What are Wondrous Tails & Is It Worth It in FFXIV?

The Wondrous Tails weekly event gives players a set of tasks to complete each week.

Many things can be gained from it, including treasure maps, gil, experience, and Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP).

Wondrous Tails was a feature that I completely overlooked for close to two years.

It seemed like more unnecessary filler on the road to the true meat of the game.

I acknowledge that was probably a poor choice on my behalf.

Wondrous Tails is a fantastic addition to your typical FFXIV week, no matter what your end objective may be.

The concept is straight-forward:

A journal can be obtained from a non-player character in Idyllshire.

You can earn a random stamp in your diary by completing various activities in the world (often dungeons and trials).

The more stamps you get in a row, the better the prize.

If you are successful in filling more than one line, you will receive bonus points.

How Do I Start Completing Wondrous Tails?

Khloe Aliapoh is a non-playable character that must be located in Idyllshire.

You may not be able to begin this if you are a complete noob, as reaching level 60 and completing a sizeable portion of the post-main scenario content in Heavensward is required to reach Idyllshire.

If you have Wondrous Tails unlocked, you may see exactly where Khloe is in relation to the Aetheryte.

She wants to use you as a source of inspiration for some stories she wants to tell her friend.

So, each week you’ll be given a journal with a to-do list in it.

When you complete a task, you’ll get a stamp, and after collecting three consecutive stamps, you’ll unlock the first set of rewards.

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At most, each week can yield nine stamps, which could be used to fill three rows.

The bigger the number of lines you fill up, the greater the prize you will receive when you turn it in, but you can’t choose where the stamp goes, so it’s mostly a matter of chance.

It is worth mentioning that even if your party is too small to clear a dungeon or trial on your own, you can still get a Wondrous Tails stamp by finishing the dungeon or trial.

You can get simple, rapid stamps by running low-level content by yourself, which can be much faster.

Every Tuesday at 1:00 AM, Wondrous Tails starts over.

If you miss the first deadline, don’t panic; you have the entire next week to turn in a completed journal.

After the due date, return the journal to Khloe and pick up the new issue immediately.

What’s The Deal With Shuffles And Retries?

Wondrous Tails

As you go about your day with your Wondrous Tails journal in hand, you may start noting the accumulation of “Second Chance Points” as you finish certain tasks.

With the help of Second Chance Points, you can take your time with the weekly assignments.

You get them for doing something with someone who has never done it before.

You can redo an item on the list by using one Second Chance Point.

If you’re close to finishing but need a few more stamps but don’t feel like tackling the more difficult material, this is a great option.

Using retries, I probably end up killing Shiva three or four times on average.

You can reshuffle the stamps you have in your possession for the price of two Second Chance Points if you don’t like the order in which they appear.

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When your stamp count is between 3 and 7, and only then, may you employ a shuffle?

So, it’s not enough to just fill out the notebook and spam shuffles in order to maximize prizes.

Spending Second Chance Points on retries has been criticized because it does not improve the player’s odds of winning the game but rather merely makes completing the logbook quicker and simpler.

However, this is highly debatable.

You may either put in the time and effort to crunch the numbers and methodically plot out your weekly strategy, or you can wing it and hope for the best.

You will never be completely disappointed.

Khloe will always reward your efforts, and nine times out of 10, you’ll fill out at least one line of the journal.

What Do Wondrous Tails Reward Me With?

The value of your rewards will increase proportionally to the number of journal lines you’ve written.

Even if you have terrible luck and don’t have time to fill up even one line, Khloe will still give you some sort of token prize for returning the notebook.

Time spent doing this is never wasted.

Khloe will offer you a huge amount of experience (so don’t turn it in on a max-level job) and one of the following goodies if you gather nine stamps with no lines filled.

  • Used Zonureskin Map No. 1 in Platinum by Allagan (Worth 10,000 gil)
  • The Poet’s Stones: A Compendium of Five Hundred Classical Works
  • One Hundred Stones of Phantasmagoria (Completed at level 80)

In exchange for finishing a single line, Khloe will give you your pick from the following options:

  • Get Estinien going, Khloe going, and Thancred dressed to kill (minions)
  • Gold Card Member of the Most Valuable Players (Worth 30,000 Manderville Gold Saucer Points)
  • Khloe’s Bronze Certificate of Commendation for Her 50 Allegory Stones
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In exchange for finishing two lines, Khloe will give you:

  • Wind-up Stuffed Khloe, Zhloe the Minion (furniture)
  • Two Platinum Membership Cards to the MGP (Worth 100,000 Gold Saucer Points in total)
  • Phantasmagorical Stones: 500 of the Finest Ever Carved
  • Silver Commendation Certificate for Khloe

And if by some stroke of luck you’ve managed to fill up all three lines:

  • Three Silver Certificates of Achievement for Khloe
  • In recognition of her achievement, Khloe was awarded the highest possible honor.
  • Twenty MGP Platinum Cards (Worth one million Gold Saucer points)

Are The Wondrous Tails Rewards Worth It?

To answer your question, absolutely, in my opinion.

Completing Wondrous Tails each week can provide you a significant boost in your MGP farming efforts, which is necessary if you want to obtain some of the delectable unique rewards.

Certificates of Commendation can be traded in for a wide variety of materials, some of which may be extremely beneficial to the player.

As we’ve shown, getting all nine stamps is often simpler than one may think.

There will be weeks when you have to put in more effort than others, but generally speaking, you can coast by without exerting much effort at all.

The Wondrous Tails system relies heavily on chance, therefore it’s fine to just play whatever you’d like to play to fill it up.

I believe that everyone may find something to enjoy in Wondrous Tails.

In addition to being a quick and easy way to gain experience and coveted Manderville Gold Saucer Points, the deadline for submitting your work is very forgiving.

Also, there are different tiers of Allagan Tombstones to obtain.

You can use Wondrous Tails to prepare for endgame stuff as well.