21 Best Cutlass Skins in Sea Of Thieves

Nothing makes combat personal the same way the cutlass does.

And a skilled blade user is a sight to behold.

Even if PvP isn’t your thing, you’ll still appreciate the cutlass when you’re exploring islands – because let’s face it, 5 bullets won’t get you very far.

Unless you’re a skilled double-gunner you’re always going to want your trusty cutlass by your side (except when there’s a lightning storm, put it away then!)

And if you’re struggling to pick a favorite skin let me share this ranking of the best pointy sticks the seas have to offer.

21. Cronch Cutlass

Cost: 249 Ancient Coins
Shop Location: Pirate Emporium

Usually I comment on how cool a cosmetic looks, or how tricky they are to get.

But to start this list off, I’m at a loss for words!

They say you shouldn’t play with your food. But if you’re the sort of pirate that does, then the Cronch Cutlass is for you.

Somebody made a banana into a weapon. And I can’t think of a more humiliating way to get sent to the Ferry of the Damned

20. Ceremonial Admiral Cutlass

Cost: 7000 Gold
Shop Location: Weaponsmith’s Shop

Only a fool would assume a Merchant Alliance crew is an easy target.

Merchant Voyages have you sailing all over the map battling absurd odds to deliver plants on time for the smallest of rewards.

The Ceremonial Admiral Cutlass is available to any pirate that’s made it all the way to Level 48 with the Merchant Alliance.

Less is more with this Cutlass, and it sports a simple blade with a clean gold handle.

For many, the Merchant Alliance is the last faction they rank up before becoming a Pirate Legend. If an enemy player has one, expect them to have all the experience that goes with it.

19. Emerald Ocean Crawler Cutlass

Cost: N/A
Shop Location: N/A

Many crews have a seething hatred for Ocean Crawlers. They are a menace, and can make a simple stop on an island for supplies cost more than you started with.

If revenge is the dish of the day, then the Emerald Ocean Crawler Cutlass will make you smile – because Ocean Crawler bits were definitely used to make it!

Origins aside, the weapon looks great with its colorful green blade. But sadly, if you don’t have it already, you may be waiting a while for it to end up at the Weaponsmith’s shop – as it was a reward during Season 2.

18. Order of Souls Cutlass

Cost: 200,000 Gold
Shop Location: Weaponsmith’s Shop

This weapon deserves a place on this list for its unique shape alone.

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The Order Of Souls Cutlass has a bizarre curved blade unlike anything else on the seas.

You can only purchase this after purchasing 250 Bounty Voyages for the Order Of Souls. So it might take some time.

There’s nothing conventional about this Cutlass, though.

Even the way it’s unlocked is weird.

But if you’re after something truly unusual and don’t mind slaying hundreds of skeletons, this is the cutlass for you.

17. Dawn Hunter Cutlass

Cost: 94,500 Gold
Shop Location: Weaponsmith’s Shop

Think what you like about Reapers, but there’s no denying they get some of the coolest gear in the game.

The Dawn Hunter Cutlass is a sleek weapon design – and unlike most cutlasses on this list, this one vanishes in the night.

I hope you’re up for a scrap if you want your own though, because to unlock it, you have to sell 480 items while sailing under the Reaper flag.

Maybe blood is easier to clean off a black blade, who knows?

16. Cutlass of the Ashen Dragon

Cost: 9900 Gold
Shop Location: Weaponsmith’s Shop

All of the Ashen Dragon gear is emblazoned with a fiery dragon that shines brighter than most cosmetics in the game.

Its cutlass is no exception.

The Cutlass of the Ashen Dragon has a fiery beast creeping up each side of the blade, as well as a bright glowing pommel. Needless to say, you’re going to have more luck sneaking up on someone if you’re holding up your lantern… so this is for you hotshots that are here to put on a show.

The Cutlass of the Ashen Dragon can be tricky to unlock though, as you need to sell all 5 Tomes of Curses, a completely random item only found in Ashen Chests.

15. Reaper’s Heart Cutlass

Cost: 249 Ancient Coins
Shop Location: Pirate Emporium

No one wants their combat up close and personal quite like a Reaper.

And this blade has spilled so much blood, the blade has started to glow red!

OK, I made that last part up… but the Reaper’s Heart Cutlass is covered in the trademark black and gold that the faction is known for.

The blade itself is laced with a deep red, and there’s a small red heart on the hilt as well.

This weapon fits perfectly with the Reaper outfit – or in any bloodthirsty pirate’s hands for that matter.

14. Ferryman Cutlass

Cost: N/A
Shop Location: N/A

Some of the rarest and best-looking cosmetics can’t be bought in Sea of Thieves…

Sadly this one has to be bought, and will cost something a little different:

Real-world money.

The Ferryman Cutlass is a stunning weapon in slick dark grey, with a striking gold unicorn built around the hilt and blade. Don’t get too attached to it though – as it’s only available with a code that comes with a Limited-Edition Xbox Controller.

The controller itself looks incredible in its own right.

But since they no longer make them, they can fetch hundreds of Dollars!

13. Dark Adventurers Cutlass

Cost: 2,551,500 Gold
Shop Location: Athena’s Fortune Shop

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Got more gold than you can spend?

What a nice problem to have!

If you’ve gold burning a hole in your pockets, you could do a lot worse than the Dark Adventurers Cutlass.

Like the rest of the set, this cutlass has a sharp black and grey color scheme, and the red skull that usually sticks out is neatly inset into the blade.

Any player you see wielding this is a Pirate Legend and has played enough to pile up ludicrous amounts of gold.

