Sea of Thieves: Items Every Pirate Needs

Sea of Thieves is a first-person multiplayer game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox consoles and Windows 10.

The game was first playable during Closed Beta in the last part of January 2018.

It was fully released on March 20, 2018 as a game for Xbox One and Windows 10, via Microsoft Store, and later became available through Steam on June 3, 2020.

It was also one of the earliest first-party games released for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

This category is for items found in Sea of Thieves that every pirate needs.


The following page lists all types of Items available in Sea of Thieves.

Player Items

The following are all the Items that the players have in their Arsenal and Inventory.

All of these items can be customized with reskins.

A list of all the customization variations can be found at the Cosmetic Sets page.


These are the various articles of Clothing that the Player can wear. Additional customization variants can be bought at the General Clothing Shop.

Clothing items can be equipped and switched at the Clothing Chest.

  • Belt – A wearable Belt, that covers the waist.
  • Boots – Wearable Boots or wrappings. Boots make a different sound from naked feet.
  • Dress – A more feminine clothing article, can be worn by both sexes. Overrides Jackets and Shirts.
  • Gloves – To not make your hands dirty from those dirty Bilge Rats, wear Gloves!
  • Hat – Every captain needs a hat. Hats cover up most Hairstyles, however longer hair still retains its form under hats.
  • Jacket – Something to cover your upper body. Open-fronted jackets display the worn Shirt.
  • Shirt – A shirt is optional if you want to show off your battle scars and cool Tattoos, however, hairless pirates may want to cover up their unmanly body. with something simple.
  • Bottoms – Pants/skirt for covering up (a part of) the legs of a pirate.
  • Underwear – Give your underwear a new look with these dyes.
  • Costumes – Put on a whole-body Costume to follow a set style.

Vanity Items

These are the various Vanity effects you can apply to your Player Pirate. Additional customization variants can be bought at the General Clothing Shop.

Vanity items can be equipped and switched at the Vanity Chest.

  • Beard – Every fearsome Pirate needs a fearsome Beard. Both sexes can rock chin-hair in Sea of Thieves.
  • Curses – These are the Cursed effects that embody the Pirate that’s been through some strange Tales.
  • Eyepatch – Wear an Eyepatch to cover an empty hole, which once had an eyeball.
  • Hair – Want short hair, long hair, wavy hair, braids, dreadlocks or no hair at all? This game has you covered.
  • Hair Dye – A selection of dyes for your Hair and Beard, if you have any at all. Also dyes the eyebrows!
  • Hook – Want to show your world-weariness? Lost your hand in a battle? No problem!
  • Makeup – To entertain both your feminine side or the battle-paint side, the choice is yours!
  • Peg – Another option to show off your world-weariness. This one replaces a foot with a fashionable Peg.
  • Scars – Only the toughest Pirates who have been through the hardest struggles can sport these Scars.
  • Tattoos – Show everyone your preferred ink paintings. A bare body is recommended!
  • Titles – Earned through gaining favour, Reputation or Commendations when sailing the Sea of Thieves.
  • Emotes – Every player starts out with a handful of Emotes, however extra Emotes can be purchased via the Pirate Emporium.


These are all the Tools that every player has at hand to take on various challenges on the seas. Additional customization variants can be bought at the Equipment Shop.

A player can change the look of any Equipment item at the Equipment Chest.

  • Compass: Used to determine your current direction or to count steps.
  • Bucket: Used to bail water out of a leaking ship, and to catch vomit from drunken pirates, which can be thrown at other players to temporarily block their vision.
  • Lantern: Used as a portable light source. Various tones of Flames can be acquired and spread around the ship with a Lantern!
  • Shovel: Used to dig for various hidden Treasure or Bait for Fishing.
  • Spyglass: Used to see far off in the distance. Head up to a Ship’s Crow’s Nest to get the best vantage point. The Spyglass glints in the light, giving out a player’s position when used.
  • Speaking Trumpet: Used to communicate with players from a distance.
  • Tankard: Used to drink Grog, get drunk and share good times.
  • Pocket Watch: Used to tell the time and date. The Merchant Alliance lives by this Tool.
  • Fishing Rod: Used to catch various Fish.

