15 Best Figureheads in Sea Of Thieves

On a ship, the Figureheads can reveal a lot about the crew.

It may demonstrate their accomplishments, their sense of fashion, or simply their laziness because they chose not to wear one at all.

There is a story out there for any team, no matter what they want to tell.

Making a decision can be difficult with so many options available; but, I’ll make it simpler for you with this rating.

15. Figurehead of a bilge rat

In Sea of Thieves, the Bilge Rat Figurehead is a Figureheads item.

It is only decorative and, like other figureheads, is situated at the ship’s bow. On Outposts, you can buy figureheads at the Shipwright Shop.

a filthy, unattractive fish that resides unloved where no one else does? any Bilge Rat’s ideal pet.

It is Obtainable at all Outposts.

14. Admiral Figurehead

In Sea of Thieves, the Admiral Figurehead is a Figureheads item. It is only decorative and, like other figureheads, is situated at the ship’s bow.

On Outposts, you can buy figureheads at the Shipwright Shop.

Available for purchase at Golden Sands Outpost and Sanctuary Outpost

13. Shark Hunter Figurehead

Some of the game’s most bothersome monsters can be sharks. particularly if you’re trying to peacefully examine a shipwreck.

This Figurehead is worth a shot if you want to make them think twice before hitting you.

The Shark Hunter Figurehead appears precisely as you might anticipate:

It’s a shark that has been fastened to the front of your ship as a warning to any undersea monsters that harming your crew would have dire repercussions.

I believe the sharks in this game view it as a challenge, at least that is how it would be.

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12. Legendary Figurehead

A figurehead item in Sea of Thieves is called The Legendary Figurehead. It is only decorative and, like other figureheads, is situated at the ship’s bow.

Once a player reaches the rank of pirate legend, they can buy it from the Shipwright Shop in the pirate legend hideout. This statue illuminates a vivid green.

11. Dark Warsmith Figurehead

The only figurehead on this list that requires Ancient Coins, the premium currency in Sea of Thieves, is the Dark Warsmith Figurehead.

This places a prisoner’s cage with the skeleton of an unfortunate scallywag inside at the front of your ship.

You could say that this demonstrates that your staff lacks composure. In my opinion, it should serve as a warning to any pirates who would dare to board your ship.

10. Killer Whale Figurehead

You experienced anglers out there should try this one!

Nothing demonstrates your mastery of the fishing rod like a massive swordfish fastened to the front of your vessel.

You must use The Hunter’s Call to level up all the way to 50 in order to unlock this figurehead.

This distinctive and readily recognisable ship cosmetic is a wonderful reward for the endless hours of fishing that it entails.

Just make it an actual killer whale instead, I would have preferred.

9. Reaper figurehead of lore

Untrained crews claim that the Reaper ghostly figure sinks ships and steals their cargo.

This belongs on the front of your ship if you are the boogeyman.

Only Reapers Bones faction members who have attained level 50 have access to the Legendary Reaper Figurehead.

As a result, if you see a ship wearing it, it’s likely that they have battle experience.

The figurehead is also quite unusual, featuring a skeleton grasping a Grim Reaper mask.

This is an appropriate addition to your ship if you are scouring the waters for battle.

8. Commercial Alliance Leader

Reaching Level 75 with any of the three main factions earns you a figurehead, and the Merchant Alliance figurehead is by far the greatest of the lot.

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The Merchant Alliance will offer you this beautiful eagle figurehead, while the Gold Hoarders will give you a stupid gold pot. And it appears stunning on any ship.

Sincerely, the distinctive blue and gold colour scheme makes the complete Merchant Alliance set seem fantastic.

The Merchant Alliance Figurehead is the ideal cherry on top if that appeals to you.

7. Gilded Phoenix Statue

How about a Phoenix hatching beneath your bowsprit if you enjoy mystical creatures?

Sadly, this figurehead was a Twitch drop, despite the fact that it has a beautiful appearance. There is also no other way to get it as of the time of writing.

Hoping the Shipwright will sell it at some point.

This Gilded Phoenix Figurehead complements just about every ship ornament and adorns the front of your ship with a stunning, regal Phoenix.

In Season 2, a fiery glowing variant of this figurehead was available as a Plunder Pass prize. However, I’d prefer not to have a space-viewable beacon on the front of my spacecraft.

6. King or Queen figurehead

The Royal Sovereign Figurehead is a figurehead item in Sea of Thieves that is used to adorn the ship’s bow.

It is only decorative and, like other figureheads, is situated at the ship’s bow. On Outposts, you can buy figureheads at the Shipwright Shop.

Unlockable after achieving 50 in the Gold Hoarders’ reputation system.

5. Ghost Figurehead

Most likely, you shouldn’t linger on the Ferry of the Damned longer than necessary.

However, it is undeniably a fairly great ship.

You could do much worse than the Ghost Figurehead, which includes a gloomy skeleton and a lantern with a spooky green flame, if you want to bring a bit of that back from the afterlife.

The only drawback is that you must first reach Level 10 in Athena’s Fortune and be a Pirate Legend, which will take the typical crew hundreds of hours to do.

There is no need to worry about achieving this objective right immediately because it might be a long-term one.

Just be careful not to overwork yourself and drown!

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4. Fantastic Sea Dog Figurehead

Well, believe it or not, you can get a medal to put on the front of your ship to serve as a continual reminder of how wonderful you are!

But be prepared to pay a steep price for this one.

Anyone who happens to be nearby will be reminded that you succeeded in reaching Level 50 in the Sea Dog faction by the Glorious Sea Dog Figurehead.

As a result, you have experienced more combat than the majority of crews on the server combined.

Although this figurehead seems absurd, the team that uses it has the expertise to support it.

3. Hunter Figurehead

In Sea of Thieves, the Hunter Figurehead is a Figureheads item.

It is only decorative and, like other figureheads, is situated at the ship’s bow.

On Outposts, you can buy figureheads at the Shipwright Shop.

Obtainable at all Outposts.

2. Dark Adventurers Figurehead

The Dark Adventurers set, which is restricted to those with the rank of Pirate Legend, is notorious for being exorbitantly pricey.

And the Dark Adventurers Figurehead is no exception—at more than 8 MILLION Gold, it’s one of the most expensive items in the entire game.

Because it takes one committed pirate to amass that much wealth, crews that have it on board should be prepared for a fierce battle.

Like the rest of the set, the Figurehead is dark and foreboding, and it ought to frighten any crew.

Even if you aren’t seeking revenge, the very fact that you have something on your ship already makes it clear that you will be a headache to deal with.

So that you can sail the seas alone, but 8,000,000 Gold poorer!

1. Forsaken Ashes Figurehead

The Forsaken Ashes Figurehead is a Figurehead item in Sea of Thieves.

It is a cosmetic item for the ship’s bow.

It was added to the game in the Forsaken Shores DLC, and after obtaining the title of “Devil’s Cartographer,” it could be acquired from Duke in the Tavern on Outposts.