Is Sea of Thieves Split Screen?

Sea of Thieves has cross-play multiplayer, but Is Sea of Thieves Split Screen?

Sea of Thieves is a pirate RPG that is a lot of fun. It can be fun to do on your own, but it’s much more fun with a group of friends or fellow pirates. If this is your first time sailing, you might be wondering if Sea of Thieves is split screen.

Even though Sea of Thieves has multiplayer, you can’t play with two people at the same time. This is true for both the PC version and the Xbox version. Online co-op multiplayer is the only way to join a group of friends.

Sea of Thieves can be bought by itself on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S for $39.99. It is also part of the PC and console Game Pass plans.

SoT can be played on both PC and console, so it doesn’t matter where you or your friends bought it. The game was made by Microsoft Game Studios’ subsidiary Rare. You can both play.

Just like it’s unlikely that Sea of Thieves will ever be on PS4 or PS5, it’s also unlikely that Rare will add split-screen multiplayer.

Since SoT is an online game with a shared world, split-screen multiplayer isn’t in its nature, and adding it would at the very least take a lot of work.

It’s not impossible that Sea of Thieves will have split-screen multiplayer someday, but it’s not likely.

How to play Sea of Thieves in Split-Screen multiplayer?

Sea of Thieves is a great multiplayer game that can be played both cooperatively and against other people. But Sea of Thieves doesn’t have split-screen multiplayer, which is a shame.

Even though some games have split-screen multiplayer on consoles but not on PC, Sea of Thieves is not one of those games.

No matter if you play the game on an Xbox One, an Xbox Series S, an Xbox Series X, or a PC, there is no split-screen mode. However, Sea of Thieves can be played on all of these platforms at the same time.

But buying Sea of Thieves at full price isn’t the only way to play it with your friends. There are other ways to play Sea of Thieves that will save you a lot of money and still let you play with your friends.

In the section below, we’ll list some of your best choices.

How to play Sea of Thieves multiplayer for free?

Microsoft’s video games and even the Game Pass can be played by more than one person. But unlike Steam, Microsoft lets multiple people play the same game at the same time.

This means that you don’t have to buy multiple copies of a game. Here are some things you can do with that:

1. Family: Tell your friends about Sea of Thieves

If you buy Sea of Thieves from the Microsoft Store, you can share it with up to 3 other people for free, and they can all play it online with you at the same time.

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This comes with two computers and two Xboxes. Set up one machine as the “main” one, and 3 other people can play it for free. Unlike Steam, they can also play it online at the same time as you and the others.

2. People Tell your friends about Xbox Game Pass.

You can buy the Xbox Game Pass, which is similar to the first option, and then share the game with 3 other people in the same way. This means that two Xbox consoles and two PCs can play it at the same time.

The good thing about this method is that your friends won’t just be able to play Sea of Thieves with you, but any Xbox Game Pass game.

3. Get Sea of Thieves for less money

This method is not exactly “free,” but depending on where you live, it can make all the difference. When the game is on sale, you can buy it so that you and a friend can play it.

Or, you can buy one copy and share it with your friends like in the first option. This way, your friends can play it for free.

Even though the full price might seem like a lot, buying it on sale is well worth the money you’ll spend.

Sea of Thieves and most other new games don’t have split-screen multiplayer anymore, which is a real shame.

But at least Microsoft has given players enough choices that they can save money and only buy one copy of the game, which goes on sale.