19 Best Outfits in Sea of Thieves

The player’s outfits in Sea of Thieves represent their progression, therefore it’s important for them to look fantastic while showcasing their talents.

The player’s performance in a battle is unaffected by the costumes they wear in Sea of Thieves, but they still look great.

There are so many sets available that gamers are frequently urged to either mix and match sets or pick a set that goes well with their crew and ship.

Along with tattoos, curses, and other features, wardrobe customization is only one of the numerous ways players in Sea of Thieves can give their pirates a unique look.

New clothing and costumes are constantly being added to this ever-evolving game, but some are unquestionably cooler than others.

With the Season 7 captaincy upgrade and community social media competitions like the #StyleOfThieves contest, Sea of Thieves is placing an increased emphasis on player customization.

This may have some players excitedly suiting up and booting their pirates in anticipation.

19. Rogue Sea Dog Set

When you take the previous one to the launderer and discover that, sure, the red was simply dry blood, this is what occurs.

But don’t worry, dressing in white doesn’t lessen your menacing presence.

Something about deadly white things, like the White Whale, Moby Dick, makes them particularly terrifying.

They will never forget you since you are both majestic and terrifying.

You must first earn a reputation of 49 with the Order of Souls before you may purchase this excellent suit of clothing from the General Clothing store.

18. Ceremonial Admiral

There is always someone who loves the colour red so much that they want every piece of their clothing to reflect it, regardless of the group of people or the time period.

If this describes you, then this regal costume, which was secretly stolen from a Red-coat captain, is the solution to your prayers.

It is neat and well-kept, and you can get it in the General Clothing store for a reasonable price.

Although you don’t need a military career to obtain it, you do need to have a Merchant Alliance reputation level of 49 before it becomes accessible. Get to work!

17. A Kraken Set

This attire is gloomy and menacing, fitting for followers of a sea-god cult.

It’s for those who, more than just overcoming the Kraken, actually become it.

The set’s component pieces are some of the easiest to combine with various clothes if you want to blend in with the crowd without showing off your cultish tendencies.

The General Clothing store is where you may get the Kraken outfit.

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16. Executive Admiral Set

Military sailors rebelling against their authority and turning becoming pirates was not unusual during the height of piracy.

The Executive Admiral set resembles something a captain who just underwent a conversion might wear.

The military-inspired dignity of the dark blue uniform with red accents is likely to instil discipline and order in your staff.

Of course, you may get it from the General Clothing store without having to enter the Queen’s Navy. Simply don’t inquire as to where they obtained it.

15. The Sailor Set

Anyone you encounter in the great waters will be informed of this by your default attire.

There isn’t much that is more “pirate” than this. This set is available to everyone right away, although some pirates never outgrow it.

They won’t ever know if you’re a landlubber or a seasoned navigator. Out at sea, there is never a dull moment.

14. Black Dog outfit set

This all-black captain’s suit might be the one for you if you’re looking for something more formal.

Something about a pirate dressed in all-black attire never seems to get old.

The fact that each component of this clothing is neutral and can be used to finish other outfits as needed is a really wonderful feature.

This clothing is a valuable asset for anyone interested in pirate fashion because black works with everything.

Unfortunately, this collection is only accessible to those individuals who pre-ordered the game.

13. Imperial Sovereign Outfit

Although there is no practical armour in Sea of Thieves, one outfit set will convince the crew that they are well-protected against bothersome skeletons. Additionally, it will give them a sense of increased wealth and possibly sophistication.

From the helmet to the breastplate to the golden-tipped shoes, the Imperial Sovereign set has gold-plated armour. It makes up for the lack of golden metal by using golden silks for the belt and arms.

When it catches the sun, it appears to be at its strongest and most regal. It’s ideal for a pirate looking for gold or a would-be knight.

12. Fearless Bone Crusher Outfits And Bone Crusher Gear

The Bone Crusher or Fearless Bonecrusher green variation sets may not be the most practical attire to wear when at sea, but they give the impression that the crew has participated in a significant number of skeleton conflicts.

Nearly every piece of this gear has bones attached to it in both sets, and the poor pirate is even made to walk on what appears to be a spine, which is obviously uncomfortable.

Even though just a little portion of the original Bone Crusher design is still in existence, both designs, including the hook, cap, and shoulders, result in a horrifying ensemble with bones flaunted like a trophy. The entire crew will look the part if you deck it out with skull face paint.

11. Wailing Barnacle Set

When a fresh crew first enters the Sea of Thieves, they frequently go for the brightest ship and attire they can find.

Players that are competent in battle may find this to be wonderful because other players may easily see the ship, but players who are less adept at PVP may prefer a subtle yet stylish ship design and attire.

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The Silent Barnacle outfit is a variation of the classic Wailing Barnacle set and resembles typical pirate garb while sporting tiny barnacles on the jacket, gloves, eyepatch, and other appropriate places.

It has great colours and is subtle enough to blend in while maintaining the feeling of a true pirate.

10. Outfit Ferry Of The Damned

The Ferry of the Damned is a place no one wants to be, especially since it often indicates that their ship or crew is in danger. It ranges from subtle to lethal.

