15 Best Spyglass Skins in Sea Of Thieves

The Spyglass is your best friend in Sea of Thieves if you don’t want to be caught off guard.

A habit of entering your crow’s nest to look across the horizon can mean the difference between becoming the hunter or the hunted.

A lot of new players undervalue how useful this item is.

You ought to use the spyglass frequently, so it goes without saying that you’ll need one that looks the part.

15. Venomous Kraken Spyglass

The Venomous Kraken Spyglass is a Spyglass cosmetic variant from the Venomous Kraken Set.

“Watch the waves for tell-tale signs of a looming Kraken!”

14. Thriving Wild Rose Spyglass

The Thriving Wild Rose Spyglass is a Spyglass cosmetic variant from the Thriving Wild Rose Set.

“A spyglass this pretty will surely always spot the finest treasures.”

13. Gold Hoarders Spyglass

The Gold Hoarders Spyglass is a Spyglass cosmetic variant from the Gold Hoarders Set.

“A very useful tool for assessing the worth of tantalizing treasures spotted on distant shores…”

12. Ghost Spyglass

The Ghost Spyglass is a Spyglass cosmetic variant from the Ghost Set.

“They say this spyglass lets you see the dead.

Not true. When you look into it, the dead can see you.”

11. Ocean Crawler Spyglass

The Ocean Crawler Spyglass is a Spyglass cosmetic variant from the Ocean Crawler Set.

“This shelly spyglass could be useful for spotting giant enemy crabs. Purely theoretical, sadly.”

10. Dark Adventurers Spyglass

The Dark Adventurers set is a long-term objective for many people, just after becoming a pirate legend and amassing mountains of gold.

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This also applies to the Spyglass.

So for just over a million Gold, Pirate Legends can purchase this Dark Adventurers Spyglass, which comes with a stylish black spyglass covered in red jewels and a red skull on the front.

Similar to the Reaper’s Heart Spyglass, this crimson lens is just decorative.

But it still looks fantastic in the hands of any pirate.

The Dark Adventurers Spyglass, which is likely the most costly Spyglass in the game, has your name on it if you’re all about the gold.

9. Dawn Hunter Spyglass

Don’t be deceived by this exquisite Spyglass.

Just remember that if you see a pirate clutching something, they undoubtedly spilled a lot of blood to get it.

The Dawn Hunter Spyglass has a gorgeous deep purple coating, and there isn’t another spyglass that looks quite like it.

You’ll need to have quite the nasty streak, though, as selling 240 goods while flying the Reapers Bones Flag is a must if you want to have a chance at acquiring one for yourself.

Of course, you might be a calm Reaper.

Where is the joy in that, though?

8. Silver Blade Spyglass

One of the loveliest and most eye-catching items in the entire game is this last Spyglass on the list.

However, it will take a very long time to unlock.

The Silver Blade Spyglass is a stunning piece of equipment with a distinctive color combination of white, silver, and blue that you will not find in any other set.

Why is there a catch?

Well, unlocking it takes practically a year!

Only Pirates who use the game’s Insider build have access to this (you can sign up for it on the official Sea of Thieves website from that link).

And you have to play for at least an hour per week for 48 weeks to get this spyglass!

Only the most dedicated gamers should try to acquire this, but for those who put in the effort, it is a fantastic reward.

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7. Parrot Spyglass

If you possess a parrot and aspire to own “that kind” of pet, then… You’re in luck, I suppose.

With the Parrot Spyglass, you can also decorate your equipment in a parrot-themed manner, as you can already do with your ship.

With its feather engravings and giant parrot head decal on the lens cover, this Spyglass is everything but inconspicuous.

However, considering how loud parrots can be, I doubt that subtlety is our goal.

This is a requirement to accompany your feathered companion.

6. The Victorious Sea Dog Spyglass

This Spyglass merits a spot on the list due to its peculiar unlock condition, but it’s also a gorgeous piece of gear on top of that.

The Triumphant Sea Dog Spyglass is eye-catching, stylish, and vibrant.

You must unearth 30 treasure chests before this Spyglass is available for purchase. The strange thing is that you must use the Glorious Sea Dog Shovel in particular to do it.

All players can purchase this Shovel for 2600 Gold, however if you want a Spyglass that most players aren’t aware of, this is a wonderful one to try to obtain.

5. Ruffian Sea Dog Spyglass

Even while Sea of Thieves cosmetics can often be bizarre, fantastical, and odd, there is always a choice for purists.

The Ruffian Sea Dog Spyglass costs 3800 Gold and has a worn-out leather cover and wrap that give it a well-used appearance.

If you’ve been a pirate for a while, you are aware of how quickly and how rough the seas may become.

This Spyglass is to be looked at if you prefer substance over style.

4. A historic spyglass

The Tall Tale about stargazing should have come with an excellent Spyglass as a reward, so it made sense.

When you complete all of the commendations in “The Stars of a Thief” Tall Tale, you are awarded The Ancient Spyglass.

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Most crews will require some time to complete this task because the Tall Tale must be cleared at least five times. And because the Tall Tales alter slightly when you repeat them, this can be a little challenging.

The reward is a unique spyglass made of stone, allowing you to view the seas through a square rather than a circle.

3. Rum Bottle Spyglass

Although many of you undoubtedly can’t control your alcohol intake, you can at least act so using the following Spyglass on our list.

Exactly as it sounds, the Rum Bottle Spyglass looks like:

It doesn’t merely appear to be something you “borrowed” from the Tavern because the rum bottle is haphazardly shaped and hastily wrapped at the end.

You’ll need the Art of the Trickster award from defeating the sixth Tall Tale if you want to look like the ultimate sea drunk with this in hand.

2. Reaper Heart Spyglass

You might believe anything you want about Reapers, but you can’t deny that their cosmetics are amazing.

The only place to purchase the Reaper’s Heart Spyglass is the Pirate Emporium.

It also has a terrifying crimson lens, glowing red shards, and a gold wrap.

This Spyglass still looks excellent up close and is a wonderful match for when you’re sailing under the Reapers Bones flag, but I wish the lens gave out a red glitter instead of the customary white.

1. Notorious Merchant Spyglass

When undertaking missions for the Merchant Alliance, you must keep your eyes wide open because they send you all over the world, repeatedly placing your ship in danger.

So it makes sense that you get the Notorious Merchant Spyglass after leveling them up to 50.

The distinctive blue, white, and gold color palette that is associated with the Merchant Alliance is present in this spyglass.

Additionally, it’s a welcome contrast from the often Sea of Thieves cosmetics’ gloomy and dull hues.