These are the various Instruments used to perform different shanties either alone or together. The first Instrument to start playing takes the lead role, with every other player supporting the Melody with backing chords or beats. The Lead can be given to another player when the first player stops playing. A player can change the look of any Instrument at the Equipment Chest.

  • Hurdy-Gurdy: A bowed String Instrument, perfect for solos due to its complex sound.
  • Drum: A Percussion Instrument, great for backing up other lead instruments. The melody is whistled by the player Pirate.
  • Concertina: A Reed Instrument, great for both solos and backing chords.
  • Banjo: A String Instrument. Sounds like a six-stringer even when missing a few strings!
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These are all the Weapons available for the Player Pirate. A maximum of two Weapons can be carried at one time.

Additional Customization Variants can be purchased at the Weaponsmith’s Shop. Weapons can be switched out and (cosmetically) customized at the Armoury.

  • Cutlass: A sword with a variety of special maneuvers. It is the only melee weapon.
  • Blunderbuss: A close-range, shotgun like weapon that fires a cluster of pellets.
  • Eye of Reach: A long-range rifle with a scope that glints when used.
  • Pistol: A mid-range gun with aim-down-sights, but no scope.

Ship Customisation Items

Although these item are tied to the Ship, every Crew is inherently tied to their Ship’s location and as such, these Customization Variants can be counted as belonging to a Player’s Inventory.

New ship customization options can be purchased at the Shipwright Shop, where a player can also change the visual appearance of their Ship at the Ship Customization Chest. Flags can be put on and changed atop the Ship’s Crow’s Nest.

  • Cannons – Used to shoot at opposing Ships or Players. The Ship’s Cannons can be customized with various Cosmetic skin variants.
  • Cannon Flare – Used to dye a smoke of the ship cannon muzzle flash when fired.
  • Capstan – Used to raise and lower the Anchor. The Ship’s Capstan can be customized with various Cosmetic skin variants.
  • Figurehead – Used to give your Ship some character. Placed in front of the Bowsprit.
  • Flag – Used to announce your Ship’s intentions, either Friendly, Neutral or Hostile.
  • Wheel – The Wheel that is used to steer and maneuver the Ship. The Ship’s Wheel can be customized with various Cosmetic skin variants.
  • Hull – The Hull Livery, covering the ship’s planks from bottom to top. Various tones of paint can be applied to the Ship’s Hull.
  • Sails – The Cloth tied to the Masts, used to gain and reduce the Ship’s speed. The Sails of a ship can be customized with various Cosmetic skin variants.

Additionally, when the player becomes the Captain of their ship, the following features become customizable.

  • Captain’s Table – The Captain’s Table, used to vote on starting or canceling all manner of Voyages.
  • Captain’s Drapes – The Drapes located above the Captain’s Table, just for decoration.
  • Captain’s Bed – The Bed which is found in the captain’s cabin, or below-deck by the stove on a sloop. Used for taking a nap in order to regenerate health.
  • Captain’s Rugs – The Rugs which are found in the captain’s cabin, just for decoration.
  • Ship’s Crest – The Crest which proudly displays the name of your ship.
  • Captain’s Logbook – The Logbook which is located on the Captain’s Table, it displays some statistics for your past and current journey.
  • Ship’s Banners – The banner which displays at the top of the screen when the ship is approached for the first time or seen through a telescope.
  • Ship’s Title – The Ship’s title, which is displayed alongside the ship’s name when approached for the first time or seen through a telescope.
  • Trinkets – Small trophies and knickknacks which can be used to decorate the ship’s interior and walls, just for decoration but can be modified while at sea.
  • The following require it to be a Captained Galleon:
    • Captain’s Chair – The Chair behind the Captain’s Table, used to sit.
    • Captain’s Chandelier – The Chandelier that hangs in the middle of the Captain’s Cabin, used as a light source.
    • Captain’s Curtains – The Curtains found near the Captain’s Table on a sloop, or the Captain’s bed on any other vessel.

