FFXIV: How To Get The Ixion Mount?

Twelve Ixion Horns can be traded in at the vendor Eschina in Rhalgr’s Reach for the legendary Ixion Mount.

When you complete the FATE quest “A Horse Outside” in The Lochs, you will receive some Ixion Horns as a prize.

If you want to earn Silver or Gold in the FATE, you’ll need to complete the test numerous times, as each success is worth 3 or 6 Horns.

Don’t worry too much if you get blown apart by phantom lightning bolts because neither level is particularly challenging.

Make sure you have extra room in your inventory in case the Ixion Horns show up after you finish the FATE.

Do I Need Anything To Complete The FATE?

That is an excellent inquiry!

That’s correct, of course.

As can be seen in the image up top, a Barrier surrounds Ixion and makes it completely impenetrable to any kind of harm.

The “Stygian Ash” item, which can be found on Treasure Maps after reaching level 70, is required to breach the Barrier.

Gaganaskin Treasure Maps and Gazelleskin Treasure Maps both often provide the item as a drop.

These Maps can be unearthed from any Gathering Node at level 65 or 70.

If you’re not into Gathering, you can get a little amount of Stygian Ash for very little money on the Player Market Board.

Although rates and availability aren’t always stable, Maps is usually your best bet.

Now that you have some Stygian Ash, you can finally put an end to that horse once and for all.

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If you want to succeed in this FATE, the only other thing you need is a dozen or so friends to help you out.

However, if you just type “/shout” quickly, that problem should go away.

How Often Does The FATE Occur?

Ixion Mount

Since this FATE is a global boss, its timer is one of a kind.

This means the war is unlikely to occur any sooner than once every 36 to 72 hours.

When the timeline begins depends on when the FATE was last performed.

Secondly, the Gyr Abanian Lochs must be experiencing Quicklevin weather.

This Weather can occur regardless of the prevailing condition.

In the picture above, you can see that the entire region is under a purple and thunderous sky.

You will need to carefully inspect The Lochs for this Weather as the Skywatcher in Rhalgr’s Reach is of no use.

Any Other Methods To Acquire Ixion?

No worries if you miss the FATE if it doesn’t adhere to your schedule.

You can also win an Ixion Clarion by participating in the weekly Faux Hollows.

To play Faux Hollows, a panel-matching game, you must first complete an Unreal Trial and then chat with the odd fox in Idyllshire.

The Faux Commander will sell you the Ixion Mount for 400 Faux Leaves.

Although Unreal Trials can change from Patch to Patch, they are always merely reworked versions of the game’s Extreme Trials from earlier builds.

Currently Leviathan, The Whorleater (Unreal), is standing in the way of your Mount.

The good news is that you can now undertake this battle at level 80, rather than level 50, and that solutions to this problem have been around for a very long time.

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If you keep missing the FATE, this is a guaranteed way to get Ixion, however your earnings are capped at 200 Faux Leaves per week at best.