FFXIV: What Are Anima Weapons & How to Unlock it?

Anima Weapons are the equivalent of Final Fantasy‘s Relic Weapons in Heavensward; they are legendary weapons from across the series’ history that can only be obtained through arduous means.

They are of no practical use whatsoever at this point, but they do provide some great opportunities for sartorial expression.

That being said, let me explain how it works:

When an expansion arrives, players can start working toward a new set of unique weapons.

The first major content update, Heavensward, included Anima Weapons. These quests can be done independently of the other relic weapon quest chains.

It’s a good thing, too, because learning to utilize these weapons takes a long time.

The pain threshold might vary widely. However, you shouldn’t rush into this procedure.

It may take a lot of time spent grinding. Take a thorough look at the relics that are accessible to you and focus on the one that you truly desire.

With the exception of Resistance Weapons, which we are currently working to acquire and improve in Shadowbringers, none of the previously unlocked relics will provide a significant enough stat boost to make them worthwhile.

Keep in mind that the sole motivation for pursuing this is to impress people with your newfound glitz and elegance.

Which Classes Can Use Anima Weapons?

You may expect an Anima weapon to start at an item level of 210.

And they’re open to the following work opportunities:

  1. Paladin
  2. Warrior
  3. Black Mage
  4. White Mage
  5. Astrologian
  6. Dragoon
  7. Summoner
  8. Ninja
  9. Machinist
  10. Monk
  11. Bard
  12. Scholar
  13. Dark Knight
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With the exception of the initial classes like Archer and Gladiator, these are all the jobs that were in the game when Anima Weapons was introduced.

To play as a Samurai or Gunbreaker, two jobs that were introduced in subsequent expansions, you will need to use a more modern weapon.

This still gives you plenty of options to select from, though.

Once you’ve decided on whatever weapon you want to use (a complete selection is available here), all that’s left is to go through the minor inconvenience of actually unlocking it.

How Do I Unlock Anima Weapons?

In order to proceed, you must first reach level 60.

Assuming you have already completed the Heavensward Main Scenario Quest, you can obtain the initial quest in Idyllshire after you reach this point.

An Unexpected Proposal” is the title of Rowena’s mission.

Follow this trail to Ardashir in Asyz Lla for a refill of “Soul Without Life.”

You can go either of two ways at this first fork:

If you have already unlocked and upgraded your Zodiac Weapon to the Zeta stage, you may trade it to bypass this initial requirement. In addition, the prior experience need not be related to the current role.

You can still perform the trade between the Paladin Zodiac Zeta Weapon and the Dark Knight Anima Weapon.

You’d better go to work if you don’t want to have to give up your Zeta Weapon.

You should visit Syndony in Mor Dhona and buy two things. If you give her a Zeta Weapon in exchange, she will give you both; otherwise, you will have to journey to Heavensward and farm FATEs.

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Your chances of getting a certain Luminous Crystal from FATEs increase with the zone you’re in.

Obtaining the necessary quantities of Umbral and Astral Nodules can be accomplished by exchanging crystals for them.

The drop rates have purportedly improved, but depending on your luck, you may still have to put in a few days of effort.

Is this the final chapter of your Anima Weapons saga? Nope.

There will be more iterations of this procedure necessary.

Get a lot of stuff by working really hard for a long time.

Swap them for some necessities.

They are not time-sensitive, which is good news. If you become tired of reading this, put it down and pick it back up whenever you want.

But barring extraordinary good fortune, you’ll have to put in a lot of hard work.

Are Anima Weapons Worth All The Trouble?

That is a totally personal opinion.

Are you seeking a formidable new weapon? Don’t bother.

Perhaps you’d like to appear 30% cooler, right? Then you might consider giving this a read.

Whatever you chose, have a look at the Anima Weapon for your favorite class.

Make sure the amazing glamour is worth your time – because it’s going to take a lot of it.

If you’re seeking stat enhancements, you’re better off pursuing the Resistance Weapon plot. The Shadowbringers’ Anima equivalents are still formidable choices that may be refined and improved upon.