Is Sea of Thieves Cross Platform?

Is Sea of Thieves Cross Platform? lets see, Sea of Thieves came out in 2018 and was only available for Xbox and PC. Fans loved it right away because it had a cute art style and a beautiful, open-world pirate adventure. In Sea of Thieves, players are given a ship and the open ocean.

From there, they can do whatever they want. It’s one of the best multiplayer games that you can only play on Xbox, and it’s been popular ever since it came out. But since multi-player is mentioned, we want to know today if Sea of Thieves works on more than one platform.

Sea of Thieves is a persistently online game that puts players in dangerous situations with other real-world players. It’s a multiplayer game at heart, and it’s made to be played with other people.

As Sea of Thieves players explore the open world, they can take part in seasonal events, follow questlines, and look for treasure while dodging cannon fire.


Cross Platform

By June 2022, more than 30 million different people had played Sea of Thieves. Today, there’s no question that Sea of Thieves is the best pirate adventure game. It has a strong lead over any other games in the same genre.

Since the game came out in 2018, no other game in the same genre has been able to compete with Sea of Thieves. Skull & Bones, a game made by Ubisoft, will come out in November 2022, but it’s not likely to be as good as Sea of Thieves.

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As a game, Sea of Thieves is surprisingly easy to pick up and play. It has a simple learning curve and adventure opportunities right from the start. It’s not a linear experience, so players can do whatever they want without being limited by a single storyline.

It’s also an endless adventure because if a player is sunk by an opponent on the open sea, they just start over with a new ship in a different place.

Rare, the company that made Sea of Thieves, has been putting out regular updates for the past four years. Every once in a while, new content will be added to Sea of Thieves, adding to what fans already have access to.

Some of these updates have been pretty big, like the Pirate’s Life expansion, which came out in 2021 and brought together Sea of Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean.

If we only look at the numbers, it’s clear that it’s the best pirate game out there. But does Sea of Thieves work on multiple devices?


Sea of Thieves is crossplay, which means that players on both Xbox and PC can connect with each other. Players on these two platforms can connect at any time and explore the open seas of Sea of Thieves without limits or restrictions.

Players can start using the Sea of Thieves cross-play features as soon as they finish the short tutorial mission.

What does “cross-platform” mean? Cross-platform play, if you don’t know what it means, lets people who play games on different platforms play with each other, no matter how different their systems are.

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For example, if a gamer on PlayStation and a gamer on Xbox are both playing the same game and that game is compatible across platforms, the two gamers can connect using crossplay technology.

Many games are cross-platform, and many of them, like Sea of Thieves, connect Xbox console and PC players by using the Xbox platform.


We’ve already talked about how Sea of Thieves is pretty unique because it’s the only game in its category. There are no games that can compete with Sea of Thieves, and even fewer can be played with more than one person.

For example, Subnautica is another ocean-based adventure game. Like Sea of Thieves, this is an open-world, never-ending game that puts players in a dangerous water environment.

But is Subnautica a multiplayer game? It’s not, unless you’re playing on PC and you use a mod to force the game into a co-op mode.

Sea of Thieves has no real alternatives, which is a shame (but good for Rare). This is the only game you should buy if you and your friends want to go on a pirate adventure together.

So, does Sea of Thieves work on multiple systems?

Yes, it sure is.