FFXIV: What is Tenacity?

Final Fantasy XIV tracks a player’s tenacity.

In addition to boosting tank HP recovery, it affects the amount of damage tanks can inflict on each other.

Tanks are the only ones who can benefit from tenacity.

Tenacity is a tank-specific role statistic, similar to how piety is for healers.

To get it, equip items or use Tenacity Materia to bolster the power of already-equipped items.

In the item’s window, you can see how much Tenacity it grants you.

In XIV, every job has a stat priority that is as high as possible.

You can use these stat priorities to figure out which stats are most important to you, and there are a lot of resources available to help you do so.

Despite being unique to tanks, tenacity is near the bottom of everyone’s list!


A Tank-only linear multiplier, Tenacity affects all of your outgoing and incoming damage and healing output.

Your healing will not be affected.

It has no effect on non-tank vehicles.

It has a coefficient of 100 and tiers up to the 1000th degree (changing by 0.001).

At Level 90, each tier of Tenacity occurs exactly once every +19 (1900/100) points.

The only way to increase your Tenacity is to eat more food.

Due to its nature as a linear function, the more tenacity you have, the lower its value becomes.

As a result of this, the average DPS increase from 1.009 to 1.010 is less than the increase from 1.009 to 1.1011.

It has a multiplicative effect on other cooldowns and passives that reduce damage.

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Is Tenacity Worth It?


Tenacity, like Piety, is a useful stat, but it isn’t necessarily the best one to prioritize.

As with Determination, this stat increases damage and healing dealt with the added benefit of damage mitigation, but Tenacity is less powerful.

Determination is available to all roles, but tanks tend to put it at the bottom of their list of priorities.

Determination increases DPS by 0.1 percent with 25 points, while Tenacity increases it by 0.1 percent with 33 points.

Even though these figures are small, the cumulative effect is significant.

What’s the harm in focusing on Tenacity instead?

It’s not a waste of time, and avoiding damage is always preferable, right?

Choosing Tenacity over another stat reduces your class’s overall potential because of the trade-off you must make every time you use it.

Tanks can use their skills to reduce the damage they take.

Learning the encounter and knowing exactly when to use these skills is an essential tanking practice regardless of their cooldowns (recharge time).

You’ll see a much more significant increase in damage output if you put Tenacity at the bottom of your stat priorities and stack other stats.

FFXIV has a tendency to be a DPS-heavy game.

With their traditional responsibilities, tanks and healers will be held to a higher standard of performance in terms of damage output.

Because I play Gunbreaker, the following is my top recommendation:

Strength is more important than skill speed, direct hit, or determination.

Here, you can see that determination and Tenacity are both in last place, so they should be ignored in favor of the other skills.

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The skills Strength, Skill Speed, and Direct Hit all have an impact on my DPS.

In battle, stats like these have a greater impact.

A little help with damage mitigation is nice, but it’s not important enough to warrant a lot of attention.

In terms of bonuses, Determination and Tenacity are more useful than anything.

In my opinion, cooldowns are the best way to deal with the damage.

In terms of gear and Materia, mitigation should be your final consideration.