How to get Ancient Coins in a Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, Ancient Coins are one of the three main types of money that players can get.

It is less common than Gold and Doubloons, but much more valuable because it is the currency used in the Pirate Emporium, where players can buy pets, ships, and other things.

If players are willing to spend real money, it’s easy to get a lot of Ancient Coins, but there are cheaper and more fun ways to get them.

Aside from microtransactions, there are two main ways to get Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves. Players can either kill Ancient Skeletons, which will drop Ancient Coins, or use their Plunder Pass to get them as seasonal rewards.

Both of these things are easier to say than to do, though, so players should know what they’re getting into before choosing one or the other.

How to Purchase Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves

By far, the fastest and easiest way to get Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves is to buy them at the Pirate Emporium or the Microsoft Store.

The Pirate Emporium can be reached from the Sea of Thieves main menu. In Adventure Mode’s Outposts and Arena Mode’s Glorious Sea Dogs Tavern, they can also find a Pirate Emporium employee.

Ancient Coins are almost always bought in groups, whether they are bought at the Pirate Emporium or the Microsoft Store. These things are:

  • Secret Stash of the Ancients (150 Ancient Coins) – $1.99 USD
  • Lost Chest of the Ancients (550 Ancient Coins) – $5.99 USD
  • Hidden Trove of the Ancients (1,000 Ancient Coins) – $9.99 USD
  • Royal Treasury of the Ancients (2,550 Ancient Coins) – $22.99 USD
  • Glittering Tribute of the Ancients (4,250 Ancient Coins) – $34.99 USD
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The best deal is the Glittering Tribute of the Ancients, which makes each Ancient Coin worth about 0.82 of a cent.

However, players who just want a furry or feathered friend to pet while adventuring will probably find the Lost Chest of the Ancients to be the cheapest and most useful option.

Before buying Ancient Coins, players should check the Pirate Emporium to see what it has for the month and how much it will cost to get it.

Keep in mind that, with the exception of most pets, stock changes every month. It may be best for a player to wait to buy something until they see something they really want.

How To Get Ancient Coins In Sea Of Thieves

How to get Ancient Coins in a Sea of Thieves

Killing Ancient Skeletons

This is probably the most common way to get Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves since Ancient Skeletons drop a lot of coins when they die.

Ancient Skeletons are easy to spot because they are blue and gold and have big bags of Ancient Coins on their backs. When killed, they will drop one of three levels of rewards:

  • Skeleton’s Ancient Stash: 100-200 Ancient Coins
  • Skeleton’s Ancient Fortune: 200-400 Ancient Coins
  • Skeleton’s Ancient Hoard: 400-800 Ancient Coins

As you might expect, the rarer drops come from the higher levels. Ancient Skeletons can appear in any fort, sea fort, or island where there are players.

They will appear one at a time, not in groups, and they will be gone in 20 seconds, so players need to act quickly when they see one.

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Ancient Skeletons have the same amount of health as regular Skeletons, but they can’t be hurt by firebombs or damage from the environment.

On islands, Ancient Skeletons spawn instead of the regular waves of Emergent Skeletons, which happen every 1-3 minutes or so. If there are more people in the area, this rate may be higher.

If players notice that the number of Emergent Skeletons is going down, they can leave the island and leave the title card’s range before coming back to reset the spawn rate.

Ancient Skeleton spawns are completely random, so you won’t be able to grind them over and over again.

The players might get lucky and find a few of these guys in an hour, or they might not find any. Just try to move toward places where there are a lot of bones and wait for what will happen.

Earning Rewards

The Plunder Pass is just one of the many things that can be bought at the Pirate Emporium. This is a pass that lets players collect Renown and get Ancient Coins as rewards.

The pass itself costs 999 Ancient Coins, so players will either have to kill a few Ancient Skeletons first or pay $10 for a bundle of 1000 coins.

It will cost 999 Ancient Coins to buy, but the rewards can easily make up for this over time. Also, players who buy the Plunder Pass will be able to buy premium and seasonal items in the Pirate Emporium earlier than other players.

Each season, players will be able to level up their Renown through 100 levels just by playing normally. Players earn Renown by fighting, finding treasure, or going to islands.

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As players level up, they will get Ancient Coins as rewards. When the next season starts, players will have even more chances to get Ancient Coins because their Renown will reset.


Many people don’t like the idea of microtransactions, but if a player just wants to buy one thing from the Pirate Emporium, it’s the fastest way to do it.

This is the only way for players to get the Plunder Pass if they don’t want to grind for random and rare Ancient Skeletons.

All of these prices are the same in both the Microsoft Store and the Steam Store:

  • Secret Stash of Ancients (150 Ancient Coins) – $1.99
  • Lost Chest of the Ancients (550 Ancient Coins) – $5.99
  • Hidden Trove of the Ancients (1000 Ancient Coins) – $9.99
  • Royal Treasury of the Ancients (2550 Ancient Coins) – $22.99
  • Glittering Tribute of the Ancients (4250 Ancient Coins) – $34.99

Ancient Coins can be purchased from the Microsoft Store under “Add-ons for this game”, or from the Sea of Thieves Item Store in the Steam Store.