What Are Leve Allowances in FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Leve Allowances are utilised to acquire certain tasks that can be completed several times. Since they are integral to the Leve system, you cannot store them physically.

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are a plethora of mission varieties and waypoints. It’s very simple to become overwhelmed by it, missing important details in the process.

Although levequests aren’t exactly the most thrilling things you’ll be asked to accomplish, they are necessary.

These missions can be helpful if you’re trying to level up a secondary job but have run out of Main Scenario Quests to fulfil.

Unlike main quests and optional tasks, Levequests can be done as often as you choose, provided you have enough Leve Allowances.

We’ll explain how and where to spend your Leve Allowance on various types of Levequests below.

How Do I Get Levequests?

You can get them from specific NPCs who have the suffix Levemete> appended to their name.

The game does make their presence quite evident to you.

However, because XIV uses archaic English for everything, it’s not entirely apparent what they do.

These quests cost Leve Allowances to acquire.

Picking them up requires Leve Allowances, which you cannot acquire without first having them.

Fortuitously, you’ll never have to stress over a lack of supply.

How Do I Get More Leve Allowances?

Every 12 hours in real time, you will receive a Leve Allowance.

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You can carry up to a hundred Leve Allowances at a time and receive three every twelve hours.

You may not understand the significance of those figures until you’ve taken on some Leves for yourself. So, let’s think about the pragmatics involved.

Different types of leves exist.

The fastest way to level up in the crafting and gathering professions is with their help.

The existence of Leve Allowances can be traced back to the realisation that if certain sorts of Leve could be repeated indefinitely without any sort of limit, they would essentially become the sole activity that individuals would engage in for hours on end.

Daily Leve Allowances, as they are now, are, for the vast majority of individuals, a fair amount.

You probably shouldn’t do more than a handful of Battlecraft Leves (the ones centred on fighting activities) in a single day.

The Different Types Of Leve (And What They Reward With)

Leve Allowances

The following Levequests can be purchased with Leve Allowances:

If you are a student of both war and magic, you need Battlecraft Leves. There will be a time constraint in which you must fulfil tasks.

This often involves eliminating a predetermined number of foes, however it may also include other factors and twists. Gives you a boost to your experience and gil.

As taught by the Hand Disciples, Tradecraft Leves. Crafted things must be delivered to a customer.

The duration of this is not restricted in any way. You will receive a fair amount of experience for your efforts, and if you turn in a High Quality version of the item, you will receive even more.

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Fieldcraft Leves: A Manual for Country Folk. Typical challenges include meeting a deadline while gathering a specific number of objects.

Grand Company Leves may be obtained through any of the elected officers of the Grand Company. You will get Grand Company Seals, as well as various things and experience.

You can earn rewards that are directly related to the difficulty of the task at hand by completing the corresponding Leve.

How To Get The Most Out Of Leve Allowances

Not spreading yourself too thin is the only advice I have for you.

Focus intently on one endeavour you’d like to improve by completing Levequests.

Don’t spread your Allowances too thin by pursuing a wide variety of activities.

For those of you working on Tradecraft Leves, here’s a helpful hint: you don’t have to actually make the item, just turn it in.

Simply purchasing the High Quality version of the item from the Market Board and turning it in will grant you a significant amount of experience quickly.

The cost can add up quickly.

But if you have the money, it can really enhance your experience levels.