Engage with caution.

12. Notorious Sea Dog Cutlass

Cost: 3500 Gold
Shop Location: Sea Dogs

When you see any pirate with a medal on them, you really should check if it’s got the Sea Dog insignia on it.

Sea Dog reputation is earned in the Arena, where the most seasoned PvP players spend their time.

This beautiful weapon is the Notorious Sea Dog Cutlass – and is earned in the Arena once you reach level 45 with the Sea Dog Faction.

Needless to say, that’s an awful lot of killing. And this weapon is remarkably clean for how many pirates have fallen to it!

11. Silver Blade Cutlass

Cost: N/A
Shop Location: N/A

Most of the Silver Blade cosmetics look absolutely fantastic.

But if you’ve got your sights set on the cutlass, I hope you’ve got some patience!

The Silver Blade Cutlass is a beautiful weapon sporting a unique purple blade, and is only available through playing on the Insider build of Sea of Thieves.

You’ll have to play there for at least an hour a week to start getting rewards. And on your 63rd week, you unlock the cutlass.

And yes, that’s well over a year of play!

This is a weapon that’s as beautiful as it is rare.

10. Revenge of the Silver Blade Cutlass

Cost: N/A
Shop Location: N/A

Maybe you want the Silver Blade Cutlass but don’t want to wait.

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

The Revenge of the Silver Blade Cutlass is awarded for completing the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale, and bears a striking resemblance to the Silver Blade Cutlass. It’s just as good if you don’t mind the seaweed and coral.

Someone stole the color off the blade too – but this is one of those times where beggars CAN be choosers. And if anything, all of the above give the weapon some character.

09. Sword Of Souls

Cost: N/A
Shop Location: N/A

Some of the Tall Tale rewards can be, well, a bit naff.

Fortunately, this next cutlass skin is quite the opposite.

The Sword Of Souls is a reward for completing the Seabound Soul Tall Tale.

This sword has a much straighter blade than normal, but the best part is that it glows a shimmering blue. This is easily one of the best Tall Tale rewards in the game – and is a strong contender for one of the best-looking weapons too.

08. Ghost Cutlass

Cost: 49,750 Gold
Shop Location: Athena’s Fortune Shop

If you’ve done all there is to do and see all there is to see, there’s no better weapon to show off your mastery than this.

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The Ghost Cutlass is only available to those few fanatics who have reached level 20 with Athena’s Fortune, the maximum level for the faction.

This feat will take most players hundreds and hundreds of hours… and for that, you’re rewarded with a sword that breaks physics and is split in half.

How does it stay in one piece? Let’s go with ghost magic!

A fitting reward for a journey’s end.

07. Soulflame Cutlass

Cost: 500,000 Gold
Shop Location: Athena’s Fortune Shop

The top cutlass on this list looks incredible, is exceptionally rare, and will give its owner more than a few wild stories to tell on the long road to unlocking it.

The Soulflame Cutlass could be mistaken for a Lightsaber, as the entire blade glows a ghostly green.

If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen one before, there’s a very good reason for that.

To unlock this cutlass you have to clear the Fort of the Damned of all enemies 25 times.

Most crews have not even done this once!

The Fort of the Damned is so uncommon that it attracts crews from across the entire server.

Be prepared for the most chaotic battles you can imagine if you want a shot at owning this rare and coveted weapon yourself.

06. Aristocrat Cutlass

The Aristocrat Cutlass is a Cutlass cosmetic variant from the Aristocrat Set.

The Aristocrat Cutlass can be obtained by Purchasing from the Weaponsmith’s Shop.

“You may be fancy, but you can put up a fight too with this charming chopper.”

05. Black Dog Cutlass

The Black Dog Cutlass is a Cutlass cosmetic variant of the Black Dog Set.

The Black Dog Cutlass can be obtained by Redeeming an exclusive code for the Black Dog Pack obtained by pre-ordering Sea of Thieves.

“Like a shadowy tongue, flicking out and sucking life. Just don’t accidentally cut yourself.”

04. Briggsy’s Sword

The Briggsy’s Sword is a Cutlass cosmetic variant from the Briggsy’s Set.

The Briggsy’s Sword can be obtained by Earned as a reward for completing The Cursed Rogue commendation.

“The resplendent sword of the Skeleton Lord Briggsy, as sharp as it is shiny.”

03. Cutlass of Courage

The Cutlass of Courage is a Cutlass cosmetic variant from the Courage Set.

The Cutlass of Courage can be obtained by the following methods:

  • To play in The Arena and amass 25,000 silver over the course of your Arena contests during the Competition of Courage event held May 7th, 2020 – May 28th, 2020.
  • Finish any 30 goals from the Summer of Sea of Thieves challenges.

“The Cutlass of Courage is so named because it’s actually terribly blunt.”

02. Cutthroat Cutlass

The Cutthroat Cutlass is a Cutlass cosmetic variant from the Cutthroat Set.

The Cutthroat Cutlass can be obtained by Purchasing from the Pirate Emporium.

  • Part of the Cutthroat Weapon Bundle.
  • Can be purchased individually.

“From two-headed ogres to towering gargoyles, this cruel cutlass is said to have felled all manner of legendary foes.”

01. Lunar Festival Cutlass

The Lunar Festival Cutlass is a Cutlass cosmetic variant from the Lunar Festival Set.

The Lunar Festival Cutlass can be obtained by Purchasing from the Pirate Emporium.

  • Part of the Lunar Festival Weapon Bundle.
  • Can be purchased individually.

“New Year, new you. Give your old cutlass the chop and Swashbuckle with class!.”