How to Get Pets in Sea of Thieves

Pets can be purchased from the Pets tab in the Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium menu, which is the game’s online shop where pets, outfits, weapons, ship customization options, and more can be purchased.

Head to the Pirate Emporium and go into the Pets tab.

Here, you’ll find Dog pets, Cat pets, and Bird pets. Each pet will run you about $5 worth of doubloons.

Life at sea can be lonely, but players of Sea of Thieves are lucky because Rare has made it possible for them to buy furry friends to sail with.

Pirate favorites like parrots and monkeys are possible pets, but so are dogs and cats.

Even though pets aren’t very useful in Sea of Thieves, they are still fun and can be used in many different ways.

They won’t fight with you or bring you treasure, but they’re fun to play with and change. Each kind of pet comes in different breeds, colours, and acts in different ways.

How To Buy Pets In Sea Of Thieves


In Sea of Thieves, it’s pretty easy to get pets. Players will need to go to the Pirate Emporium, a shop in the game where they can trade Ancient Coins for different items.

Ancient Coins are meant to be bought in small amounts through microtransactions. However, you can also get them by killing Ancient Skeletons or moving through the Plunder Pass.

You will need either 499 or 649 Ancient Coins for each pet. For example, 550 Ancient Coins can be bought from the Microsoft Store or the Steam Store for $5.99.

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Once a pet is bought, it can be put on any Pet Chest in the world. Pet Chests can be found on ships or near Pirate Emporium shops at each Outpost. People can also use these chests to choose outfits for their pets.

When a player equips a pet, they will give it a name, but they can change it whenever they want. At Pet Chests, players can also switch out their active pets.

As for prices, pets that cost 499 Ancient Coins are usually the more common, real-world cosmetic options for pets, like calico cats, azure macaws, or cloudy capuchin monkeys.

The mythical options for 649 Ancient Coin are the ones that cost more. There are skeleton pets, cursed pets, pets with pirate themes, and many other interesting choices.

When players go shopping, they can also think about buying outfits for their pets for 249 Ancient Coins each.

What To Do With Pets In Sea Of Thieves

There are a lot of things that players can do with their pets, but as we’ve already said, they’re all just for fun and won’t help them in any way.

Players can talk to their pets to pick them up, and then they can use the primary use button to pet them. When players aren’t holding them, pets will wander around their ships to different hangout spots or follow them around when they’re on land.

When a player is holding an animal, they can choose to put it on top of many places to hang out on ships and outposts by interacting with the place while holding their pet.

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When pets are left alone on ships, they will go to these spots. Depending on the species, these spots will be different.

Monkeys and parrots have a lot more places to hang out than cats and dogs do because they can sit on railings, bannisters, bells, and other things that cats and dogs can’t.

There are also pet emotes that pets can use to respond to what the player does. These things are:

  • Angry – when the ship crashes
  • Cheer – when the player digs up some treasure, or the pet eats food it likes
  • Clap – when the ship bills ring
  • Dance – when the player plays a musical instrument
  • Eating – when food is fed to them
  • Make Friends – only in response to a player making the “Make Friends” emote
  • Morning – when a new day starts
  • Point – only in response to a player pointing
  • Scared – when the pet is afraid of something, which could include enemies, lightning, or gunshots
  • Sit – only when a player does a “Sit” emote
  • Sleep – when the pet is at select perching surfaces around a ship
  • Taunt – only in response to a player taunting
  • Vomiting – when the pet eats something they do not like
  • Wave – only in response to a player waving

Most of these emotes can be triggered by the player making the corresponding emote since pets will try to mimic players.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, pets can be put into cannons and shot out of them. Don’t worry, they’ll be fine. Soon, they’ll come back covered in soot.

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They will teleport back to the player once the player gets to their destination, so they don’t need to worry if their pet isn’t back after a few minutes.