Who Is Kefka & Why is he in FFXIV?

Kefka is the boss of the Sigmascape raid in Final Fantasy XIV. He was added in patch 4.2. He is also one of the biggest and most well-known bad guys in the whole series.

He first showed up in Final Fantasy VI. He’s in XIV as a nod to where the series came from, a trip down memory lane for longtime fans.

Final Fantasy XIV has its own universe, just like most other Final Fantasy games.

But these games have been around since 1987. They usually have their own stories, but they have a lot in common.

All of the games in the series have the same enemies, themes, and spells. These are what make the series the biggest JRPG franchise in the world.

But XIV is a different animal.

As a Final Fantasy game, the MMO is in a pretty unique position, since it has changed a lot over time and is constantly getting new content.

Yes, it has a lot of the same things that make Final Fantasy famous, like chocobos, Blizzaga, and Hi-Potions.

But XIV can take ideas from other games and use them in a way that other games can’t always do.

Kefka is just one example of this. The Final Fantasy XV crossover event gave players the chance to fight alongside the main character Noctis and earn the Regalia vehicle for their own use.

Ivalice, the world of Final Fantasy XII, is the setting for a whole raid series (which actually shares a tonne of DNA with XIV).

The Viera and Hrothgar races come from Final Fantasy XII and FFX, respectively.

I could keep giving examples because there are so many.

I want to say that Kefka’s addition to XIV is just one of many references to the whole Final Fantasy series.

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But how does XIV make sense of it?

How do they explain bringing Kefka back to life so that raid alliances can kill him again?

We’ll talk more about that below, but be aware that we’ll be talking about major plot points from both Final Fantasy XIV and VI. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read on (or skip reading).

Who Is Kefka?


The main bad guy in Final Fantasy VI is Kefka.

He used to be a court mage, but experimental magitek was put into him, giving him the ability to use magic.

It also turned him into a bloodthirsty maniac, so it’s likely that something went wrong with the experiment. He looks like a twisted harlequin and has a dark sense of humor and evil plans to go with it.

In Final Fantasy lore, Kefka is known for being crazy. He only cares about getting as much power as possible and making as much chaos as possible because he thinks that nothing has any meaning.

To Kefka, the only point of life is to end. This shift from anarchy to brutal nihilism is something that only Kefka does. He is a monster, and he loves it.


The crazy clown who wants to make as much trouble as possible and has a sick sense of humor.

If you’ve paid even a little bit of attention to pop culture in the last ten years or so, you’ve probably noticed that DC Comics’ Joker has had a meteoric rise to fame, and the two have a lot in common.

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Part of what makes Kefka so memorable to Final Fantasy fans is that he was able to do what he set out to do.

In the story of Final Fantasy VI, Kefka reaches his goal of becoming a god and wreaking havoc all over the world.

He is in charge for a whole year before the heroes figure out what to do and kill him for good.

He is often at the top of polls and articles that rank the worst people in Final Fantasy.

Not bad when you’re with Sephiroth, who’s basically become the face of all the bad guys in the series.

So How Did Kefka End Up In XIV?

The Omega raid came out in Stormblood, and Kefka is a part of it.

In this raid, players go up against Omega, another Final Fantasy character who shows up again and again.

Omega is a superweapon from another dimension that can make life that can think and feel. Omega is putting different types of life against each other to find the strongest one.

Kefka is one of Omega’s creations, so this is how he gets into the world of XIV. The Warrior of Light must show they are the strongest.

Basically, all of the different parts of the raid are part of this test. And since it’s all just a simulation, why not bring back one of the most well-known bad guys from Final Fantasy?

There are three parts to the raid, and each has four floors. These parts are called V1.0, V2.0, and so on.

At the end of Sigmascape, the second wing, the player fights Kefka.

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He starts things off with his trademark cackle and an interesting “trick” that fits with his sneaky personality.

At a certain point in the fight, attacks with a question mark icon will be shown before they happen.

To avoid his trick attacks, players have to do the opposite of what his telegraphs usually suggest.

So, if an AOE attack marker shows up on the battlefield, you’d have to stand inside it to avoid damage.

Once he’s shown you these tricks, he’ll randomly switch between tricks and regular attacks, so you can’t let your guard down.

During the whole battle, a powerful new version of Dancing Mad plays, and in the background, the Statue of the Gods keeps going up.

So, if you like Final Fantasy VI, you have to watch the Kefka fight.

How Do I Unlock The Kefka Fight?

You have to finish the Stormblood expansion first, which takes a lot of time altogether.

Then, when you’re level 70 and have finished Stormblood, go to Rhalgr’s Reach and get “The Hunt for Omega” from Wedge.

From there, all you have to do is follow the quest until Deltascape V1.0 is unlocked.

Here is where you have to stand in line at the Duty Finder.

After you’ve cleared Deltascape V1.0, keep following the quest chain and clearing floors until you reach the end.

From there, you’ll have to do a little more walking and talking, which is typical of XIV.

You’ll be called back to the rift soon. When you see the quest “No Slowing Down,” you’re at the beginning of Sigmascape.

And in the end, Kefka is right. So you still have a long ride ahead of you!