12 Best Foods For Healing in Sea Of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, eating is presently the only way to recover health.

There are many ways to store your food, whether they are found in crates, barrels, or by butchering animals for their meat.

Simple bananas will do great for you if all you’re doing is conducting cargo runs or otherwise not really getting into conflicts.

However, you’ll need far better foods supplies if you’re tack-on ghost/skeleton ships, skeleton monsters, other players, or events.

Time can be wasted by stopping to eat several different things or by running out of food.

Thankfully, there are foods that can nearly totally restore your health and then continue to regenerate it.

Maintaining a healthy level of vitality gives you extra time for fighting, plundering, or having the ship fixed.

The best foods in Sea of Thieves will be covered. You’ll be able to identify them and learn how simple it is to get them!

It should be noted that meat should always be prepared before eating.

12. Pork

Best Foods For Healing

In Sea of Thieves, pork and chicken can be used interchangeably.

It can be worthwhile to locate some if you and your crew are getting ready for a protracted session.

These are advantageous because, in contrast to the final top entries on this list, you will almost certainly find some if you stop at an island.

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11. Chicken

Chickens are simple to farm for a good excess of food for your team because they don’t fight back and aren’t extremely quick runners.

They can be stopped by a single cut or shot, leaving only a single drumstick.

Chickens, like sharks, can be eaten twice.

Additionally, this offers the same beneficial health regeneration.

10. Kraken Meat

Kraken flesh is necessary for prolonged battles because it offers three bites of 100% health restoration and 50% health regeneration.

Since you only get stuff per each tentacle you kill, krakens are a little difficult for solitary or even a couple of players to defeat.

As a result, you’ll probably only engage in 1 combat per play session and receive 1 Kraken meat per fight.

The Kraken is a world event, thus when other world events are going on, you won’t run into one.

9. Megalodon Meat

I frequently saw crew members ignore the Megalodon. The food is amazing, and the looting is so simple.

It takes three bites to restore 100% health and 50% health regeneration, offering the same restoration as Kraken flesh.

At least four servings of flesh will be produced by each megalodon. Moreover, there was a treasure chest.

Megalodon spawning happens at random but frequently. It’s always worth pulling it out and saving that delicious, sweet loot unless you really don’t have the time.

In Sea of Thieves, no other food item comes close to the megalodon flesh in terms of health restoration and accessibility!

8. Pomegranate

The pomegranate, which is more uncommon, is the next best food after the coconut and restores a very great 40% health.

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7. Mango

Mangos are the second-to-last food on our list that doesn’t regenerate health, so we’re starting to get to the really fantastic foods now.

Mangos are somewhat infrequent in comparison to the earlier entries, which is congruent with the health restoration amount. You won’t obtain a sizable stockpile unless you discover a fruit crate!

6. Snake Meat

You can regenerate 25% of your health, which will restore 25% of your health, and 50% of your health by eating cooked snake meat.

One straightforward sword slice will kill a snake, releasing one chunk of snake flesh.

Snakes are present on most islands, therefore that’s where you’ll locate them. Consult the Wiki entry for the entire list.

Bring a storage crate with you when going on an expedition to gather loads of snake meat so you may take more than 5 servings at once!

5. Shark Meat

Snake meat can heal just as well as shark meat, although shark meat is a little bit simpler to find.

Simply bring your ship to a stop and relax in the sea for a time; a shark will eventually approach. Hit it three times for simple meat!

Shipwrecks almost always have at least one shark swimming about them if you really, positively require shark meat for any reason.

Advice: To avoid being attacked by a shark, duck below it just before it attacks.

4. Banana

Your most popular food item is dependable and simple to locate.

Upon starting the game, you are handed 16 bananas. From there, they can frequently be discovered in fruit crates, islands, and barrels.

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Despite the fact that you’ll obtain dozens of them rapidly, bananas shouldn’t be your go-to snack due to their 20% health restoration.

If you simply need to replenish a little portion of your health, utilize these instead.

3. Coconut

Coconuts, a less prevalent food than bananas, are the next step up, restoring 30% of health.

Generally speaking, you can find coconuts in barrels. Three of these will almost entirely cure you, making them a good food item.

2. Pineapple

unexpectedly discovered on shorelines, in fruit crates, storage crates, and barrels.

Pineapples are entirely healing and just require two bites per serving.

The powerful Pineapple is the only fruit in the game that can compete.

1. Fish

When you first try to catch a fish, it might be fairly challenging, but following a straightforward approach can make it astonishingly simple.

When you have some free time while exploring the Sea of Thieves, you should do it.

Once cooked, each fish yields 2 bites that restore 30% of health and regenerate 12.5% of health. 85% of each fish’s health was recovered overall.

Additionally, prize variations, incredibly uncommon fish with improved health restoration, are available. But those fish are worth selling because a trophy Shadow Stormfish can fetch 11,250 gold!