15 Best Dogs in Sea Of Thieves

For dogs lovers, the wait is now over! The Sea of Thieves now has canines, and they are just as adorable as you could have imagined!

We understand why you may have been waiting for dogs. A dog is the most devoted animal you can own.

Your loyal, fluffy companion will be by your side even after you’ve reached your lowest point, with your ship grounded and your pockets emptied.

Therefore, if you’re a pirate looking for a reliable crew member, stop by the Pirate Emporium and pick up a new best friend.

15. Mudraker Inu

The Standalone Cosmetics Set includes a Dog cosmetic variant called the Mudraker Inu.

If you have a dog allergy, you’ll feel this exciting fuzzball coming before you even see it.

14. Unstained Whippet

A dog cosmetic variation from the Standalone Cosmetics Set is the Streaked Whippet.

It can be purchased from the Pirate Emporium.

Whippets “destroy nearly the same amount while moving as quickly as a cannonball.”

13. Alsatian Russet

The Standalone Cosmetics Set includes a Dog cosmetic variety called the Russet Alsatian.

It is purchased from the Pirate Emporium.

This enthusiastic puppy will accompany you on any excursion.

12. White Whippet

The Standalone Cosmetics Set’s Dog cosmetic variation is the Fawn Whippet.

It is purchased from the Pirate Emporium.

Whippets “destroy nearly the same amount while moving as quickly as a cannonball.”

11. Diabolical Dog

A cosmetic Collector’s Pet version from the Crimson Crypt Set is the Diabolical Dog.

It is purchased from the Pirate Emporium.

Folklore holds that scarred hounds with crimson eyes portend storms and tragedies, but this one is just in for belly rubs.

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10. Redback Whippet

You may occasionally experience days at sea that are completely unfavourable.

The Kraken appears, Reapers pursue you and kill you, a server merge causes your stuff to disappear… You see what I mean.

When these situations arise, you need to see a familiar face.

And the Redback Whippet has the friendliest face of all!

No matter how poorly your expeditions are going, I swear this pirate dog is always grinning.

And it’s sufficient to make everyone smile.

If only my team would be this upbeat when we’re being shot at with cannonballs.

9. Silverfoot Whippet

The Standalone Cosmetics Set includes a Dog cosmetic variant called the Silverfoot Whippet.

It is purchased from the Pirate Emporium was purchased.

Whippets “destroy nearly the same amount while moving as quickly as a cannonball.”

8. Saddleback Alsatian

First of all, good luck with trying to impose any law and order on the seas.

Second, you’ll need a canine companion that fits the bill.

In Sea Of Thieves, the Saddleback Alsatian is the closest thing to a police dog you’ll find.

The intimidation was left at the Pirate Emporium, which is essentially the greatest difference.

Even if you can’t, this dog seems to be able to manage itself on the waters.

And occasionally, only outward looks matter.

7. Snowy Alsatian

In Sea of Thieves, most of the animals are adorable.

It’s far more difficult to find something more opulent and majestic though.

The Snowy Alsatian, which resembles an Arctic Wolf more often than not, is the closest you can get.

The Snowy Alsatian wears its distinctive derpy smile anytime you approach, just like all other Alsatians do.

At a distance, this dog can appear regal, yet up close, it only wants affection and cookies.

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6. Cotton Boll Inu

The award for cutest and cuddliest dog on the ocean goes to this one.

The Cotton Boll Inu resembles a cotton ball in appearance.

But don’t be deceived by looks.

No matter what or who you are facing, this cuddly dog will accompany you into war. Just know that you can only kill your enemy by barking at them.

5. Reapers Heart Dog

This is the ideal canine to look for if sailing under the Reaper flag just isn’t cutting it and you really want to instill fear in the hearts of your foes.

The Reaper’s Heart Dog costs 649 Ancient Coins, which is a little more than the ordinary pet.

But there isn’t exactly a dog like that anywhere else.

If you’re attempting to be covert, this isn’t the buddy to bring because of its glowing eyes and brilliant glowing red heart on its breast.

But I don’t believe you care too much about being noticed if you’re the one robbing ships of their priceless Emissary Flags.

4. Gold Curse Alsatian

Your first several months at sea will always be challenging.

You’ll be swimming in treasure after you figure out the game, though.

Additionally, cosmetics play a major role in Sea of Thieves. So what could be more impressive to flaunt than a dog made entirely of solid gold?

You’d need this Gold Curse Alsatian to be that kind of show-off, after all.

Remember that, it adores animals just as much as any other dog!

Cursing a dog may sound cruel, but this adorable walking gold medal truly doesn’t seem to mind.

And there isn’t a finer pet to have by your side if you’re collecting for the Gold Hoarders.

3. Inu glacial curse

Sorry, Pirates, but this does not indicate that we will soon have an Ice Biome on the map.

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But this dog is a terrific way to get a laid-back pet on board your ship.

The Glacial Curse Inu is just as affectionate and animated as every other dog on this list, so don’t let the icicles fool you.

You may even purchase clothing and dress up as your dog to become one of “those” pet owners because this dog is a part of the Frozen Horizon Set (hey, I’m not judging!).

Few other dogs can compare to this dog’s distinctiveness, majesty, and ability to stand out.

2. Coral Inu

Making a name for yourself and gaining notoriety in the Sea of Thieves is challenging.

However, you’re in luck if that’s something you really want.

Since the Coral Inu looks so much like a Shiba Inu, you could have the Doge himself exploring your ship and going on adventures with you.

Without a doubt, the Coral Inu is the cutest dog ever and has more star power than any other animal!

Perfect for a pirate who doesn’t mind having their dog outshine them.

1. Prison Dog

The Prison Canine is the only dog that matches the pirate’s lifestyle.

This is the newest canine that has been included in the game as of the time of writing.

This is directly from the film The Pirates of the Caribbean.

This scruffy dog is equally as excellent if you’re a little bummed that you can’t acquire a Jack Sparrow skin for your pirate.

Additionally, the ring of keys in its mouth is genuine. Nothing is stopping you from making fun of the crewmen who wound up in your brig.

We all know that every dog on this list is the best dog, as I stated at the beginning.

But you won’t find anything better than the Prison Dog if you want a unique pet that suits nicely on any ship.