15 Best Fishing Rod Skins in Sea Of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, fishing is both rewarding and addictive.

And attempting to catch every fish will send you on adventures throughout the entire map, exposing you and your ship to countless perils in the pursuit of the ideal catch.

Yes, it takes a lot of time.

But because you’ll be looking at your Fishing Rod Skins a lot, you might as well hold a cool-looking rod in your hands.

So, these are our recommendations for Sea of Thieves’ top Fishing Rod skins.

15. Wild Rose Fishing Rod

The Wild Rose Fishing Rod is a cosmetic variation of the Fishing Rod found in the Wild Rose Set.

In Game Discription: “Similar to this, Rose had a fishing pole that she reserved for rare occasions.

Too pleasant to get wet, really!”

14. Mistletoe Fishing Rod

A cosmetic variation of the Fishing Rod from the Standalone Cosmetics Set is the Mistletoe Fishing Rod.

formerly obtained as a reward after achieving Renown Level 20 during Season 5.

In Game Discription: “dangle this over the water and wait for a lonely fish to show up.”

13. Phoenix-themed fishing rod

A cosmetic Fishing Rod variant from the Gilded Phoenix Set is the Gilded Phoenix Fishing Rod.

To be obtained by spending 20 minutes watching any partnered Sea of Thieves Twitch Streamer.

From a fish’s point of view, this white and blue rod is not only attractive, it is also hidden.

12. The Wailing Barnacle

A fishing rod cosmetic variant from the Wailing Barnacle Set is titled The Fishing Rod of The Wailing Barnacle.

It is bought from the equipment store.

Ironically, this fishing pole had to be pulled from the water first.

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11. Fearless Bone Crusher Fishing Rod

The Fishing Rod cosmetic variant from the Fearless Bone Crusher Set is called the Fearless Bone Crusher Fishing Rod.

It is bought from the equipment store.

There is nothing amusing about the fact that this rod is composed of rigid bone.

10. Killer Whale Fishing Rod

There is no better place to begin this list than with the Hunter’s Call, a prize provided by the fishing experts themselves.

This rod, which has a tiny blue and green handle, is a reward for using the Hunter’s Call to level up (The fishing faction at Sea Ports).

The rod being a later reward would be wonderful since then it wouldn’t seem like they were just picking up pieces of it from the ground.

It’s a terrific rod to start your fishing experiences with though, and it’s fitting given the faction that made it.

9. Sovereign Fishing Rod

This next fishing rod, in contrast to the Killer Whale Fishing Rod, appears elegant, pricey, and likely has never been used!

A stunning piece of gear is the Sovereign Fishing Rod.

It has a piece of gold on top and a clean white grip.

However, you’ll need the title of “The Hunter of Ancientscales” before you can run to the store and buy one.

And only those who have caught every Ancientscale fish in the game are eligible for this reward.

Leeches will have to be used as bait, and they are disgusting. Do you want the rod, though, or what?

8. Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod

This fishing pole is dedicated to the first Splashtail a pirate catches.

And for a lot of people, that’s all it takes to hook them!

The handle of the Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod is inlaid with an image of a typical Ruby Splashtail, making it a genuinely one-of-a-kind fishing tool.

Any angler who is worth their salt will eventually catch hundreds of these while travelling. Therefore, you might as well accept it!

Only found in the Pirate Emporium, this rod costs Ancient Coins, the premium currency in Sea of Thieves.

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7. The Kraken Fishing Rod

I can assure you that if you succeed in unlocking this rod, you’ll have some wild tales to share.

You must fish in storms to get the commendation “The Hunter of Stormfishes,” which is required to use the Kraken Fishing Rod.

This piece’s design is really fantastic. Don’t try to catch the real Kraken with the rod despite the fact that it has a spine across the top that appears to have been taken from one.

The Kraken captures you; you do not catch it.

6. The Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod

Among the three main factions, the Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod may be the most attractive.

However, they’ll make you earn it!

This gorgeous vehicle requires the Hunter of Wreckers Commendation before you can possess it.

Due to the new Siren adversaries patrolling the ocean, fishing around shipwrecks is going to be a lot of fun but also quite dangerous.

If you succeed, though, you will receive this rod, which has a big gold key on the reel and red wrapping around the handles.

5. Frostbite Fishing Rod

The Kraken Fishing Rod and this adorable and cuddly Frostbite Fishing Rod are both yours if you manage to catch every Stormfish in the game.

Maybe it’s not so cute after all.

To keep your hands warm, there is fluff around the reel. That’s adorable, right?

And the light blue accents give this piece of gear a modern, arctic appearance.

Given how difficult it is to earn the Hunter Of Stormfishes commendation, receiving two adorable rods is an excellent reward.

4. Legendary Fishing Rod

This rod is yet another appropriate award for those who persevered long enough to become legendary in the Sea of Thieves.

When you acquire the rank of Pirate Legend, you can purchase this Legendary Fishing Rod.

Additionally, it has the recognisable deep purple grip that is characteristic of the entire set.

Other crews should think twice before bothering you when you’re out fishing because this boat has a terrifying green skull on top and gold trim around the reel.

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When they shoot a cannonball at your face, at the very least, you can tell yourself that!

3. Ghost Fishing Rod

You can obtain this eerie flashing fishing pole when you’re a Pirate Legend and deliver 50 fish to the Hunter’s Call.

However, are you foolish or bold enough to utilise it at night?

The reel has sharp spikes that you can hook your fingers on, and the grip is made of twisted metal, giving this rod a really distinct theme.

This apparatus also gives off a strong glow. Use it with caution once the sun sets.

Even if you are a Pirate Legend, fishing puts you at risk.

You can even attract players who want to convert you into a ghost themselves if you’re not careful!

2. Silver Blade Fishing Rod

This is the rod you want if you want one that you almost certainly won’t ever see another person using.

if you have one extra year.

An stunning silver rod skin with light purple accents and shimmering aqua gems is called the Silver Blade Fishing Rod.

The caveat is that in order to get it, you must play the Insider build of the game for an hour every week for a total of 51 weeks.

There is no way to accelerate that.

This is a serious candidate for the game’s most attractive rod.

But because of the harsh unlock requirements, most people will never see it.

1. Forsaken Ashes Fishing Rod

This piece of gear is perfect if you want a fishing rod that stands out from the competition and has an unlock required that will offer you some interesting tales to tell.

At first glance, the Forsaken Ashes Fishing Rod might not seem like much.

It’s just sitting there with a simple grip and reel, after all.

However, it contains a few hot metal components in that pattern, and most importantly, this rod’s line also glows!

That would seem to a shrewd pirate to be attracting unwanted attention to your ship.

I see it as a means of inspiring envy in all other pirates and fishermen!