15 Best Blunderbuss Skins in Sea Of Thieves

You’ll fit right in with the Blunderbuss if you’re the kind of pirate who prefers to resolve disputes face-to-face.

Because it is the only weapon that can instantly kill its target, this one is terrifying up close.

And considering that it’s probably the last thing your opponent sees… bring them to the Ferry of the Damned with a nice one, please!

The top Blunderbuss skins in Sea of Thieves are listed below.

15. Azure Ocean Crawler Blunderbuss

The Azure Ocean Crawler Blunderbuss is a Blunderbuss cosmetic variant from the Azure Ocean Crawler Set.

“Blow crustacean haters away with this briney blunderbuss!”

14. Venomous Kraken Blunderbuss

The Venomous Kraken Blunderbuss is a Blunderbuss cosmetic variant from the Venomous Kraken Set.

“This blunderbuss promises to spit lead as effectively as a Kraken spits out chewed pirates.”

13. Gold Hoarders Blunderbuss

The Gold Hoarders Blunderbuss is a Blunderbuss cosmetic variant from the Gold Hoarders Set.

“A blunderbuss so opulent, you’ll feel wealthier just by being shot with it.”

12. Wicked Web Blunderbuss

The Wicked Web Blunderbuss is a Blunderbuss cosmetic variant from the Wicked Web Set.

“If this is pointed at you, you have a lot more to fear than lurking spiders.”

11. Soulflame Blunderbuss

  • Cost: 500,000 Gold
  • Location: Athena’s Fortune Shop
  • Unlocking Requirements: Become a Pirate Legend + Complete Fort of the Damned 25 times

The Soulflame Blunderbuss is a Blunderbuss cosmetic variant from the Soulflame Set.

“The glow from within this blunderbuss is almost serene… at least until you pull the trigger.”

10. Wild Rose Blunderbuss

The majority of Sea of Thieves cosmetics leave elegance and sophistication at the port.

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But if that’s the appearance you’re going for, this weapon is for you.

The Wild Rose Blunderbuss is a stunning weapon with a rose on top, wrapped in scarlet and covered in layers of gold.

To add some sophistication to the waters and demonstrate what for, you might base your pirate motif and ship around this pistol.

9. Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss

A Megalodon with pink fins and light skin is mentioned in legend as being very rare.

But since it’s so uncommon, you probably won’t ever see it. So in its place, here is a blunderbuss!

The only place to buy the Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss is at the Pirate Emporium.

It has sharp harpoons at the front and, from what I can tell, what appears to be the mythological beast’s actual flesh on top.

That white flesh might have come from anywhere, for all anyone knows. You’re a pirate, though!

Make up a story about how you defeated the legend and survived.

8. The Cronch Blunderbuss

And I believe I’ve just discovered my preferred banana use.

The Cronch Blunderbuss is, um, themed after bananas.

Additionally, it is unique among Blunderbuss skins.

You’ll be delivering your opponent their five a day at once with this gem, which comes complete with leaves, a brilliant yellow barrel, and a banana wrapped around the stock.

This is known as the “banana-buss” in the game’s description. Why wouldn’t you want it?

7. Kraken Blunderbuss

The Kraken is one tenacious creature.

So having some weaponry based on it is fantastic.

The only thing I don’t like about this one is that it doesn’t resemble any Kraken I’ve ever seen!

Another fantastic yet distinctive weapon is the Kraken Blunderbuss, which has a disgusting eyeball adorning the side and pink and purple stock.

The top’s pointed spike is rather helpful for aiming.

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The Kraken didn’t have eyes the last time I checked, but this blunderbuss looks fantastic. In light of this, I wonder what they slaughtered to construct this one.

6. Grand Admiral Blunderbuss

Sometimes simplicity is beautiful.

You can be the exception to the rule with this weapon, which is renowned for being clumsy and heavy-handed.

On the Sea of Thieves, these qualities are hard to come by, but the Grand Admiral Blunderbuss possesses all three.

Additionally, the top of it is ridged, which makes aiming a little bit simpler.

Even the toughest pirates are easy to beat with it, even though it looks more like a decoration than a weapon.

5. Frozen Ashes Blunderbuss

The Frozen Ashes Blunderbuss is the coldest weapon you can use to kill some pirates in cold blood.

The Frozen Ashes Blunderbuss was a Season 2 award for earning Renown Level 15, therefore as of this writing, it is not for sale. I’m crossing my fingers that it will soon arrive at the Weaponsmith’s store!

In any case, it is beautiful skin. The Blunderbuss has an icy glowing barrel and is covered with ice.

With this, you’ll be identified from a great distance.

But hey, you can always try to use it close up to blind your opponent.

4. Dawn Hunter Blunderbuss

One of the most attractive weapons in the game, it has a layer of dark purple paint that covers the entire thing, like Deadly Nightshade.

Never believe a pirate carrying anything like this; they might have shed a lot of blood to get it.

You can only buy the Dawn Hunter Blunderbuss once you’ve earned the Grade 4 Plundered Prizes Commendation.

You can obtain this by giving the Reapers Bones 480 things from other factions.

If you see a pirate with this rifle, they might have just turned over whatever loot they have amassed. But they may have also brutally sold their loot for it while slaughtering hundreds of crews.

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You won’t be able to say for sure, but the color from Deadly Nightshade might be more fitting than you think!

3. Fearless Bone Crusher Blunderbuss

This strange-looking rifle seems like it was taken out of a science fiction video game and never returned.

It’s still a great-looking skin to hunt down though.

The Fearless Bone Crusher Blunderbuss appears to be constructed from a sea monster’s spine, and for good measure, a pair of tusks were added.

It is one of the game’s scariest-looking weapons. And the pirate you point it towards will fare even worse!

I tried using the tusks as a melee weapon, but regrettably, it didn’t work.

2. Blunderbuss of the Ashen Dragon

You’re in luck if you wish to control the Ashen lords’ power!

The Blunderbuss of the Ashen Dragon is wrapped in a massive, fiery dragon, and boy does that monster stick out.

You shouldn’t use this weapon on any covert missions. But if you want to use a dragon’s strength in battle and aren’t frightened to be seen, you can’t defeat the Blunderbuss of the Ashen Dragon.

Oh, and to unlock it, you must acquire every Tome of Fire. Additionally, those are chance drops from Ashen Chests, so you might need to dig around.

1. Dark Adventurers Blunderbuss

The appearance of this weapon is more akin to an elaborate cannon than a sloppy blunderbuss.

And the cost of those decorations is high!

The Dark Adventurers Blunderbuss costs 2,551,500 Gold, which, like the rest of the set, will put a dent in even the wealthiest pirate’s pocketbook.

And until you attain the rank of Pirate Legend, you won’t even be given the option to obtain it.

However, you receive a slick, orderly instrument of murder for your money, complete with deep crimson gems and a scary red skull over the top.

This is a long-term goal to pursue if you enjoy utilizing the blunderbuss.