding from it.

On some of the larger pirates, this jacket appears a touch odd, but on the smaller pirates, it resembles a spy’s jacket.

At only 13,575 Gold, it is also affordable.

And the Midshipman’s Jacket will meet all of your tucking demands if you’re searching for something that isn’t too sophisticated.

5. Dark Adventurers Boots

These boots are slick, fashionable, appear expensive (and they ARE costly! ), and at night they disappear.

Over 500,000 gold is required to purchase the Dark Adventurers Boots, and you must be a Pirate Legend.

However, these boots are completely black and concealable. Additionally, although having red accents, those components are not glossy.

These are among of the most attractive boots you can buy, and they are excellent for tucking.

Nobody needs to know the mischief you engaged in the previous evening.

4. Bare Foot

Now, while being listed under “shoes,” this isn’t exactly a piece of clothing.

But tucking is best done when wearing bare feet.

In particular, if you’re boarding during the day.

Unbelievable as it may seem, in Sea Of Thieves, you move significantly more quietly if you don’t have boots on.

You can make as much noise as you want during a fight or a storm. However, if there are no waves and someone hears your feet stomping, they will treat you considerably harsher than having you walk the plank.

3. Barrel Emote

The Barrel Emote works well against a crew that doesn’t know the location of every barrel on their ship.

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And nearly no one will notice if you’re tucking on an island.

You can wear your very own barrel when you use the Barrel Emote, which was a perk of the Season 2 Plunder Pass.

It is also quite persuasive. Until the ship you’re on starts to move, at least.

A ship’s barrels all sway with the waves. However, this one stands up straight and is quite noticeable.

On a parked ship, though, it functions just well.

Additionally, if the area is clear, you may always find a better hiding place.

2. Blackcoat Executive Admiral Gloves

You’ll need a classy pair of gloves if you want to cross your palms with another crew’s silver (or some Athena loot).

The Blackcoat Executive Admiral Gloves, which retail for 12,150 Gold, are some of the game’s darkest gloves.

These, along with just much anything else on this list, will almost completely make your pirate disappear in the dark.

Who said smugglers couldn’t be cunning?

1. Grimy Bilge Rat Hat

You will need to hide your pirate’s lovely golden locks (or something like) if you wish to tuck.

The Grimy Bilge Rat Hat is ideal for the task because, aside from the dull blue trim, it is virtually entirely black.

You’ll have to spend quite a bit to get this worn-out hat, which costs 61,200 Gold (I know, really? What is this object constructed of?

This is one of the best tucking hats you can buy, but, if you don’t have dark hair.