15 Best Banjo Skins in Sea Of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, everyone speaks in sea chanties.

And if you play them as you sail by another crew, they’ll know you’re friendly and just out to have a good time.

The other crew is likely to fire anyway.

So let’s make sure your instrument looks good with these banjo skins, even though your ship is sinking, there’s fire everywhere, and you’re looking down at it in despair.

15. Gilded Phoenix Banjo

Banjo Skins in Sea Of Thieves

This banjo is so pretty that it should be higher on the list.

But as of the time, this was written, it was not possible to get.

The Gilded Phoenix Banjo is a beautiful white instrument with gold details and a sky-blue ribbon around the neck.

It looks like the best instrument the Merchant Alliance has to offer because it’s in their colors, but there’s a catch.

In February 2021, this banjo was a Twitch drop. And if you didn’t see it, you didn’t see it.

Maybe one day it will end up in a shop. But until then, the other banjos on the list will have to do.

14. Parrot Banjo

The Parrot Banjo is a great way to bring a taste of the exotic on board.

This banjo is made of wood, and the body is decorated with beautiful blue and green feathers.

Even the head is the same colour.

A lot of the parrot accessories can be a little too much, but this banjo looks great with any style.

It’s also an early-game instrument that can be bought by anyone for 4950 Gold.

13. Obsidian Banjo

One of the slickest banjos in the game looks like it’s all set for a Rock concert.

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But right now it’ll probably cost you a ton of real money. Let me explain.

The Obsidian Banjo is a sharp black and silver banjo, complete with green glowing gemstones, but it was only unlockable with a code that came with a special edition long-sleeve T-shirt.

This makes the Obsidian Banjo not only one of the rarest instruments – but also one of the rarest items in the entire game.

If you can get your hands on one, consider it a treasure.

12. Ocean Crawler Banjo

Do you hate the new Ocean Crawler enemies as much as I do?

If you do, I think you’ll love this next instrument.

The Ocean Crawler Banjo is available to all for 4950 Gold. And whoever made it didn’t care about hiding what it came from.

This entire banjo looks like it’s made from cobbled together bits of crab: the body is a chunk of crab, crab legs are hanging off the bottom, and there’s even a great big crab claw at the top for good measure!

Perhaps it’s cruel. But Ocean Crawlers are a pain whenever they show up.

It’s no surprise one got turned into an instrument!

11. Banjo Of The Silent Barnacle

Considering how much work you’ll have to do underwater to get this next banjo, it’s clearly starting to get a little rusty.

The Banjo Of The Silent Barnacle looks like it’s seen a few concerts on the Ferry of the Damned. But it’s a great look.

It can only be unlocked with the Hoarder Of Barnacled Gold Commendation, though.

So how do you get that?

Well, you need to deliver 300 Shipwrecked chests. So if you want it, there’s a lot of wreck diving in your future. I hope you don’t mind sharks and sirens!

10. Legendary Banjo

This Banjo doesn’t just say you’re a legendary musician – it says you’re a legendary pirate too.

The Legendary Banjo is available for purchase when you reach the rank of Pirate Legend and gain access to Athena’s Fortune Shop.

There’s nothing subtle about this instrument, either.

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The body is a giant Pirate Legend emblem.

But if you want to tell the world what you’ve accomplished, why not use this banjo to do it?

09. Glorious Sea Dog Banjo

A lot of the coolest banjos are locked behind challenges and long-term goals.

But if you’re a new pirate, don’t fret, as you have access to one of the most beautiful banjos from day one.

This Glorious Sea Dog design is a stunning red banjo with gold detailing, and colorful feathers at the head, and it’s clean! (somewhat of a rarity across the seas)

It gets even better than that too – as this banjo only costs a modest 4000 Gold.

If this is your first day playing Sea Of Thieves, sell a couple of bits of treasure and treat yourself.

08. Banjo Of Plenty

When your crew is sailing the seas, hungry because you all forgot to buy a fruit crate, you can bring out an instrument that looks good enough to eat.

The Banjo Of Plenty is available from the Pirate Emporium and is decorated with lush red berries and… metal studs?

I’m not sure about those bits, but anyway, the whole banjo is shaped suspiciously like a cooked chicken leg.

And the red wrapping could even be bacon.

If you have a chef on board, this is the instrument for them.

And the longer you look at it, the stranger it gets!

07. Shining Pegasus Banjo

If you want a chance to get a musical instrument that looks like it was made by the gods, you need to move quickly.

As the Shining Pegasus Banjo is a reward on Season 3’s Plunder Pass (at the time this was written, Season 3 was in full swing!

There isn’t really another banjo like this one.

The body of the banjo looks like it was made from the clouds. It has shiny gold details and gold strings, and the head is a cute little Pegasus.

This instrument looks like it was taken from the Disney movie Hercules.

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It’s too bad you won’t be able to find an outfit to go with it.

06. Silver Blade Banjo

The Shining Pegasus Banjo is great, but not everyone will like it.

If you want a beautiful, rare, and sought-after traditional banjo, this skin has it all.

The Silver Blade Banjo is a beautiful instrument with details in white, silver, and pale purple.

It also has a centre decoration in the shape of a compass with an aqua crystal that shines.

It’s a reward for playing the Insider build of the game for 108 weeks, so you’ll have to put in a lot of time and effort to get it.

A good reward for someone who really knows how to sing Sea Shanties.

05. Banjo of the Damned

The Banjo of the Damned is a Banjo cosmetic variant from the Ferry of the Damned Set.

The Banjo of the Damned can be obtained by Earning as a reward for completing the Captain of Haunted Waters commendation.

“Wherever the dead gather and memories of glory are celebrated… Sooner or later, someone’s going to start a sing-song.”

04. Mercenary Banjo

The Mercenary Banjo is a Banjo cosmetic variant from the Mercenary Set.

The Mercenary Banjo can be obtained by Purchasing from the Equipment Shop.

“Banjo playing hardens the fingers, just as mercenary work hardens the soul.”

03. Silver Blade Banjo

The Silver Blade Banjo is a Banjo cosmetic variant from the Silver Blade Set.

The Silver Blade Banjo can be obtained Earning from the Insider Programme as a reward for reaching week 108.

“A finely-crafted instrument purchased by the wealthy owner of the Silver Blade, who was wise enough not to try playing it.”

02. Admiral Banjo

The Admiral Banjo is a Banjo cosmetic variant from the Admiral Set.

The Admiral Banjo can be obtained by Purchasing from the Equipment Shop.

“Strum a nice, nautical ditty to boost morale among your sterling crew.”

01. Hunter Banjo

The Hunter Banjo is a Banjo cosmetic variant from the Hunter Set.

The Hunter Banjo can be obtained by Purchasing from the Equipment Shop.

“Play a banjo right and it can sound surprisingly intimidating… especially on an isolated island.”