Pet Items

Pets are mainly available for purchase from the Pirate Emporium for Ancient Coins. All actions related to Pet and their equipment can be performed at the Pet Chest.

  • Pets – Pets can be chosen and equipped from the Pet Chest.
  • Pet Outfits – Outfits for your Pets, available from the Pet Chest.


These are all the Supply items that the Players can carry with them or aboard their Ship. Additional resources can be found inside Barrels.

Stock up on these to be prepared to face any dangers that accompany a Pirate’s life.

  • Food: Most Food items restore any lost health, with raw or under-cooked Food making the Player sick and Cooked Meat and Fish giving a health regeneration effect to the Player. The different types of Food are Fruit, Fish, Meat and Bait.
  • Cannonball: Fired out of Cannons to sink Ships and damage Players or Enemies. There are various Cursed Cannonballs used to curse Ships or Enemies, along with Chainshot to target specific parts of the Ship.
  • Wooden Plank: Used to repair any of the Ship’s sustained damage, be it holes in the Hull or cracks in the Masts.
  • Throwables: Grenade type items that can be thrown by hand.
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Stationary Items

These are all the various Objects that Player characters can Interact with in Sea of Thieves.

  • Barrels: Barrels are stocked up on Resources (Food, Wooden planks, Cannonballs) that can be withdrawn or deposited.
  • Barrels of Plenty: Barrels floating in the sea with more than average amount of Supplies (including Meat and Fish).
  • Wheel: The Helm of the Ship, used for steering and maneuvering.
  • Capstan: The tool to raise or lower a Ship’s Anchor.
  • Sail Angle Pulley: Used to angle the sails left or right to catch Wind.
  • Sail Length Cleat: Used to lower and raise Sails to increase or decrease the Ship’s speed.
  • Map Table: The Table on every Ship that holds The Sea of Thieves Map on it. Used for planning Adventures.
  • Voyage Table: The Table in the Captain’s Quarters of every Ship where one can Propose, Vote and Cancel Voyages and Tall Tales.
  • Ammo Chest: Refills the ammunition of a player’s Weapon when used.
  • Equipment Chest: Used to swap the visual appearance of a Player’s Tools and Instruments.
  • Vanity Chest: Used to equip and swap the visual appearance of a Player Pirate’s Vanity effects.
  • Clothing Chest: Used to equip and swap various wearable Clothing articles.
  • Ship Customization Chest: Used to browse, equip and swap the visual appearance of various aspects of a Crew’s Ship.
  • Ship Flag Box: Used to Browse, Equip and Swap the Flags of a Crew’s Ship.
  • Armoury: Used to Equip and Swap different Weapons and their visual appearance.
  • Pet Chest: Used to Equip and Swap Pets and Pet Outfits.
  • Cannon: Used to fire off Cannonballs or other Players. Found on Ships and fortified Islands.
  • Harpoon: A tool for maneuvering a Ship and retrieving Treasure and Players or catching Ships.
  • Lantern: Lit Lanterns on Ships and Rowboats that can be ignited or extinguished. Various tones of coloured Flames can be acquired from and put in Lanterns.
  • Water Barrel: A Barrel with a lever and a tube for pumping seawater. Can be emptied with Buckets. Useful for dealing with Fire.
  • Stove: A Stove in the Kitchen Area of every Ship for cooking Food.
  • Campfire: A Pan mounted above a campground on Islands and Outposts, has to be set up with Wooden Planks and Fire to cook Food. Gives off a black plume of smoke.
  • Bell: Bells that can be rung to notify your Crew from far away. Can be found on every Ship and some Islands. A bell will start rocking in the strong winds of a Storm.
  • Grog Barrel: A Barrel filled with Grog on Ships for refilling the Tankard and getting drunk.
  • Ladders: Wooden or Rope ladders that can be used to climb up to or down from various structures or the Crow’s Nest of the Ship.
  • Levers: Switches that are used to either activate Traps or progress Tall Tales.
  • Music Box: A small Music Box adorned with a Skeleton with a hurdy-gurdy that plays a tune, spins, and shakes about when activated. Found in Taverns and Shops.
  • Tall Tale Books: Various Books or Journals that can be used to embark on Tall Tales Adventures.
  • Journals: Journals scattered across various Locations, rewarding the player with lore and commendations.
  • Emissary Tables: Tables where Crews can vote to raise and lower their Emissary Flags.

