21 Best Eye Of Reach Skins in Sea Of Thieves

The Eye Of Reach is the place to be if you’re the kind of pirate that dislikes getting their hands filthy.

With practice, you can utilise this weapon to deliver a powerful blow from a distance without coming within striking distance.

If all goes according to plan, your enemies will be dead long before they reach you, which is unfortunate because they’d undoubtedly want to see your scoped rifle given the abundance of Eye Of Reach cosmetics.

At least you can admire them, though!

Here are our selections for the top Eye of Reach skins available in the game.

21. The Mandrake Eye of Reach

“The vegetation sprouting from this rifle functions as superb camouflage for people on protracted assassination missions.”

The Mandrake Eye of Reach is a cosmetic variation of the Eye of Reach found in the Mandrake Set.

It can be purchased from the Pirate Emporium.

20. Forsaken Ashes Eye of Reach

The Eye of Reach cosmetic variant from the Forsaken Ashes Set is called the Forsaken Ashes Eye of Reach.

After obtaining the title of Devil’s Cartographer, it was purchased from Duke during Forsaken Shores as a temporary purchase for 15 Doubloons.

You’re on fire, or you soon will be, after a few scorching headshots from this stunning woman.

19. Cutthroat Eye of Reach

Show your quarry no mercy with this terrible bladed pistol, developed by a sinister branch of weaponsmiths.

The Cutthroat Eye of Reach is a cosmetic variation of the Eye of Reach that comes with the Cutthroat Set.

It can be purchased from the Pirate Emporium.

18. Dark Warsmith Eye of Reach

Let’s be honest:

Although glowing weapons are fantastic, nothing hurts more than a failed stealth mission when your gun is lit up like a Christmas tree.

This issue is resolved by the Dark Warsmith Eye Of Reach since, with proper application, you will not be in close proximity to your adversary when you fire!

The faint burning glow from the barrel of this weapon, which is black and ornate with metalwork integrated into the stock, appears threatening at night.

A high bar to begin this list with, freshly forged, and prepared for a fight.

17. “Launch Crew Eye Of Reach”

Here is a concept for a weapon that is lower on the list because it is no longer in production and most likely never will be.

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You know who you are, but I’m not trying to embarrass anyone.

The Launch Crew Eye Of Reach is a fairly unusual skin in which the scope is switched out for a bottle. Of course, it works because of Sea Of Thieves.

Any pirate who uses the resulting design will become thirsty.

The name “Launch Crew” is also a lovely touch because you could only buy this weapon in 2018 when the game was only getting started.

16. Parrot Eye of Reach

I’m not sure how they did it, but a sniper weapon with a parrot theme is here!

In Sea of Thieves, themed weapons occasionally go a little too far.

However, the Parrot Eye Of Reach appears fantastic.

This weapon features a parrot’s head built around the barrel and is embellished with unique vivid green and gold flecks.

Normally, I’d advise pairing a weapon like this with your feathered companion, but that’s not necessary in this case.

15. Bleakheart Banshee Eye of Reach

The Eye of Reach cosmetic variant from the Bleakheart Banshee Set is called the Bleakheart Banshee Eye of Reach.

it can be purchased from the Pirate Emporium.

The Blackheart Banshee Weapon Bundle includes this item.

Its description is given as: A cursed dynasty of maritime aristocracy uses this superb hunting weapon sparingly; hopefully, the curse is not contagious.

14. Bone Crusher Eye of Reach

The Bone Crusher Eye of Reach is a cosmetic variation of the Eye of Reach found in the Bone Crusher Set.

It is acquired from Duke for 15 Doubloons during the Gunpowder Skeletons event as a time-limited purchase.

To further add insult to injury, they were made from the bones of defeated skeletons.

13. The Lodestar Eye of Reach

The Lodestar Eye of Reach is a cosmetic variation of the Eye of Reach found in the Lodestar Set.

We can get it from the Pirate Emporium.

It is said that, For when you want to shoot AT the moon, rather for it.”

12. Lunar Festival Eye of Reach

Who said a weapon has to illuminate in order to be noticeable?

The vivid red and yellow details on The Lunar Festival Eye Of Reach stand out because they appear to have just been taken out of a Lego box.

Although some of the other Lunar Festival weapons appear a little hefty, the rifle is exceptionally well made.

This is ideal if you want to add some color to your weapons without making them appear to have a lantern attached.

11. Wild Rose Eye of Reach

The Wild Rose set includes some of the classiest cosmetics available.

Everyone has access to The Wild Rose Eye Of Reach right away, but it can take some time to gather the doubloons.

The effort paid off, though, as this stunning weapon is laced with gold and is wrapped in a rose-red ribbon, just like the rest of the set.

Oh no, this isn’t merely one of the most fashionable guns you can acquire early.

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Additionally, it has some of the best aesthetics in the entire game.

10. Ruffian Eye of Reach

In Sea of Thieves, there are numerous strange and amazing weapons. However, your alternatives are more constrained if you’re a purist who values simplicity.

