How to Get Curses in Sea of Thieves?

In Sea of Thieves, curses are another way for pirates to show how they feel. and today we are going to talk about How to Get Curses, These unique effects change how your pirate looks and are put on their bodies.

For a lot of players, the most important thing will be to unlock curses and get them. But you should know that most curses are very hard to break.

There might “only” be a handful of curses in Sea of Thieves right now, but that’s likely to change based on their popularity.

As cosmetic items, they are something that other players will recognize almost immediately and inquire about how they, too, might be able to show off their accomplishments with style.

How to get Curses?

In Sea of Thieves, there are a few curses, and each one is tied to a Tall Tale. This means that if a player wants a curse, they will have to meet the requirements for that curse in a specific Tall Tale.

Here are the names of the curses currently available in Sea of Thieves:

  1. Curse of the Order
  2. Shores of Gold Curse
  3. The Ashen Curse
  4. Legendary Curse
  5. Curse of Sunken Sorrow
  • Curse of the Sunken Sorrow: Complete Larinna’s Legend of the Sunken Kingdom voyage. You must also learn the final mystery of the Sunken Kingdom, which allows you to purchase this particular voyage.
  • Curse of the Order: Complete all Commendations for The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale.
    • The Rogue’s Key – Recover the Skeleton Key
    • Relics of the Curse Rogue – Return Captain Briggsy’s Artifact
    • Free at Last – Defeat Captain Briggsy
    • The Curse Rogue – Complete The Cursed Rogue
    • The Hunter’s Trail – Discover all of the Bounty Hunter’s Journals
    • Briggsy’s Greatest Foe – Complete the Tall Tale 5 times
  • The Ghost Curse: You have to reach Allegiance 100 with the Guardians of Fortune. Speak to the Pirate Lord in Athena’s Fortune hideout, and seek out the ghost forms of Merrick and Belle to receive the blessing of Athena’s Fortune.
  • The Legendary Curse: This item was available during Season One of Sea of Thieves by reaching Renown 100 on the Season Pass. It was exclusive to Pirate Legends. 
  • The Skeleton Curse: You need to increase your reputation level to 75 with the Reaper’s Bones and have an Allegiance Level of 100 with the Servants of the Flame. Go to the secret lower part of the Reaper’s Hideout from the tent with the elevator. Look for the NPC named the Voice of the Flame, who is in front of Flameheart’s coffin. There will be a cutscene, and shortly after it, you’ll receive your Curse.
  • Shores of Gold Curse: Complete all the Commendations for the Shores of Gold Tall Tale.
    • The Fabled Island – Reach the Shores of Gold
    • Path to Forsaken Fortune – Discover the Gold Hoarder Coin
    • Shores of Gold – Complete Shores of Gold
    • The Stain of Greed – Discover all of Briggsy’s Journals
    • Lord of Gold – Return the Skull of the Gold Hoarder 5 times
  • The Ashen Curse: Complete all the Commendations for the Heart of Fire Tall Tale.
    • The Liar’s Hideout – Discover Stitcher Jim’s Hideout
    • The path of the Eternal King – Take the path of the Eternal King
    • The path of the Forsaken Flame – Take the path of the Forsaken Flame
    • The path of the Burning Heart – Take the path of the Burning Heart
    • The Fire Rises – Discover the Chest of Rage
    • Stitcher’s Schemes – Discover Stitcher Jim’s Journals
    • Heart of Fire – Complete the Tale
    • Saver of Souls – Complete the Tall Tale 3 times
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Many of these cosmetics are available through Tall Tale adventures. Curse of the Sunken Sorrow, Curse of the Order, Shores of Gold Curse, and The Ashen Curse are all available in the game and will remain a part of the Tall Tale adventures.

When you find a curse, you’ll probably want to put it on. You can do this by going to any vanity chest, which you have on your ship and at each outpost. Use the vanity chest and go to the tab for curses.

Here, you can see the curses you’ve unlocked. Choose the curse that you want to put on your pirate. You can take it off whenever you want to.

There are a few curses to unlock in Sea of Thieves with more likely coming in the future. These little vanity items change how your pirate looks and act as a badge of honor, showing what you have achieved on the seas.

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