Transportable Items

These are the various types of Items that can be hauled and carried around with you.

Note that when carrying any of these Items, the Player cannot perform any other major actions. Most of these give off a coloured glint or gleam from afar.

  • Treasure Chests: Can be found in Gold Hoarders’ quests, in Shipwrecks, randomly on Islands, and in Fortress Vaults. Turned in to the Gold Hoarders or the Reaper’s Bones in exchange for Gold and Reputation.
  • Artefacts: Small relics that can be found randomly on beaches and in fortress vaults. Can be sold to the Gold Hoarders or the Reaper’s Bones for Gold and Reputation
  • Bounty Skulls: Dropped by Skeleton Captains in Bounty Map quests, or found shored on Islands, inside Shipwrecks or inside the Fortress Vault. Can be turned into the Order of Souls or the Reaper’s Bones for Gold and Reputation.
  • Dark Relics: Artefacts emanating voodoo magic. Dug up during Dark Relic Voyages. Turned in to the Order of Souls for Gold and Reputation.
  • Gunpowder Barrels: Explosive Kegs of Gunpowder. Aside from the regular kegs, there are also Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels that are larger and more explosive. Explodes when struck or shot. Can be found on Islands, in Shipwrecks or inside the Fortress Vault. Can be turned in to the Merchant Alliance or the Reaper’s Bones for Gold and Reputation.
  • Animal Crates: Containers for catching and transporting live Chickens, Pigs, and Snakes. The Cages are acquired from Merchant Alliance Representatives when Commissioned or found on Islands. Animals are found on Large and Small Islands. Cages with Animals in them can be turned in to the Merchant Alliance in exchange for Gold and Reputation.
  • Supply Crates: Can store up to 50 Cannonballs, Wooden Planks, or Fruit. Can be found shored on Islands or inside Shipwrecks. Can be acquired from Merchant Alliance Representatives when a Commission is ordered. Can be turned in to the Merchant Alliance for Gold and Reputation when filled.
  • Trade Good Crates: Crates containing various Trade Goods. Found shored on Islands, inside Shipwrecks or the Fortress Vault. Can be sold to the Merchant Alliance in exchange for Gold and Reputation.
  • Cargo Crates: Either Plants, Cloth or Rum Bottles, found on Island shorelines or acquired from NPCs when Commissioned. Turn these in to the Merchant or the Reaper’s Bones in exchange for Gold and Reputation.
  • Athena’s Fortune Treasure: Various Treasure Items that can only be acquired from Legendary Voyages. Can be sold to the Mysterious Stranger in Taverns for Gold and Athena’s Fortune Reputation. It can also be sold to the Reaper’s Bones for Gold and Reputation as well.
  • Mermaid Gems: The cores of Cursed Mermaid Statues. Have to be wrecked free from the Statues. Can be found on Island shores, in Shipwrecks or the Fortress Vault. Can be turned in to any of the Trading Companies (with the exception of Sea Dogs) for Gold and Reputation.
  • Bilge Rats Treasure: Various unique Treasure Items that are valuable only for the Bilge Rats in Taverns or the Masked Stranger at The Reaper’s Hideout
  • Container Chests: Empty Chests that can be found shored on Islands and used as a container for carrying Artefacts, Bounty Skulls, Quest Items or Mermaid Gems. Container Chests can be turned in for a small amount of Gold and Reputation to the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, or Merchant Alliance, provided that they are empty.
  • Keys: Key Items that are used to unlock completed Fortress Vaults or locked Container Chests.
  • Quest Items: These are various Artefacts, Keys and Containers that are required for the completion of Tall Tales. With the exception of the Gold Hoarder Skull, none of these can be turned in for Gold or Reputation and only serve a purpose for the ones doing the Tall Tale.
  • Treacherous Plunder: Various Junk items that have a low chance to be caught with a Fishing Rod when not using Bait. These can be turned in to The Hunter’s Call Representatives for a very small amount of Gold and Reputation.
  • Glorious Sea Dog Chest: Available only in The Arena game mode. Worth 100 Silver when dug up and 1000 Silver when turned in to Sea Dog Agents. Silver is not converted over to Gold.
  • Box of Wondrous Secrets: An unique Treasure Chest that has a rare chance of appearing on The Devil’s Roar Islands. Can be turned in to Grace at Morrow’s Peak Outpost for 25,000 Gold.
  • Storage Crate: A special Resource Crate that can be used to carry all types of Resources, but cannot be sold.
  • Ritual Skull: A special Skull used to start the Raid at Fort of the Damned. Can be sold to the Bilge Rats for 10 .
  • Ammo Crate: A special Resource Crate that can be used to carry up to 50 Weapon Ammunition. Can be sold to the Merchant Alliance or the Reaper’s Bones for gold and reputation.
  • Firebomb Crate: A Resource Crate used to carry up to 20 Firebombs. Can be sold to the Merchant Alliance or the Reaper’s Bones for gold and reputation.
  • Ashen Tomes: Tome-type Items that are found inside Ashen Chests and can be sold to the Bilge Rats for 15. They can also be sold to the Reaper’s Bones for gold and reputation.
  • Gifts: Packed Presents that can be sold to the Reaper’s Bones at The Reaper’s Hideout.
  • Broken Emissary Flags: Plundered Emissary Flags, left behind by sunken Emissary Ships, sold to the Reaper’s Bones at The Reaper’s Hideout.
  • Reaper’s Mark Chests: Reaper’s Chest and Reaper’s Bounty, always marked on the Map Table, sold to the Reaper’s Bones at The Reaper’s Hideout.
  • Ashen Winds Skulls: Special Bounty Skulls belonging to Ashen Lords. Can be used as a Fire-breathing Weapon.
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Map Items

