FFXIV Level Boost: How to Get it & How Its Works

This Final Fantasy XIV level boost system allows players to increase their character’s level to 70 or purchase items that let them skip large parts of the story. 

This is a great option for those who wish to catch up with their peers or go straight to the final chapter without having to wade through hours of story material and cutscenes.

I’ve always believed it’s true that Final Fantasy XIV is a Final Fantasy game first, and an MMO later.

It’s particularly true for the plot that is frequently praised as being among (if it’s not necessarily the) the best of the genre.

It’s true that the bar isn’t particularly high for this. However, Final Fantasy XIV has absolutely not diminished its story by any means to be able to accommodate its MMO component.

This could make entering the sport as a brand new player especially difficult.

The game has been completely re-written with a radical change during the process and has witnessed the launch of several massive story-heavy expansions.

This is a lot of information to learn when you’re a novice player. Particularly, if you’re in a rush to catch up with your peers who are engaged in everything fun.

Naturally, a lot of Final Fantasy XIV veterans will suggest that you be patient and take time to soak into the universe and stories, whatever they may be.

However, for certain players, this isn’t a choice.

Perhaps you’d like the experience to be played exactly as it is without having to search through years of content that is no longer available. 

If you skip all the cutscenes, it’ll require some months to be up-to-date (believe me when I say that I’m speaking from personal experience).

Fortunately, XIV has several ways to speed up your progress in order to avoid all the wind-ups and get straight into high-level gaming. 

And the Level Boost is one way that can help you reach your goals.

How Do I Get XIV’s Level Boost?

The first step is to be required to visit the store online and search for “Tales of Adventure” in the “Tales of Adventure” category.

You’ll see that it’s divided into three categories, and this is due to the way boosts are arranged.

Level Boost

XIV contains a significant amount of content in its story and lets players skip levels without going through the story.

This is an irony since the current system gives you a bit of choice in the items you’d like to boost, but it also means that you’ll have to buy two different items (at the potential price of 50 dollars) to boost your level and skip stories simultaneously.

If you’re seeking to get a better job immediately, then you should buy the appropriate “One Hero’s Journey” item.

They are unique for each class of the game and give you a variety of rewards in addition to your increase in level.

For instance,

If you’re looking to immediately increase the level of a Dark Knight up to 70, it is necessary to purchase the “Tales of Adventure: One Dark Knight’s Journey II” token and the “Tales of Adventure: One Dark Knight’s Journey II” token.

Do not worry about numbers, they’ll all be working in the same manner now.

If you’d like to skip the entire story it is necessary to purchase an additional token.

There are three on the market, but we’re expected to see another one arrive by Endwalker.

They are named-based and connected to the expansion they leave out:

Tales of Adventure: A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood.

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There’s no need to purchase the three items separately for those looking to get right into Shadowbringers.

The purchase of Tales of Adventure: Stormblood will skip Stormblood and the other content that precedes it.

How Do The Level Boosts/Story Skips Work?

When you’ve purchased the item through the online store and you’ve paid for it, you can take it to Delivery Moogle. Delivery Moogle game.

Additionally, you’ll receive some extra benefits to make life after the skip a little easier.

People who just skip the tale will get Allagan Platinum Pieces with a value of a half-millionth of gold and 10 silver Chocobo feathers that can be exchanged to purchase gear.

If you’ve boosted your level by using the One Hero’s Journey token, you’ll be rewarded with half a million Allagan Platinum Pieces and the complete set of items to get your class functioning.

It is necessary to utilize the item in a massive settlement (basically an EXP rest zone). In addition, you’ll be kicked out during the process.

However, once you log in again and change the settings, it will have taken place.

If you’re looking to seek to boost your level, don’t fret as you’ll be provided with all the equipment that is appropriate for your level.

You can enhance your character with accessories included, and sell all of your Allagan Platinum pieces for some delicious Gil, too.

It’s also obvious that you’ll be unable to level up or skip stories until you have the appropriate keys for expansion activated on your account with service.

You cannot skip content to which it doesn’t belong.

Are you able to increase your performance to increase your level of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker?

In the latest Final Fantasy XIV update, Endwalker, players can enjoy the latest story-based expansion. 

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Players who want to increase the level of a class so they are able to enjoy it in the latest expansion might wonder whether there’s a way to increase their level to 80 using a boost.

Players can increase their level to 80 right away in Final Fantasy XIV with Tales of Adventure III consumables. 

Players can purchase Tales of Adventure III on the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store at a cost of $25 per class. 

Every Tales of Adventure III focuses on one class, so make sure you’ve chosen the right item before buying these costly levels of skips.

Keep your eyes on the following: Tales of Adventure III doesn’t grant advancement in their stories. 

Players will need to purchase Tales of Adventure consumables to skip past stories. 

Is Level Boosting Worth It?

It’s a difficult issue to resolve, as I’m really not sure about what I think of as the Final Fantasy XIV story experience as an experienced MMO player.

The story is excellent.

However, the issue is that there’s too much of it.

I’m happy I had the time to explore every expansion, even though I skipped a lot of the scenes.

If you’re just looking to reach the finish line and enjoy challenging content with your buddies A level boost could be the right choice.

It takes a very long time to reach the point of no return.

If you truly desire to be immersed in Eorzea to know all the flimsy memes and be concerned about the world you’ll be spending hours fighting, don’t level up or skip the story at all-not even as your first character.

The actual leveling process doesn’t require much time anyway.

There are a variety of ways to increase your EXP growth by yourself, and also learn the skills of your job from scratch along the route.

It all boils down to what is important to you.