15 Best Ship Skin Sets in Sea of Thieves

Since Sea of Thieves’ 2018 premiere, some genuinely incredible ship skin sets have graced its tranquil seas.

We have seen original ship settings, a handful that were influenced by movies, and even others that were influenced by other video games.

The top 15 ship skin sets in Sea of Thieves have been chosen after we combed through every single set that is still playable as well as any that have been retired.

Even while the ship sets on our list come from a variety of Sea of Thieves’ categories, it’s important to note that there are some very outstanding crossover ship sets that shouldn’t be overlooked.

This game never ceases to dazzle, and hopes it does so for many more months and years to come.

15. Inky Kraken

Inky Kraken is regarded as the top Black Market ship aesthetic for any pirate.

With this cosmetic set, you may dress your entire ship and crew to seem threatening and blend in seamlessly with other cosmetic sets.

The sails are really amazing; they have a damaged and torn appearance to showcase your trip.

14. Gold Hoarder

The last piece becomes available once your Gold Hoarder reputation has reached level 75. You unlock each component as you advance in reputation.

Any Gold Hoarder NPC is a good place to buy.

The Gold Hoarder trade firm is happily the easiest to level up despite requiring a lot of gold and playtime to acquire because practically every area of the game has products you can sell to them.

Treasure chests, Megalodons, Ghost Fleets, Krakens, Skeleton Ships, etc. They all reward good products to sell.

One of the most pleasant ship skin sets to sail the seas with is the Gold Hoarder, which has emblems and logos that sparkle brightly in the dark.

13. Ashen Dragon

Heart of Fire and Fire and Ash commendations were necessary for the Hull and Sails, respectively.

Selling different Tomes to the Bilge Rats, who can be found in Ashen Chests, unlocks all of the remaining pieces.

Where to Purchase: Shipwright Merchants

Few ship skins can equal the Ashen Dragon’s blazing radiance, which makes it my particular favourite.

As a result, it’s also one of the most challenging cosmetic sets in Sea of Thieves to acquire!

The fact that it takes a tonne of good fortune, diligence, and efficiency to even finish half a set justifies it taking the third place.

12. Ghost

Many of these parts will become available for purchase if you become a Pirate Legend (reputation level of 50 with at least three separate trade businesses).

Some do call for a specific level of Athena’s Fortune reputation, up to level 10.

Athena’s Fortune Shipwright, available for purchase

All other players will see that your crew has the Athena’s Fortune mark, which frequently convinces them to avoid a brawl.

I’ve personally saw a kraken attack a galleon that was decked up in Ghost aesthetics; the kraken was dispatched, but our ship was quickly sunk.

Overall, it’s one of the nicest skin sets in the game and one of the hardest to obtain!

11. Dark Adventurer

Available straight after after obtaining the Pirate Legend title from the Athena’s Fortune Shipwright.

Even though it is always available, the Dark Adventurer set is one of the rarest in the game because each item costs a truly absurd sum of plunder.

It was made specifically to give seasoned players something to buy, and it has a distinctive look that exudes sophistication and intimidation.

In addition to being fantastic on their own, many of the individual parts fit perfectly into other ship skin sets, so even while you work toward completing the set, you may still look fantastic!

10. Spartan

This ship, which is based on the Spartans from the Halo video game series, wonderfully embodies the optimism and energy of the world’s superhuman guardians.

Although the design isn’t too outrageous, it surely conveys the message that you can’t sink someone unless they fire first.

This is a fantastic design option for a hero pirate character in a role-playing game.

9. Spring Blossom

The Spring Blossom is a gorgeous original ship set, and the combination of vibrant colours just makes it appear wonderful whether docked for display or out on the water.

This boat simply stands out as a work of art among the countless other dark and decrepit vessels.

8. Mayhem

The Mayhem set, an immensely cool-looking ship, was taken directly from Borderlands’ Pandora and placed on the open seas.

It’s a match made in heaven because players hunt for riches in both games.

Simply observe Claptrap on the front!

The overall appearance of this is quite regal because to the red and yellowish gold colours.

7. Cursed Ferryman

Cursed Ferryman, a ship modelled after the one that Davy Jones sails in The Pirates of the Caribbean, is a cool, terrifying ship that I wouldn’t want to see sailing at me.

There is no doubt that a vengeful scoundrel is in charge of this vessel.

6. Frogs in a Fight

This ship set, which draws inspiration from the magnificent Battletoads series, will make your adversaries envious as you sail by.

Even though you won’t be able to hide this one when you’re sailing with this set, it won’t really matter.

Even though it’s a flat palette of greens, there is a lot of wonderful detail to be found.

5. Mutinous Fist

It astonished me to learn that the multiplayer game Bleeding Edge served as the inspiration for this ship set.

With all of the many flags and colours employed in its design, the ship is just extremely interesting to look at.

If I’ve ever seen a punk rock ship, this is it.

4. Forsaken Ashes

This is the ideal place to begin your early excursions if you’re looking for the ideal ratio of awesomeness.

Such reasonable costs for such a stunning skin set are definitely worthwhile.

If you’re just starting out, the Doubloon fee could be too costly; instead, seek out any Reaper’s Chests you see on the map.

Another reasonably popular item you can sell for Doubloons is ritual skulls.

3. Order of Souls

This skin set, which you received as compensation for your unwavering commitment to the Order of Souls, features a range of colours.

For greatest immersion, use when running Order of Souls emissary flags.

2. Ceremonial Admiral

For those who don’t want to look like a deadly pirate, one of the more “bookish” skin sets.

There are several excellent cosmetic options available in Sea of Thieves; the Ceremonial Admiral one is really simple to obtain and looks fantastic!

1. Deep Ocean Crawler

The ship and equipment skins for Deep Ocean Crawler are both excellent cosmetic items.

If you concentrate entirely on these, you can easily obtain the nearly 2,000,000 Gold needed.