These are the various Items that can be accessed via the Map Radial Menu.

  • Quests: Various single Quests acquired from various sources.
  • Skeleton’s Orders: Special single Quests that offer high-value rewards.
  • Voyages: Voyages take you on multiple Quests that can be purchased from the Trading Companies. These require to be voted on at the Voyage Table for them to become active. Only one Voyage can be active at one time.
  • Tall Tales: Journals that take you on grand adventures chasing legendary figures and treasures! These have to be voted on at the location of the Tall Tale Journals. Only one Tall Tale can be active at one time.
  • Tall Tale Equipment: These are the various unique Equipment and Map items that Players acquire during Tall Tales. These are only useful for the completion of the current active Tall Tale.
  • Emissary Quests: High-value Quests issued by Trading Company Representatives to anyone who has reached Emissary Grade V with their company as an Emissary.


There are various Currencies in use in the Sea of Thieves.

  • Gold: The main currency in the Sea of Thieves, used to purchase Promotions, and cosmetics for Clothing, Vanity items, Equipment, Weapons, and Ship Customizations.
  • Doubloons: The currency used by Bilge Rats, acquired by completing Commendations and Mercenary Voyages for the Bilge Rats. Doubloons can be spent at the Black Market hosted by the Bilge Rat representative found at every Tavern. Doubloons are used to purchase time-limited Cosmetics and Voyages or exchanged for Gold or Reputation.
  • Sea Dog Silver: Currency exclusively used and earned in the Arena Game Mode, acting as the points system for a match’s leaderboards.
  • Ancient Coins: A premium currency used to purchase items in the Pirate Emporium. It can be acquired through micro-transactions, killing Ancient Skeletons, or as a reward at certain Renown Levels during a Season