There isn’t much to do there besides disturb the Ferryman, who has such fantastic looks that it isn’t strange that some players would wish to resemble him.

They can with the Ferry of the Damned set. It has a greenish tint and appears to have come from the darkest part of that anxious ship.

Anyone who feels as though they spend their entire life on the ferry might now have a sense of belonging.

9. Wrecker Wrangler and Lionfish costumes

The crew will not at all appear to be fearsome pirates thanks to the outrageously garish Lionfish costume. They could even be able to swim alongside the fish instead of on their ship if they do this.

But what crew wouldn’t want to resemble a rainbow-coloured Lionfish? One of the funnier clothes, it includes a terrific mask to conceal the pirate’s identity and is well worth the Ancient Coins.

The Wrecker Wrangler costume is a comparable, more recent addition. With its spiked appearance and sharp-toothed headpiece, it exudes more savage emotions and is undoubtedly worth a jump-scare underwater.

8. Bombardier barrel costume

Barrels of gunpowder can be a pirate’s best friend or deadliest enemy. Fighting a gang of skeletons only to hear a fuse go off behind the crew is the worst possible situation.

They are dangerous objects, but if handled properly, they can easily work in the pirate’s favour.

The crew might wish to treat themselves to the Barrel Bombardier set once they have mastered using this equipment.

Since the majority of the outfit is made from a gunpowder barrel, it’s ideal for those who are fond of them. It looks amazing and exudes an explosive crew.

7. Jack O’ Looter Costume

This outfit is ideal for anyone who enjoys Halloween or desires to seem as a pumpkin, especially in light of the earlier release of the awesome Jack O’ Looter cannons.

In either case, this is a fantastic costume that would fit a bandit or pirate ruler made of pumpkins. It has awesome colours, a cool cap, and a spooky cool coat.

Although it costs 999 Ancient Coins, this costume is unquestionably special and definitely worth purchasing for those with extra coins.

Many people won’t want to miss this eye-catching attire, especially lovers of Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

6. Midnight Blades Mask And Crimson Crypt Costume

The Crimson Crypt outfit is not brand-new, but it might catch the attention of players who are excited about autumn and Halloween.

One of the few masked outfits in the game, the ensemble is available for purchase from the Pirate Emporium and contains a scary plague-doctor-looking mask, cap, and glowing red eye.

The Midnight Blades Mask, which is the same shade of black, may appeal to players who desire a mask for their character to go with various clothing.

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By adding a stolen map bundle to their ship’s mission table and earning the Stolen Secrets commendation, players can access it. Simple but powerful.

5. Forsaken Ashes And Ashen Dragon Outfit Sets

The Forsaken Ashes costume set has just emerged from the flames. It has flaming parts that appear to have been pulled from the lava of an active volcano but is subtle enough to pass for a rather ordinary outfit. The majority of players won’t want to remove the set’s distinctive hook or hat.

Similar options include the Ashen Dragon outfit, which features burned, shimmering flecks. The Ashen Dragon Jacket may be obtained by earning the Tome of Curses 2 Ashen Treasures Commendation.

Both sets make a crew appear extremely formidable when used with the Forsaken Ashes or Ashen Dragon ship sets.

4. Jack Sparrow, The Captain Classical Attire

For those who adore the Pirates of the Caribbean series and want to sail as the renowned pirate, players may still acquire the Captain Jack Sparrow classic costume released in the Season 3 Pirate’s Life update from the Pirate Emporium as part of a bundle package.

It has possibilities for both beards and without beards and unquestionably looks awesome, especially when pirates are sailing with the Black Pearl ship set or donning the whole crew set.

3. Reapers Bones Costume

A steadfast fan favourite, The Reaper’s Bones is a representation of the evil Trading Company The Reapers. With its spooky golden mask and assassin-style, hooded attire, it’s simple to understand why.

Once players have increased their Reaper level, they can purchase it from the Servant of the Flame at the Reaper’s Hideout for 68,300 gold coins.

The Reaper’s Bones costume is ideal for pirates that prefer PVP and want to look the part of a spymaster of stealth while sailing as an emissary for the Reapers searching for Reaper Chests.

2. The Athena Fortune Costume And The Ghost Clothing Set

Only available to Pirate Legends, the Ghost apparel items are distinguished from other sets by their eerie green trim. It’s a gorgeously eerie set that pays homage to earlier pirates.

The Athena’s Fortune outfit stands out in the Ghost set because of strategically placed chains, feathery plumage, and flashing green streaks that light brightly in the dark, making players practically stand out from the crowd.

The similarly sought-after Soulflame set, which costs a costly 1 million in-game gold and requires the Vanquished of the Damned commendation, is more difficult to get than the Ghost set.

1. The Legendary Set for Pirate Legends

Even though the Legendary costume set is not the most ornate or vividly coloured garment in the game, its significance is more important.

Since the player may combine this attire with Season 7’s violet Courage of Captaincy set, it signifies that they have finally attained Pirate Legend and are a skilled player in this free environment.

The gloves of this suit are surrounded by some gleaming golden chains, which tie together the lovely purple and gold pattern and give any pirate a majestic appearance.

Any Pirate Legend can proudly display how far they’ve gone in this attire.