But do not worry; you could simply need the Ruffian Eye Of Reach.

This weapon has a very traditional appearance.

It has a wonderful design with a muted color palette of grey and silver and a noteworthy absence of “bits” adhered to it.

The Spade sign on the stock will also appeal to you if you consider yourself to be a bit of a card shark at the Tavern.

9. Aristocrat Eye of Reach

With all the fractures, damage, and gunk you shouldn’t inquire about, most weapons in Sea of Thieves have seen a lot of usage.

Although The Aristocrat Eye of Reach is stunning, the lack of any decoration makes it seem so out of place.

This rifle is in brand-new condition, down to the gorgeous cream stock and light red accents.

Only the cleanest of captains would like this. If it isn’t you, you might want to return the object to the cabinet it was taken from.

8. Rogue Sea Dog Eye Of Reach

Snipers have a reputation for having a lethal aim.

So it makes sense that the group that is fascinated with collecting skulls would also be able to provide you with the ideal tool to get rid of those skulls.

At level 48 with the Order Of Souls, you can unlock the Rogue Sea Dog Eye Of Reach, a classically designed rifle with a sleek black stock.

The image on the weapon’s stock actually makes a lot of sense because missions for the Order frequently involve you destroying dozens of skeletons.

7. The Soulflame Eye of Reach

Let’s imagine that you are searching for a highly sought-after and rare item.

Perhaps you desire something that is well-known and feared.

Although “feared” might be a stretch, this will get you some respect among the more seasoned pirates.

The Soulflame Eye Of Reach is unlike anything else. Because everything glows, except the fundamental shape.

And this weapon’s ridiculous unlock criteria is what makes it so desirable in SOT.

You must clear 25 Fort of the Damned to obtain this weapon.

You’ll need to establish your deservingness, especially in light of the lunatics the fort draws.

6. Silver Blade Eye of Reach

The game’s most attractive rifle is undoubtedly this one.

And that’s quite a statement given the variety of skin variations available.

The Silver Blade Eye Of Reach is an amazing skin with a pale purple barrel and decorations in frigid arctic white and silver.

If you want this for yourself, you’ll need to play Sea of Thieves Insider build for at least an hour every week for 45 weeks, so I hope you have sniper’s patience.

To unlock this magnificent weapon of death, you’ll need to put in some serious time and work.

However, it is completely worthwhile.

5. Glorious sea dog eye of reach

Look no further if you want the ideal blend of sophisticated and vibrant, or conventional yet distinctive.

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But the unlock requirement is unquestionably difficult.

The flamboyant red and gold color scheme of the Glorious Sea Dog Eye Of Reach makes it stand out.

You might be wondering what the medal is for, and the answer is that obtaining it is one of the challenges of using this weapon.

If you want to switch to this weapon from your worn-out old one, you must kill 200 pirates in the Arena with an Eye Of Reach.

4. Admiral Eye Of Reach

Do you envision yourself returning to port after your maiden voyage?

Whatever weapon you decide to use, make sure you dress the role!

The Admiral Eye of Reach is a rifle skin that looks quite stylish.

But what’s the best part of it?

With gold you can scrape together from your first or second excursion, you can purchase it right now.

This weapon would be ideal in the hands of a brave leader, as its name suggests.

Even though you may have an admiral title, do you actually possess one? Let’s investigate!

3. Legendary Eye Of Reach

This is a little excessive in my opinion, but given what you had to go through to obtain it, you have every right to use any weapon you choose.

The eye-catching Pirate Legend emblem is boldly set into the stock of the Legendary Eye of Reach, a purple and gold rifle.

This weapon is only available to Pirate Legends, as you might assume. There’s a catch, though:

The additional prerequisite for this weapon is 240 victories in the Arena as a Pirate Legend.

Only the most seasoned fighters are able to accomplish such a feat. So, if you come across someone with this skin, either give up or shoot them dead.

2. Dark Adventurer’s Eye Of Reach

You can run out of items to buy with your wealth after collecting many bounties and accumulating innumerable riches.

If you find yourself in this situation, I can help.

The Dark Adventurer’s Eye Of Reach is so pricey that even the wealthiest pirates would cry handing over that much gold, and it is only available if you become a Pirate Legend.

The design of the actual gun is sleek black and silver, with a crimson skull adorning the top of the barrel.

For that price, I only wish some of the rust had been cleaned off.

1. Ghost Eye of Reach

This weapon offers everything you could possibly want if you’re seeking something unique that only the most skilled and jaded warriors could ever hope to handle.

Only Pirate Legends who have battled with the Athena’s Fortune Emissary up to Level 18 are eligible for The Ghost Eye Of Reach.

It will take hundreds of hours to complete that one task alone, but you’ll be rewarded with a luminous mechanical creature wrapped in twisted metal.

This weapon is no longer a sniper rifle.

Heavy artillery is this.