15 Best Parrots in Sea Of Thieves

Don’t tell the other pet owners, because they were taken advantage of!

In Sea of Thieves, you can do so many awesome things with your pet parrots, and if you don’t want them to cause any problems, they’ll happily relax in the Bird Cage in your Captain’s Quarters.

Even the coldest Reaper Hearts can be warmed by the charming appearance of all the birds when they are wearing hats.

Therefore, regardless of what kind of pirate you are, you deserve a feathered companion, and these are the top contenders!

15. Skeleton Cockatoo

Best Parrots

The terrifying Skeleton Cockatoo is a bird composed entirely of bones.

Since it doesn’t have any feathers, I can’t really say anything about them.

In any case, there isn’t a better pet if you’re planning a Halloween-themed pirate than this one to go with the many ghost-themed ship cosmetics.

14. Hunter Call Forager Parrot

Are you sure this is a parrot, Sea of Thieves developers?

The Hunter’s Call Forager Parrot has a more raptor-like appearance than a typical pet parrot.

Don’t suppose I missed the metal claws on one foot, either!

Without a doubt, this bird has a serious demeanour and is more capable of managing itself than any other pet in the entire game.

If they could, the other parrots would bring you fruit.

You’d get chickens if you choose this one.

13. Palm Grove Parakeet

This ranking is purely subjective, however, the reason this skin is so high is that I recently acquired one of these parakeets and dressed it in banana garb.

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One of the game’s brightest-colored birds is the Palm Grove Parakeet.

You really can get your Parakeet a banana skin cap, so no, I wasn’t kidding.

But hat or no hat, the waters can be a touch gloomy and miserable if you’re not sailing through the Shores of Plenty.

This little one will always make your day better if you’re traveling alone, no matter where you are.

12. Royal Pink Cockatoo

I have an actual bird that is almost exactly like this one, therefore I have a predisposition toward it.

And in-game, it’s just as charming.

The Royal Pink Cockatoo and the Galah Cockatoo seem quite similar. But if it’s having a terrible day, the one in the game won’t want to rip your fingers apart.

Your Sea of Thieves Cockatoo is as charming and happy as can be in a world full of murderous pirates and skeletons, despite the fact that the genuine bird can be cruel and grouchy in real life.

11. Cloudy Sky Cockatoo

The Standalone Cosmetics Set’s Parrot cosmetic version is the Cloudy Sky Cockatoo.

Cockatoos use their vibrant crests to entice pirates, particularly those who are offering food.

It can be bought from the Pirate Emporium. It is one of the items in the Parrots Aplenty Bundle.

10. The Sun Kissed Parakeet

The Standalone Cosmetics Set’s Parrot cosmetic variation is called the Sun Kissed Parakeet.

One of nature’s showoffs, this parrot is renowned for its cocky attitude.

It can be bought from the Pirate Emporium purchased.

9. The Blue Moon Parakeet

The Standalone Cosmetics Set includes a Parrot cosmetic variant called the Blue Moon Parakeet.

One of nature’s showoffs, this parrot is renowned for its cocky attitude.

It can be bought from the Pirate Emporium.

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8. Flame Feather Macaw

The Standalone Cosmetics Set includes a parrot cosmetic variation called the Flame Feather Macaw.

You can call this parrot “beautiful Polly,” but it’s a highly proud bird with a sharp beak.

It can be bought from the Pirate Emporium.

7. Azure Macaw

The Standalone Cosmetics Set includes a Parrot cosmetic variation called the Azure Macaw.

You can call this parrot “beautiful Polly,” but it’s a highly proud bird with a sharp beak.

It can be bought from the Pirate Emporium.

6. Crimson Macaw

I believe that a lot of people would envision something similar to this one if you asked them what a parrot looks like.

With its lovely yellow and blue wing feathers, the Crimson Macaw is remarkably similar to a real Scarlett Macaw.

Additionally, it has the most “traditional” appearance of any parrot, both in-game and off.

5. Grey Wing Parakeet

It’s likely that this design instead of the Crimson Macaw comes to mind when you think about parrots.

The Grey Wing Parakeet resembles an African Grey suspiciously. The nicest part about this pet, though, is that it looks great with just about every outfit.

Here, there is no “best” attire. However, if you want a suggestion, move quickly to become a Pirate Legend so you can outfit your parrot like a Pirate Legend as well!

4. Plumcap Macaw

I believe I’ve found a pet you can blame everything on if you’re the type of pirate that gets hungry and helps themselves to whatever is in the food barrels (you monster).

The Plumcap Macaw is a colorful green-feathered parrot with a purple face.

As its name implies, it appears to have been donning a plum as a cap.

And because those aren’t in the game, I believe we can simply attribute the absence of all the pomegranates to that.

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3. Gold Curse Macaw

This following parrot skin might make you happy if you’re a pirate with costly tastes (or if you just have a hankering for gold).

The gorgeous Gold Curse Macaw has eyes made of glistening turquoise jewels.

In case it rusts like the metal skeletons, I wouldn’t want to get this pet wet either.

And when it is perched on your arm, the bird probably weights a tonne. However, don’t be depressed about the curse—they seem quite upbeat about it!

2. Campfire Cockatoo

In Sea of Thieves, roaring campfires are typically not a good idea because they reveal your location and you can be spotted for miles, especially at night.

However, if you insist on carrying something hot, perhaps this parrot will do.

The Campfire Cockatoo stands out from the majority of other birds because of its vivid flaming red feathers, and it matches the Cockatoo Admiral Outfit perfectly.

We all know that if you’re on an island at night telling stories to your crew around the campfire, they’ll all go asleep intoxicated. But if another crew starts firing at you, your Campfire Cockatoo will stay awake and probably cause quite a commotion.

1. Ashen Curse Macaw

In Sea of Thieves, some of the most beautiful cosmetics gleam. They also appear fantastic at night.

If you enjoy glowing effects, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a parrot that glows as well—if you can tolerate their… state.

The Ashen Curse Macaw has stunning fiery hair while being covered in black feathers. No matter where your feathery buddy goes, you’ll never lose sight of them because of their intense brightness.

Sadly, the same curse that makes them glow has exposed their bright heart and ribs. Sincerely, it seems painful… however, they don’t seem to care!